Poklush, diphtheria, tetanus: warned - it means armed


  • About the main signs of the kids
  • Vaccination against cough and guidelines
  • Cocal after vaccination and body response

  • Speaking of severe infectious diseases: Cockles, diphtheria, a tetanus every adult man painfully begins to remember that he knows about these diseases. One can only serve as a consolation, almost everyone understands: vaccination, cough and other infections are powerless to life immunity comes to the rescination.

    About the main signs of the kids

    Poklush, diphtheria, tetanus: warned - it means armedThe incubation period of this disease continues from 3 to 14 days and is sometimes accompanied by an unlimited cough, very similar to flu, banal cold or ORVI. The strong cough, protracted and, sometimes, very similar to the cocks of the cocks are manifested by signs of a cough in newborns. Kids up to 6 months do not have their own antibodies, and their maternal does not always save them, so such a cough, like a manifestation of the first symptoms of the cough in children, should instantly alert parents. The presence of antibodies in graft children does not always indicate the presence of an acute phase of the disease. For non-vaccinated children and no more previously, the presence of specific antibodies in the Titres 1:80 and above — Sign of infection. Early appointment of antibiotics and the relief of the infectious process prevents the development and development of lasting immunity. The introduction of active immunization has changed the clinical course of the disease.

    Vaccination against cough and guidelines

    WHO recommendations for pertussis vaccinationVaccinoprophilaxia, when the disease is very near, persistent immunity — Here is the defense that will save the child from this highly contagious infection. A child infected with a wandery of the Bordean Gengua, within 1 to 3 weeks, is a danger to healthy children. Following the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the DJ vaccine is used to prevent such a serious illness. Preventive ADC Vaccination (adsorbed pegs—Diffine-tetanomy vaccine) appeared in the 40s of the last century. Such a combination vaccine refers to all-cell and consists of a mixture of killed cough, diphtheria and tetanus microbes adsorbed on aluminum hydroxide, which determined its name. The vaccination is the introduction of weakened toxin, against which specific antitoxic immunity is produced in the body. Similar immunity does not protect against infection by bacteria, so even graft children are sometimes carriers of infection capable of infecting others.

    Contraindications to vaccinations against cough, diphtheria, as well as tetanus may be diseases arising in previous vaccination, manifested by a strong overall reaction, an increase in body temperature, various diseases of the nervous system. In addition, DJs can re-provoke all sorts of reactions, namely, seal and redness at the injection site, a significant increase in body temperature, allergic manifestations and other all possible complications.

    Cocal after vaccination and body response

    Is Polysh are possible after vaccination?Cases of this disease, especially after vaccination, in medical literature and practice are rarely described, which once again confirms the importance and significance of the pertussis vaccination. In vaccinated children, the form of the course of the disease is usually lighter, and the symptoms of the disease are less pronounced or practically absent.

    Copy complications after vaccination that can manifest itself in the form of inflammation of light, convulsive syndrome, brain lesions are rare, and therefore a reliable means of specific prophylaxis is vaccination.

    Any vaccination is a serious burden on the body. DC vaccination — One of the most painful children's vaccinations, but the consequences of a cough after the planned calendar vaccination are much easier than without vaccination. Given the prevalence of this infection, and its formidable complications, it is hardly worth neglected by such vaccination, although there are a number of side effects. It should be noted that this is the normal state of the body, when such common and local effects are even possible — This is not a complication, this is a sign of the development of the correct reaction of the immune system for the formation of immunity.

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