How to quickly defeat the windmill: treatment with acceleration


How to quickly defeat the windmill: treatment with acceleration
Imagine a situation:
in the evening, while swimming the baby, you notice on his skin small red
Pwens. «It's OK, — Think you, — Now we will express green, and all
Pass». But it was not here: in the morning on the body, the crumbs are already with dozens of similar methines,
And every other day, he, as if bitted by a flock of mosquitoes, was covered with red dots and
bubbles. This is a windmill and, despite the normal childhood of the child,
will have to forget about walks, guests and games with other children.

Brought by wind

Windmill, or windmill
OSP — This is an acute infectious disease that most often is sick
Small children. The infection is very infection and to get sick, the baby is enough
just be in one room with sick, not to mention more close communication.
The chickenpox virus literally tolerated by the wind, which is why the disease and got
known to all name.

How quickly appear
Signs of windmill?
Incubation period of infection is seventeen days, all this time
The child feels absolutely healthy and behaves actively, despite
that two days before the appearance of the first symptoms already becomes infectious for others

After two with a little
Weekly from the moment of infection appear the first signs of the windmill. In children are physically strong, not
having chronic diseases, the disease occurs easy. In the first two days
possible a slight increase in temperature, malaise, but in general children
feel good if it were not for itching rash on the body.

Pwens — bubble — crust

Rash — most
Characteristic sign of windmill,
in children she usually happens abundant. Initially, has a kind of red spots,
which gradually turn into bubbles filled with light liquid.
Bubbles are open, small erosions are formed in their place, which
covered with crusts. Crusts dried out, fall off and rash
Lightly transient pigmentation remains.

On the face, on the torso,
on hand and legs, even on genitals — everywhere puts her methines windmill. The incubation period plays the hand of infection, the virus rapidly multiplies, quickly spreads
throughout the body, that is why the windmill capable of calling serious
complications. Fortunately, in the overwhelming majority of cases a favorable forecast.

How to quickly cure windmill?

How to quickly defeat the windmill: treatment with acceleration
With easy course
such a disease like windmill,
treatment is not required, quite enough baby skin care,
Tracking and causing new rash elements. But so I want to ease
suffering a child, save him from unbearable skin and rash, faster
return to ordinary life — Games with children in kindergarten or learning at school.
Moreover, if you remove the skin itch, there will be no bumps, secondary infection and
coarse scars on the place of windy rash.

So how to treat?

  1. Most
    The first and most important thing is: with the advent of the first signs of the disease to start giving
    to kid «Anaferon». This is a homeopathic preparation
    with antiviral and immunomodulatory action. He will facilitate the symptoms
    windmills and will help the baby faster cope with infection.
  2. Antihistamines, their choice is great, for example «Zirtek», «Zetrin», «Lratadin»
    — they will facilitate skin itching, which means they will help rapidly cope with rash.
  3. Once
    The first windmill bubbles will appear, start lubricate them with green, track the appearance of new elements of the rash
    and burn them, speeding the formation of crusts.

    As for the greenstone, which is traditionally
    Recommended for skin treatment during windmill, it is quite possible to replace it
    Other means. In fact, it does not matter than lubricate windmill
    bubbles, just to the tool used possessed an ignition effect. This is
    There may be a solution of mangartee, iodine, furacin or fuccin. More info
    this in another article.

  4. On the
    The fourth-fifth day, when the rashes stop, and the bubbles appeared
    turns into dry crusts, kid needs to be soldered
    In the bath with the addition of a decoction or infusion. A series has
    antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-face action, it will clean
    child skin and accelerate wound healing. Baths spend daily to full
    disappearance rash.
  5. To
    get rid of skin pigmentation, remaining on the place of rash specks need to lubricate castor or
    conventional sunflower oil.

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