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    Psoriasis – Mysterious disease

    Children's psoriasisPsoriasis is not just aesthetic problem: a disheveled face and body. It is a permanent itching and burning sensation that prevents a person to live in a normal life. In the most severe cases, psoriasis applies to joints, and man becomes disabled.

    Psoriasis is an unusual disease. First, it suffers much more people than is considered to be. In Russia and European countries, the Psoriasis is sick of 2%, in the USA and Canada 4-5%, in China 0.37%.

    The disease is so relevant that the institute of one disease was created in the USA - the Institute of Psoriasis. Once in 5 years the World Congress is held on this issue. Our country participates in it. However, it is necessary to speak with bitterness that world medicine has not yet achieved.

    Why? What is the difficulty of developing a drug from psoriasis?

    First of all, the fact of this disease is still not clear. Each person per day is born a million of defective cells. The body has also special killer cells that eliminate this «manufacturing defect», And successfully. But for some reason, at psoriasis, like oncology, the system does not work. Killers do not recognize enemies in psoriatic and cancer cells and do not destroy them. The only difference is that the oncological process is not alive, and the psoriasis can be drowning even in cases where almost all skin cover is struck.

    Unclear and ways of the emergence of this disease. In the West, the most popular is a genetic theory. Statistics show that the most frequent cases when psoriasis is transmitted to a child from his father. If one of the parents sick with psoriasis, then the chances of a child get sick are equal to 40-50%. If sick and father and mother, the probability rises to 90%.

    But how are our nerves from which all diseases?

    You know where this «Folk wisdom»?. At one time she was popular in medical circles. Many scientific treatments began with reference to the phrase academician Pavlov: they say, all diseases have the beginning in the central nervous system. And then dermatologists attached their ending to her: «All diseases from nerves, one syphilis - from pleasure».

    But seriously, the nervous system will definitely affect the course of the disease. Stress can cause exacerbation of psoriasis. If the skin is sick, then sick psyche. This is axioma. But nevertheless, the nerves are not the root cause here - at least, research in this area has not led to anything.

    Moreover, I want to note this: every patient has its own psoriasis. Some scientists in connection with this believe that it is more correct not to say «psoriasis», but «Psoriatic disease». There are a great many varieties of this ailment, which differ in both shape and clinical flow.

    Differently affect the disease Weather and climatic conditions. For example, the Psoriasis passes at the majority, but not all patients. 80% of patients in the summer comes relief, but there are those who feel calmer in winter. Traditional exacerbation period - autumn - also not for everyone. And it is also known that men, women and children, psoriasis manifests itself in different ways.

    Than children's psoriasis differs from adult?

    Children's psoriasisClassic psoriasis has certain stages of manifestation. At first it is skin rashes. Then a sharp deterioration, progression of the disease. During this period, any injuries are especially dangerous, even scratches. Some believe that it is the wound or burn that has become the cause of exacerbation, but it is not. The disease is already flowing, and the skin was «Set up» react exacerbation to any irritation. Then the chronic stage comes, which can last for years. Sometimes the self-destruction of psoriasis occurs, but, unfortunately, these cases are very rare.

    The feature of the children's psoriasis is that it proceeds much harder. The nervous system of an adult seeks to localize the focus of inflammation. A child's body, on the contrary, gives a wide, unorganized answer. The result is swelling, exombtion (effusion), the rapid spread of inflammation throughout the skin, maybe the defeat of the joints.

    Now psoriasis gripped. Before «I loved» young people after adolescence and older, but now the little children are increasingly suffering. We meet even babies, patients with psoriasis. That it is also unpleasant, there have been a lot of children with a severe form of psoriasis, and earlier the vulgar psoriasis was more often met - the one that hit only skin covers.

    Psoriasis treatment strategies

    Is it possible to successfully combat hard forms?

    First of all, I want to remind my parents that it is impossible to fully cure psoriasis. If someone promises you 100% the effect of treatment, you can safely throw a stone. Psoriasis, unfortunately, you can only «Fit» for a while.

    Psoriasis treatment strategies there are many. In the West, it is customary to appoint aggressive therapy - the one that is applied in oncology, the patients prescribe cytostatics. On the one hand, these drugs are good: the patient does not need to smear, constantly monitor himself. Passed the course of therapy - and the manifestations of psoriasis disappeared.

    But there is also the reverse side of the medal. Cytostatics suppress the growth of all, and not only psoriats, cells. These drugs affect all young cells in the body. As a result, a number of complications arise. For patients hosting cytostatics, it is necessary to constantly observe: to make the liver biopsy, control the state of other organs. The exacerbation of psoriasis with such treatment every time it will be more and more severe. In the end, this leads to the generation of heavy forms of psoriasis, to disability and even death. As you understand, this is not the way for which a children's dermatologist should go.

    That is, from treatment can only be worse?

    Of course not. To date, external hormonal drugs are considered the most effective. Many companies are developing increasingly gentle, less dangerous ointments, but the principle of their action remains the same - the narrowing of the vessels. And how do you understand, times the vessels are narrowed – amazed skin cells worse feed. However, hormonal drugs give a mass of side effects, so the doctor should think a hundred times before appointing them to the child.

    In my opinion, plant preparations of external use are very promising. True, make them enough difficult. There are little scientific knowledge, observation and intuition is important. There are many professors who read beautiful lectures, but they can't treat people. At the same time, there are people who, without having education, successfully cope with the disease. I knew one grandfather - he lived in Siberia - who he himself cured from psoriasis. He observed the course of the disease and created herbs and white clay ointment, which helped him and many people from the same region.

    Medicine is a science, and healer - art

    Why modern doctors do not want to choose the path of the honorable elder?

    To create a natural preparation from natural raw materials, it is necessary to take into account the course of the disease. The same gel can hardly be used in the occurrence of psoriasis and in its exacerbation. At least for considerations of an important dermatological principle «irritated not irregular». And then when the skin was cleared, maintaining her normal condition should also be particularly. To implement in the production of grandfather, secrets should be carefully monitoring the quality of the feedstock. After all, let's say a chamomile who has grown out last summer, and chamomile who suffered a drought of this year is two different plants.

    In the US, I visited plantation for the cultivation of medicinal plants. There were maintained a constant state of the soil, smooth temperature, stable humidity, and so on. Just so you can be sure that you will grow exactly what you expect.

    Despite these difficulties, I believe that it is ointments and complexes from combinations of ointments and oils from natural raw materials - the most promising direction in the treatment of children's psoriasis. They do not give complications, and this is the main medical law – «Do no harm».

    We in the Russian children's clinical hospital were treated by 30 people with natural means – and very satisfied with the result. One boy who could no longer walk, managed to clean the skin for nine days! We are planning to expand clinical experience on the use of plant preparations.

    Nikolay Gavrilovich, how real to every child who is sick with psoriasis, get competent help of a dermatologist?

    Unfortunately, psoriasis is a problem for any doctor, even the highest qualification. Each of us – your approach to the problem, your accumulated treatment schemes. Say which is better - hard. We are trying to take only the most difficult cases in the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital. That is, children who have already treated-overwhelmed. They get to us when it seems that there is no way out. And we act on the principle of the Klochkov Commissioner: Great Russia, and nowhere to retreat. If we do not help, no one will help.

    We have to cancel the mass of drugs appointed by other doctors. Especially steroid hormones. Doctors on the periphery prescribe them from hopelessness and do not know that children get used to hormones easier and faster adults. And the abolition of such treatment is carried out extremely difficult.

    Many people «Paid» Doctors almost blindly glimpse the most disgusting, from my point of view, methods of Western medicine. As one American colleague about the patient told me: «Cheap insurance is his problem». I was very outraged by the nravami «Wild west», And then I saw that in Russia many doctors try to sell a sick service or a preparation of more expensive and do not really think about the possible complications and the consequences that I listed, speaking of cytostatics and hormones.

    All cases of death in Psoriasis are the consequences of improper treatment. Psoriasis itself can immobilize a person, make it disabled, but not to deprive.

    It is very important that parents in our time are not bought on beautiful promotional promises, and trusted their children's concerns of professional dermatologists who are known all the nuances of psoriasis in childhood. So believe me, will be better and safer.

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