How to find out appendicitis in a child


How to find out appendicitis in a childWith the appearance in the family of the heir as a snowball increases questions: how to feed, how to wear, how to treat how to understand how to find out? Appendicitis in a child still has no place among numerous questions of young parents, because babies and kids up to 3 years old almost they do not suffer due to the anatomical structure of a worm-like process. But with the growth of the child, the list of issues that the thoughtful mother should look for and find answers. That is why it's time to talk about the peculiarities of appendicitis in children.

First of all, it should be noted that the inflammation of the appendix, the so-called a worm-shaped process of the blind intestine, in children it takes harder than adults. There is no specific causative agent, most often this is an autogenous intestinal flora, which does not show signs of pathogenicity until a certain point. The clinical picture develops against the background of abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, body temperature, changes in blood analysis. All of the above features are the basis for excitement. The child is not always able to describe his condition and well-being, so parents immediately begin to seek errors in the diet, and if the body temperature rises — Scold weather conditions. But when the pope and a mother notice the rise of anxiety and the lack of sleep at the kid, then pay attention to the fact that the child lies more often, and on the right side, pursing his legs, does not play with his favorite toys, caprizes without reason, it becomes clear: I need help specialist and preferably as soon as possible.

Timely diagnosis — Timely result

In the development of inflammation of the process, even an experienced doctor is not always and not immediately managed to make a diagnosis, and there are several reasons for. First of all, the child is very worried, tries to find a pose that would provide him as a painless state as much as possible, and therefore trying to avoid examination of the doctor and especially the palpation of the abdominal wall, which delivers significant pain. The doctor must be very gently and delicately inspect the child, relying on local symptoms, among them: Palpation pain — Filatov's symptom, passive muscle tension, peritonean irritation prizes and make output. These symptoms are well known to those skilled in the arts, moms of young children and adolescents also worth paying attention to them to avoid serious consequences related to late appeal to the doctor. Such complications include peritonitis, abdominal abscess and intestinal obstruction.

Timely diagnosis & mdash; Timely resultPositive Symptom of Brush-Blüsterberg, Pain Strengthening After a sharp Taking Hands from the abdominal wall indicates a doctor on the need for urgent hospitalization, where the child will immediately have a necessary survey and surgical assistance. An enlarged number of leukocytes in circulating blood is an important diagnostic criterion. Although leukocytosis does not always give an accurate picture of the development of inflammation of a heart-shaped process, sometimes the overall blood test helps with a greater probability to determine the presence of appendicitis in a child. For diagnostics, an ultrasound of the abdominal cavity is carried out, and sometimes it will not do without a diagnostic laparoscopic study that allows not only the inflammation of the appendix, but also some other pathology of the internal organs.

Parents, of course, is worried about the issue itself. Interference with the removal of the process is a simple and safe procedure, if necessary, it can be carried out even a newborn baby, and will not leave any traces in his subsequent life. Modern medicine allows such a type of operation as traditionally — By cut in the right iliac area and using modern high-tech apparatus with small optical systems.

Prevention implies balanced nutrition and above all, a rational approach to the children's menu, where the main product is not meat capable of creating a favorable medium for microorganisms, but vegetables and fruits in all kinds, dairy products and a sufficient amount of clean, without sugar and water gases.

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