Prevention and treatment of measles


  • What is Kor
  • How treatment is carried out
  • How to prevent measles

  • What is Kor

    Cort - acute infectious
    The disease flowing with fever, coarse rash on the body, with
    catarrhal inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, the oral cavity and
    respiratory tract.

    Causative agent - a special virus that
    characterized by sharply pronounced almost one hundred percent
    infectiousness for man. Almost every person, usually in childhood
    age, sick. However, children under three months are not sick, t.
    To. they have persistence for some time immunity (immunity) to
    Corey, transferred to them by her mother, in the past sick. The only one
    The source of infection of corteals is sick her. King is transmitted quickly - a sufficiently short-term meeting with patients, even the presence in
    the next room so that the child who does not bore cortewate, was infected.

    Transmitted by air-droplet (with small saliva splashes,
    allocated when coughing, conversation). The patient is inflated from the first days
    Diseases, even before the beginning of the appearance of rash, when he is observed
    heat, runny nose, sneezing, cough and other., and at all time of rash; after
    five days from the beginning of the appearance of the patient already unsecured. At
    complications (inflammation of the lungs) infection is preserved longer
    (Such patients are not infected only after the 10th day from the moment

    Cory virus Very nights in the external environment and quickly
    dies outside the patient's body. Therefore, special disinfection after measles
    required; Quin enough after removing the patient or his recovery
    make a pretty room and carefully remove it. Across
    The people around the child and things are, as a rule, do not transmit. Once
    Transferred disease gives immunity (immunity) usually on
    all life; repeated diseases measles extremely rare.

    Prevention and treatment of measles
    For measles distinguish four periods: incubation (hidden) period - from the moment of infection until the first signs of the disease, usually
    10-11 days, in rare cases - up to 17 days. In this period there are no obvious
    Disease manifestations are not observed (although there are already some changes
    blood). After the incubation period, the period develops
    harbingers (T. name. Promotional period), which lasts 3-5 days,
    Before the appearance of rash. For this period is characterized by an increase in temperature
    (up to 38-39), general ailment, headache, bad sleep, loss
    Appetite and inflammation (Qatar) mucous membranes - Rubber, Dry
    obsessive cough, conjunctivitis; Gradually, these phenomena are enhanced:
    The face becomes fined, eyelids sweeping, eyes red,
    Tearing, Svetoboyazn.

    An important sign of measles in this period is rash on the mucous
    The sheath of the cheeks against the lower northern teeth - small whores,
    towering above the surface of the point surrounded by a red rim, t.
    name. Filatov Spots - Soclick - Belsky. They appear 2-3 days before
    Skin rashes and disappear on the first day of rash.
    The rash period begins with the new temperature lift, strengthening
    painful manifestations and appearance of rash (on the 4-6th day from the beginning
    diseases) first on the face - behind the ears, on the cheeks and on the forehead, and through
    a few hours all over the face, especially abundantly in the middle of the face (nose,
    chin, lips); The next day, the rash covers the torso, during the day
    Later - limbs.
    Period of recovery, or Pigmentation period: Elements of rasol bloom Three
    day and begin to go out in the same order in which they poured,
    Partially turning into brown-colored stains. The skin becomes dry with
    Small-shaped peeling on face and torso. Temperature
    decreases; Improves the overall condition of the child. However, in the period
    recovery child for a long time weakened, he has significantly
    reduced resistance to various diseases.

    Corey can be light and heavy. Severe counties are more often
    children who fed artificially (without breast milk) suffering
    Rakhit, weakened by the suffered severe diseases (eg.,
    influenza), in children with patients with tuberculosis and, finally, in children of the first years
    Life. The most frequent and dangerous complication of measles, especially for children
    early age and weakened is the inflammation of the lungs.

    How treatment is carried out

    Treatment: Specific Medium Medications Cory No. Needless
    Sanitary and hygienic and dietary mode, careful care. Necessary
    create such a situation at home so that the disease flows easily and did not give
    There would be complications. Need to call a doctor immediately. Child need
    lay in bed; bed put in the middle of the room to give
    child more air and light (no windows should be installed, only
    lay a patient with a population to the light source). We must often tight
    the room, well covered with a child; The room should not be
    hot (T° 17-18°). In the warm season you should keep windows open.
    All patient care is carried out by the doctor of children's clinic,

    Ensure hygienic skin care (bath, wet wipes,
    Washing), mouth, nose, eyes, food with lots
    Vitamins, abundant drink and impeccable purity. Perhaps the best
    Conditions (clean air, air sleep, proper nutrition, vitamins and
    etc.) It is necessary to create a child after suffering measles to strengthen
    His health disturbed by the disease.

    It is important to protect the patient from
    additional infection of some other disease (eg.,
    influenza). During catarrhal phenomena in respiratory tract it is recommended
    give drink alkaline water with milk, milk with soda. If impossible
    Create the required conditions in the home environment, as well as in cases
    complicated course of the disease and especially with the disease of children living
    In a children's institution, in order to avoid the spread of infection, it is desirable
    put the hospital.

    How to prevent measles

    Prevention and treatment of measles
    Many parents knowing,
    that the disease is inevitable, often calmly relate to
    Possible child's infection measles. Meanwhile, the cort is especially dangerous for
    children under 3-4 years old, as well as for weakened children of others
    age. Therefore, a child at an early age and weakened children
    It is necessary to protect the disease in every way. Exclusively
    Of great importance in connection with this have anticorrosive vaccinations -
    injecting the blood serum adults who have undergone measles, or
    Gamma Globulina. This vaccination is carried out, as a rule, all children in
    aged from 3 months to 4 years (first of all children under 2 years old), not
    painful measles and had contact with sick cortel during
    its infectious period, as well as sick children and recovering from
    some disease, regardless of their age, and children, sick
    tuberculosis. Timely vaccinations in most cases
    or protect from disease cortel or make it easier.
    Contraindications to the introduction of serum and gamma globulin no.

    reaches the purpose if it is made by the child quickly after meeting with Korev
    sick, and is valid only for one month. With a new meeting
    With sick corteal after this period, vaccine repeat. Has a lot
    meaning early diagnosis of disease measles so that you can do
    Perhaps rather vaccinating children in contact with sick cortheries.
    Therefore, as soon as measles diagnosis, parents should immediately
    Report a child's disease in nursery or kindergarten to
    There they made anticorrhea vaccination to children of that group,
    who visited the sick child. If there is a sick corther in the apartment,
    We must now notify children's advice or children's
    clinic to immediately make anti-influencing children,
    living in this apartment and not painful measles.

    In the prevention of measles
    General anti-epidemic measures are also played:
    Timely insulation of the diseased (at home or in hospital), prevent
    in the teams and schools of children who have communication with cores and ne
    painful measles, within 17 days from the moment of last contact with
    sick corther (for non-children) and within 21 days for graft
    (T. To. Vaccination in case of a disease can lengthen the term of incubation

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