High temperature in a child: without panic!


High temperature in a child: without panic!Baby znobit, skin dry and hot, look clouded, breathing more frequent. The kid trembles, suffers from muscle pain and weakness, refuses to eat. All signs of fever.

Increased body temperature at cold — Protective reaction of the organism. High temperature helps to fight viruses and microbes, indicates the power of immunity and promotes rapid recovery. Doctors do not recommend churn the temperature in children if it does not exceed 39 0With, with the exception of cases, when the child is weakened, has chronic diseases, suffering from convulsive syndrome and on the experience of parents it extremely badly tolerates fever, then it is necessary to achieve a cherished 37.5 0With, but not lower.

How to keep the temperature in such limits? How to facilitate the condition of the baby and at the same time do not prevent the body in its fight against infection? This will help compliance with a clear algorithm for action.

Primarily — mode!

  • Temperation child must be put in bed. Reducing motor activity will contribute to a decrease in temperature, strength will save force to combat infection.
  • To fill the loss of fluid to a child, it is necessary to drink a lot, but not sweet compotation, jelly and effervescent drinks, but simple water, acidic morse, burst dried fruits, infusion of vitamin rich. With increasing temperature, the child sweats greatly, toxins are removed from the body, the evaporation of moisture from the surface of the skin contributes to cooling.
  • The kid must be dressed in cotton clothes, covered with a thin blanket or sheets, bedding should be made of natural fabrics, well absorbing moisture, recommended a frequent change of linen and clothing. Even if the baby is shy, do not insulate it, it helps to increase body temperature.
  • In the room where the patient is located, should be cool, the air temperature is not higher than 22-24 0WITH. Do not use heaters and steam-loaders, heat and high humidity make it difficult and contribute to the growth of body temperature. The danger is not a coolness, but a draft, so you need to fight with them.

We bring up the temperature of the medicine

The first thing comes to the mind of drugs — Antipyretic drugs. Aspirin Excelted, its use in viral infections in children is fraught with the development of the syndrome — severe complication characterized by lesion liver. Select paracetamol. Today on sale a lot of children's agents based on paracetamol in the form of candles, solutions, syrups, tablets.

Paracetamol in syrup and solution is absorbed significantly faster than the drug in candles, it is preferable in a situation where the child is exhausted and it is necessary to quickly reduce the body temperature. In the production of candles, higher doses of paracetamol are used, they act longer, do not toxic influence on the kid liver — It is worth using if the situation is not critical, but you foresee an increase in body temperature, for example, at night.

If the temperature is still growing

High temperature in a child: without panic!You called a doctor, he made a kid antipyretic injection, wrote an effective medicine and left. You purchased paracetamol, but in the recommendations it is indicated that you can give medicine no more than 6 times a day, and the temperature of the baby grows literally in front of. What to do in such a situation? It is necessary to resort to other ways to reduce temperature.

  • Cold compresses. Moisten the napkin with cool water and attach to the forehead and temples of the patient, for the ears, on the wrists, in the axillary, patellied and inguinal areas. In these places, blood vessels are as close as possible to the surface of the skin, and the cold compress will contribute to blood cooling and decrease in body temperature.
  • Washes cool water alternately all parts of the child's body, starting from the forehead, handles, legs, ending with the back and tummy. Wiping should be careful, soft, slow, not traumating the gentle skin of the child. The water temperature should not be below 30-33 0C, sharp decrease in skin temperature and reducing surface blood vessels will create an additional load on the heart and other organs. Apply alcohol, vodka, vinegar for wipes is strictly forbidden, they cause a sharp spasm of capillaries, easily penetrate into children's skin and can cause circulatory disorders and poisoning.
  • Recommended cool foot baths.
  • Wraps — Extremely effective way to reduce body temperature. The baby is wrapped in a slaughter-wise water sheet and covered with a slight blanket. The duration of the procedure is 3-5 minutes, the action is manifested in 10-20 minutes.
  • Cool baths provide the most powerful antipyretic effect. The child must be immersed by the belt in the bath with water temperature 35-35.5 0C, gradually reducing water temperature up to 30-31 0WITH. Duration of the procedure for 5 minutes.

During fever, warming procedures are prohibited: mustard pieces, hot compresses, steaming, hot shower, tea, milk with raspberries and honey and other «Babushkina» Receivers.

The end of the XIX century doctors were convinced that the elevated body temperature contributes to rapid recovery, so bath procedures were so popular. The opinion of modern doctors did not change at all, but the popularization of Aspirin did its job, today most parents suffer «Teuthruffobia» and seek to bring down the temperature in any way.

Fight with heat with mind, do not interfere with the child's body, do not expose it excessive danger.

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