How to restore the nervous system of the child


How to restore the nervous system of the child
Work nervous system
The child depends on many factors: from nutrition, psychological situation,
congenital features, general health, the flow of internal
Processes. And sometimes there are situations that lead to violations in work
various departments of the nervous system.

Causes of similar failures
Various: infections, injuries, psycho-emotional tension, personal tragedies,
Chronic diseases, operations. And in this case, parents begin
think about how to restore nervous
child system and help the baby rather back to the usual image

Above this problem, of course
Specialists should work — experienced neuropathologists, pediatricians, masters
Physiostarians. But the parents depends very much. There is such
The concept like the hygiene of the nervous system of the child.
It includes many aspects and covers various spheres of children's
Life. Food, Route, Vitamins, Sport, Leisure, Communication with peers
— All this affects the health of the child and the work of his nervous system.

Hygiene of the nervous system of children

Parents should always remember that
The highest nervous activity of children is imperfect. It is impossible to compare the work
the nervous system of the adult and the child, since the kids have immature and very
vulnerable. Therefore, children are so subject to nervous breakdowns, they are excessively emotional,
nonsense and quickly tire. Accordingly, children need to create special
working conditions and rest.

It is important that the child led the measured
lifestyle, had his entertainment and felt comfortable at home and among
His comrades. Psychologically healthy environment — Basis of hygiene of the nervous system of the child.

Very important sports, walks on
Fresh air and nutrition. Do not forget that as
Rule restore the child's nervous system
Without a full diet and use of the necessary vitamins is impossible. Everything
Important internal processes in the body of children proceed with nutrient
substances: vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, etc.

If the kid feeds poorly, he first he
will feel weakness, fatigue, will begin to study badly at school, nervous
and worry on trifles, and then he can develop nervous
Disorders and pathology of internal organs. Full nutrition helps
the work of the brain, forms strong bones and ligaments, provides
Full development of all parts of the nervous system. Various vitamins for the nervous system of the child help
Brain work, give nutrients to nerve cells,
Protect stress and overvoltage.

Vitamins for the nervous system of the child:

  • Vitamins
    Groups B: Need for normal blood supply to the child's brain,
    Delivery of nutrients in nerve formations, exchange rates
    processes in the body; With their lack, children suffer from anemia, oxygen
    insufficiency, overvoltage and diseases of the central nervous system;
  • Vitamin
    C: powerful antioxidant, protects the nervous system from overload;
  • Vitamin
    E: Protects brain cells and nerves from overvoltage and injuries, has pronounced
    Antioxidant action.

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