Down syndrome. Dispel myths


Down syndrome. Dispel myths

Myth First. Down syndrome is a disease, it needs to be treated

It's not like this: Down syndrome
This is a genetic state that is determined by the presence in cells
man extra chromosoma.

Extra, 47 chromosome, causes
The emergence of a number of physiological features, due to which the child
will grow slower and somewhat later than their peers
undergo common development stages for all children.

People with Down Syndrome
Are not patients. They are not «suffer» from Down syndrome, not
«Amazed» This syndrome, not «are his victims».

Incorrectly call a man with Down syndrome
«Down», «Down», Right say «man with Down syndrome»,
«Baby with the features of development», «People with limited
opportunities» or «People with special needs».

For example, the US resident with the dark skin of the skin today is not called the Negro, but are expressed politically correct — African American. We have, with our mentality, it is so wishes and will remain.

Myth two. People with Down syndrome are not capable of learning

This is
Not: This myth is supported by the studies that were held in
specialized institutions, but there any child can not
Effectively develop, because it is deprived of the parent love of the main incentive for the kid.

At the same time, living in the family, unpromising»
(According to doctors) Baby in a year — himself sits down in two — walks to two with
half — eats a spoon and pronounces the first words, in four — Shows
your own character, learns to help around the house, ready to go to kindergarten, and
then to school, speak in a foreign language, master the computer and

Myth Third. Baby boy with Down syndrome The fruit of the natural behavior of parents

This is
Not: According to statistics, one child of 700 newborns appears on
Light with Down Syndrome. This ratio is equally in different countries,
climatic zones, social layers.Down syndrome. Dispel myths

It does not depend on the lifestyle
parents, their health, bad habits, nutrition, wealth,
Education, leather or nationality. Boys and girls
born with the same frequency. Parents are normal
Set of chromosomes.

Myth Fourth. The family disintegrates because of the child with Down syndrome

It's not like this: for other reasons of the family disintegrate much more often!

Myth Fifth. People with Down syndrome are dangerous to society, showing aggression and

Inadequate behavior

This is
Not: people with Down syndrome are able to show an example sincere
Love. Usually such people are affectionate and friendly. But everyone has their own
Character and mood, like ordinary people it happens to change.

Myth Sixth. People with Down syndrome we have much less than in Europe

This is
Not: in Europe, people with Down syndrome live in families, included in
The program of state aid, and society relates to them as
Equal members.
We have 85% of families refuse the child with
Down syndrome in the maternity hospital. And the little man falls into
the orphan institution from which he will never come out.
way, a false impression is created that we have people with syndrome
Down is significantly less.

Myth seventh. With my family it will not happen

It's not like this: such a child can be born in any family, this is a genetic accident.

Myth eighth. Baby with Down syndrome is better to be in a specialized institution under the supervision of specialists

This is not the case: there is a special term describing what happens to the child in special institutions syndrome
hospitalism. This is a violation of children's mental and personal
development caused by the Baby Department from Mother and Staying in
Special institution.

Hospitalism imposes a negative imprint on
All the spheres of the child's personalities, braking intellectual, emotional and
physical development. And this is not connected with the presence or absence of
Down syndrome.

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