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  • Signs of bronchial asthma in children or symptoms of other diseases
  • What children develop bronchial asthma?
  • How are the signs of bronchial asthma in children?
  • Bronchial asthma attack in children

  • Bronchial asthma — Chronic disease with attacks of bronchial obstruction caused by spasm, swelling of the bronchi, an increase in sputum products, an increase in viscosity and a violation of its elimination. The obstruction of the bronchi can wear a different degree of severity and duration, reversible or partially reversible, from which the severity of the symptoms of bronchial asthma depends in children.

    Signs of bronchial asthma in children or symptoms of other diseases

    Before starting a conversation about children's bronchial asthma, we recall that Pediatrics knows a lot of diseases that are manifested by signs of obstruction of bronchi. The attack of bronchial asthma in a child can resemble the manifestations of viral infection, a cough, diphtheria, obstructive bronchitis, cough, whistling noisy breathing, wheezing, suffering are not related to asthma.

    Signs of children's bronchial asthma are returned again, and not only at the next infection, but also in response to the action of allergen, during exercise or extension.

    For example, obstructive bronchitis is different from bronchial asthma in children with symptoms of intoxication accompanying infection. At bronchitis, the bronchial mucosa swells, the mucus production increases, it leads to the difficulty inhale. As the disease treatment, the problem disappears, but with increasing the child, with an increase in the lumen of bronchi bronchitis proceeds without signs of obstruction.

    If the child is allergic, and in pediatrics, bronchial asthma in children is considered as an allergic disease, then thanks to the constant high sensitivity of the bronchi, signs of obstruction will arise, this is a children's bronchial asthma.

    What children develop bronchial asthma?

    Among the children of the first three years of life suffering from obstructive diseases of the lungs, the likelihood of asthma is likely to have:

    • Children with allergies or predisposition to it, if parents have allergic diseases;
    • Children who have obstructive lung diseases are accompanied by a cough, hoarse breathing, but flow without temperature;
    • Children who have more often than 3 times symptoms resembling signs of bronchial asthma. At the older children, at the age of more than 3 years, when attacks of obstruction, doctors are diagnosed with bronchial asthma, however, in many cases, 1-3 years after treatment, bronchial asthma in children and symptoms of obstruction disappear.

    How are the signs of bronchial asthma in children?

    Bronchial asthma in children is more often allergic, the attacks of the suffocation occur during contact with the allergen, during the periods between the attacks, the hyperreactivity of bronchi corresponding to the slightest irritation is preserved.

    With infectious-dependent form of the disease in patients in a quiet period, there are minimal signs of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bronchi, this suggests that anti-inflammatory treatment of bronchial asthma in children should be the basis of therapy.

    In many kids, the bronchial asthma proceeds without the attacks of suffocation and resembles bronchitis with obstructive syndrome, that is, the cough, the presence of wheezing, difficult to discharge.

    Bouts of bronchial asthma can occur in a child as a stubborn night cough, even without a hint of a suffocation, but it is a cough form of bronchial asthma. The treatment requires the bronchial asthma of physical stress, in children it arises as an answer to the hyperventilation of the lungs during exercise. Bronchospasm and manifestation of other signs of bronchial asthma in children may be due to strong excitement, in this case they talk about the psychological version of asthma.

    Bronchial asthma attack in children

    Attack of suffocation — The main manifestation of bronchial asthma is developing suddenly, on the background of provoking factor. Breathing is expensive, it is hampered in the phase of the exhalation, inhale is not broken. To facilitate the state, the child tries to take a sedentary pose and breathe superficially. Whistle, wheezing, noisy breath are heard at a distance.

    Difficult exhale causes the delay of a large amount of air in the chest, it is swelling, the screws are smoothed.

    The attack can continue from a few minutes to several hours and often passes independently, but those torment that causes a bronchial asthma in the child, Pediatrics calls to stop at the very beginning. The lack of air scares the baby, he begins to cry, it enhances the pearns swelling and contributes to the strengthening of bronchospasm. If the child's disease is under the control of the doctor and at hand there are funds to relieve an attack, you can do on your own, but if the attack is hard, it is better to call a brigade «Ambulance». In children, the treatment of bronchial asthma sometimes requires intensive measures that are carried out only in the hospital.

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