Epidemic Parotitis: Causes and Symptoms


  • Epidemic Parotitis: Epidemiology
    and pathogenesis
  • Epidemic
    Parotitis: Symptoms of Disease

  • Epidemic Parotitis: Epidemiology and Pathogenesis
    Pig, hacking,
    Parotitis infection, epidemic parotitis — All this name is acute
    infectious disease caused by paramyxovarus characterized by moderate
    intoxication, lesion of ferrous organs and nervous system. Most often
    Doctors have to deal with epidemic parotitis in children. Epidemic Parotitis Virus Amuses Baby
    preschool and younger school age. Kids up to the year are rarely sick, to a 6-month
    They, as a rule, have a passive immunity derived from the mother in
    stay in her womb. After the suffering disease is formed persistent
    Lifetime immunity.

    Epidemic Parotitis: Epidemiology
    and pathogenesis

    Source of infection
    is a sick person or a carrier of an epidemic vapotitis virus, in which the disease occurs in
    Asymptomatic form. The patient becomes contagious to those surrounding 1-2 days before
    The appearance of the first clinical symptoms and continues to allocate the virus with saliva in
    For 7 days from the beginning of the disease.

    Infection occurs
    With direct contact with a sick person, the path of transmission of infection —
    Air-drip. Virus of messengers in the environment and because it
    Distribution with contact with toys and sickness items
    Almost excluded. Sometimes the vary is transmitted to a child intrauterine,
    If the mother is sick with a vapor at the end of pregnancy. Disease in this case
    proceeds quite easily and manifests itself mainly by inflammation of the salivary glands.

    Susceptibility of people
    to the pathogen high, about half of the children in contact with patients with epidemic vapotitis, symptoms
    infections will be on average after 18-20 days, in general, incubative
    The period of infection can continue from several days to month.

    Entrance gate for
    Parotitis virus become mucous membranes of nose, nasopharynx, pharynx, cavity
    mouth and eye conjunctive. Here, in the cells of the mucosa, the virus accumulates, then
    enters the blood and spread throughout the body, «Awesome» in fervent organs
    and nervous tissue. Epidemic parotitis is characterized by lesions of saliva
    glands, eggs, pancreas and nervous system, development in these inflammatory bodies
    changes in varying severity. Most often, epidemic vapotitis in children proceeds in
    airy form with symptoms of inflammation of the salivary glands, boys
    Teenage age There is a threat to the development of the orchitis, subsequently
    affecting on reproductive function.

    Parotitis: Symptoms of Disease

    Epidemic Parotitis: Symptoms of Disease
    After expiration
    Incubation period The child begins to feel bad: it looks
    sluggish, drowy, complains of head, muscular and articular pain, it bothers him
    chills and dry mouth. Temperature of the body rises to 38-39° C, N
    Sometimes it remains on a subfebrile or normal level.

    Typical for
    Epidemic parotitis sign — swelling of the parole salivary glands
    manifests itself at the beginning on the one hand, then after 1-2 days — with another. Slyons
    glands increase in size, compacted, become painful to the touch,
    As the vapotitis develops, they act beyond the lower jaw, swelling
    covered by the post, behind the ear and the kepeda, on the cheek. With a significant increase
    the salivary glands of the mossy of the ears are shuffled up and it gives the person a characteristic
    View, because of the disease and got a name «piggy». Skin over inflamed salivary
    Iron stretched, glitters, but the color of it remains normal, the suppuration of the glands
    It is extremely rare.

    Due to pain
    enlarged salivary glands child with difficulty
    Opens your mouth and chews food, he is bothering dry mouth, decline in hearing, sometimes
    There is noise in the ears. On the mucosa from the inside of the cheek at the location
    duct salivary gland appears swelling and red stain. Signs
    Parotitis is saved for 5-7 days, then salivary glands acquire
    Former sizes, disease symptoms fade.

    In children epidemic
    Parotitis is quite rarely complicated by orchite, epididiment, ooforitis, mastitis,
    Prostatitis and pancreatitis. Egg damage is characterized by pain
    In the groin and in the course of the seed rope, edema and soreness of the scrotum organs.
    Pancreatitis occurs more often in a light form and manifests itself in the abdomen and
    Disorder Stula. With damage to the nervous system, meningitis develops or

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