When and the better to shoot down the temperature to the child?


  • Normal temperature in a child
  • What temperature you need to shoot down to the child?
  • How best to shoot down the child's temperature?

  • When and the better to shoot down the child's temperature?Increase body temperature — This is the body's reaction on
    disease. Rising the temperature, he is trying to create conditions unsuitable
    causative agent infection. So before you decide how to remove the child's temperature, it is worth thinking, and
    Is it so terrible and harmful, you need
    whether in general to shoot down the child's temperature if she does not give him

    Normal temperature in a child

    Children are born with an imperfect thermoregulation system,
    Therefore, finding small
    Temperature from a two-month-old child, do not beat in all bells. Normal temperature in thoracic
    child — up to 37.50With, elevated is considered — Over 37.8 0WITH.
    In addition, the hypertermia in the infants may be caused not only by the fact that he fell ill, the child can
    overheat and temperature
    can increase if it is hot and he is too warm. By the way, one
    Of the reasons why the child
    The temperature is rising in a dream, is this factor.

    raising the temperature of the child older most often
    infectious diseases. But at the same time, it is worth considering that the temperature of the child after the year
    may be a consequence of its increased activity or the result of hot
    Food. Therefore, before taking medications, it is worth remembering that the temperature in children need to be measured after 30 minutes
    stay in calm condition and 30 minutes after meals. Normal temperature for a child
    Older year — Up to 36.990WITH, «Fire» It is considered to be the temperature above

    What temperature you need to shoot down to the child?

    Unified recommendation does not exist, but most doctors
    converge in the opinion that to shoot down the temperature if it did not reach 38.50WITH,
    it does not follow.

    In what cases are not
    It is worth waiting for the number «38.5»

    • High
      Baby temperature up to 2 months.
    • Against the background of the high temperature, the child was previously convulsions.
    • High
      The temperature of the child, cold limbs, leather with marble
      Pyatnost pale shiny.
    • Availability of child diseases.
    • Violation of consciousness, the child does not wake up,
      loosely crying, breathing badly, can not bend the neck and tilt the head ahead,
      Child has a high temperature,
      diarrhea and vomit. In these cases, it should not only give the antipyretic
      means but and immediately call a doctor.

    How best to shoot down the child's temperature?

    1. If a child has a high temperature,
      Do not hunt it, it's easy to drink, do not cover the blanket if it is not shy. Body
      must breathe, it contributes to a decrease in temperature in a child by 1-1.5 degrees. Air baths
      may normalize the body temperature in the child of the breast.
    2. Very high temperature in a child,
      Cold limbs, pale-blue skin, chills — indicator that
      Surface leather vessels are spasked. Kid need to be lost dry soft
      towel, hide, apply the heating pads and feet, give warm drink. TO
      cooling procedures can be started when the child will warm.
    3. Expand
      Surface blood vessels, improve sweating and reduce high temperature
      Child will help tea with chamomile, honey, raspberry, lime color. During
      Diseases showing abundant drinking: teas, acidic fruits, wild rose,
      still mineral water. Remember, grazing rags for children before the year can not be given, they
      Showing only outdoor
      Folk remedies for temperature in children.
    4. Effective
      Washes a child for
      Temperature with a weak solution of vinegar or cool water. General wiping
      Starts with stop and palm, then limbs, back and tummy. It is important that
      The child felt comfortable, chills — Indication to terminate the procedure.
      For wiping it is not recommended to use alcohol or diluted vodka. Kids shown only wiping the handles and
      legs, cool compresses to the populated area and wrists.
    5. Wrapping wet sheets and cool shower
      Help reduce high
      Temperature in an older child. Warmly rods are suitable for women
      (below 380C) baths (15-20 minutes) with wiping body with a wet sponge.

    It is clear, any medicines are not very useful for health, but
    Hoping that it will be possible to reduce
    the temperature of the child among the people's alone, do not have to.
    If a child «burning», feels bad, and attempts to bring down the temperature
    The methods described were not crowned with success, more efficient should be applied
    Funds from temperature

    Do not forget, a sharp increase in body temperature in a child — Certificate of failure B
    organism. But temperature — just a symptom of the disease, which means all the forces
    need to direct not to see the coinage 36, 9, and on
    The fight against the illness itself and without medical care can not do. Remember, very high temperature in a child
    — reason for emergency call doctor.

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