Epidemic meningitis in children


  • Epidemic meningitis:
    Basic symptoms
  • Epidemic Meningitis: Treatment

  • Epidemic meningitis in children
    Meningitis — This is inflammation
    Brain shells, acute pathological process, dangerous to human life. W
    Children This disease occurs heavily and can lead to dangerous
    Complications (hydrocephalius, deafness, epilepsy, developmental lag). Basic
    The cause of the development of epidemic meningitis is
    Meningococcal infection.

    Children can get infected from
    bacteria carrier. Meningokokok falls into the central nervous system by air droplets,
    causing inflammation of the shells of the spinal and brain. The disease amazes how
    Rule, young children. Meningitis outbreaks fall on autumn-winter
    period. Children with a weakened immunity attending kindergartens and schools,
    are in the risk group.

    Epidemic meningitis:
    Basic symptoms

    Meningococcal meningitis can
    proceed with symptoms of Naphorgitis, but, as a rule, the disease begins
    Inside: the body temperature increases, due to the increase in intracranial pressure
    There are headaches and vomiting, not bringing relief. Children are accepted
    Characteristic body position, thipping the head back, arming the back and give
    Legs to the stomach.

    In the first day of the development of the disease
    On the skin can occur rash, resembling rashes during measles. Child
    It is in serious condition, it may have limb convulsions,
    which often end with a coma and death. If the baby has after the usual
    Respiratory and viral disease or without visible causes such symptoms appear,
    Immediately call ambulance. Epidemic meningitis is treated in
    hospital. The disease lasts up to 4-6 weeks.

    Epidemic Meningitis: Treatment

    Epidemic Meningitis: Treatment
    Meningitis treatment takes place in
    hospital, under the control of the main indicators of vital activity. Compulsory
    is the use of antibiotics that allow you to destroy the pathogen
    Diseases and prevent the development of dangerous complications. Antibiotic therapy
    It lasts 7-10 days, drugs are usually introduced into Vienna.

    It is worth considering what sick
    meningitis baby can infect others, so he should be
    hospitalized, and all the items he used — thoroughly
    Disabled. As additional treatment can be used
    Diuretics, infusion therapy, symptomatic agents. Meningococcal
    meningitis without timely treatment in 50-80% of cases ends in death

    Throughout the entire period
    Treatment The child should receive high calorie food, without artificial additives,
    seasoning. The child must stick to the bed mode, avoid unrest,
    physical exercise. With a favorable course of the disease and
    High-quality care temperature decreases, the appetite and the kid rises
    recovering. For contacting people should be installed
    medical observation, as they can be infected with meningococcal

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