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  • Crayfish

    Our body is built from tiny building bricks, each of which is the cell. Imagine a hundred million billion cells. These cells are such tiny that scientists have to use a microscope to learn them. When a child grows, in fact, each of these cells is changing all the time and their number increases. But all this happens according to the rules and under strict control. But sometimes some cell ceases to obey and begins to behave badly. It increases without any control, begins to drive out healthy cells and spread throughout the body instead. So begins. In some cases, there is a tumor in one place, and sometimes such «Bad» Naughty cells appear in the blood, the child becomes weak and sluggish. Doctors call such disease leukemia.

    In ancient Greece, there was such a famous doctor Galen. He noticed that swollen blood vessels around the tumor look like a cancer claw, so he called this disease «crayfish».

    Children sick with cancer can quickly get tired, feel sluggish and sick, they may have headaches and hurt in some place. There are more than 200 different forms of cancer, which can begin anywhere. Children most often found leukemia, which means blood cancer. You can read the history of the diseases of children who were treated from leukemia in our section «Real stories».

    What are the methods of treatment

    Currently, there are three main ways of cancer treatment:

    • Chemotherapy is special drugs for injections or intakes inward children who, for example, leukemia. They are accepted to kill bad cancer cells and make them stop inconsistency to increase.
    • Radiotherapy uses powerful X-rays to kill cancer cells. Often use it before surgery to force a tumor to decrease.
    • Surgery. Sometimes an operation is required to remove a large tumor, depending on where it is.

    It's important to know

    In developed Western countries, 7 out of 10 children recover. But all over the world, there are 2 out of 10 children with cancer.

    You can't get infected with cancer, as well as you infect flu. Scientists fully do not yet know what exactly causes into cancer, but the child is in no case to blame for the fact that he fell ill and no bad act can cause cancer in a child.

    Cancer in children is quite rare: one of 600 children in the UK.

    Cancer is much more common in adults. When you grow up, you can do something for your health to reduce the risk of cancer. What you can do for your health is listed below.

    Prevention of cancer

    • So that you do not do, do not smoke! If you have already started smoking, throwing immediately! Remember, smoking kills!
    • Try there are 5 different fruits and vegetables during the day. It's easier and tastier than you think! Fruit cocktails and fruit and vegetable juices, as well as bananas (in which a lot of energy) are also considered.
    • Choose some sports classes and enjoy them. At least half an hour of exercise a day will help you become healthier, stronger and energetic.
    • When you already become large enough to eat alcohol, try to drink a little. If you eat too much alcohol, it can cause cancer.
    • Do not spend too much time in the sun, it can cause skin cancer. When you sunbathe, put on the happy from the sun, T-shirt with long sleeves and do not forget about sunscreen.

    When you become older, these five rules will help you keep health.

    Facts about baby cancer

    What is a malignant tumor (cancer is one of the varieties of malignant tumors)?

    Cancer, in fact, is a group of diseases, each with its name, their own treatment, and chances for controlling and treatment. It occurs because a certain cell or a group of cells begins to multiply and randomly grow, displacing normal cells. Cancer may take the form of leukemia, which develops in the bone marrow from white blood cells (leukocytes), or solid tumors detected in any part of the body.

    This diagnosis is a sentence?

    Of course not. Chance to recover are about 70% of ill children. With some types of tumors, almost 100% of children are recovered.

    How to find a cancer in a child?

    Often to do it is quite difficult to even an experienced pediatrician.

    Parents need to be very attentive to the state of health of their child. The earlier the diagnosis is set, the more reliable favorable forecast.

    Is it true that the number of ill children has increased after the catastrophe at the Chernobyl NPP?

    It is only a reliably about one tumor - thyroid cancer. The incidence of this type of cancer in children of Belarus has increased dramatically after the disaster. Relative to other tumors of reliable statistical data confirming this connection, no.

    Facts: Children's CancerAre baby oncological diseases dangerous to others?

    As well as adults, children, patients with malignant tumors, do not pose a danger of infection for others. Cancer is not contagious. It cannot be transmitted from one person to another, as a cold, or from the animal to a person.

    Do children's oncological diseases are transmitted by inheritance?

    The main majority of malignant tumors are not inherited. Although some of them are genetically due to.

    Why are malignant tumors in children?

    Despite very important and prolonged research, no one knows why children get sick cancer. Cancer in children is still the most inexplicable disease, and there is no reason to believe that it can be prevented. The main factors contributing to the development of malignant tumors in children are violation of intrauterine development, the influence of unfavorable environmental factors, some professional harmfulness of parents.

    What is leukemia (leukemia)?

    Leukemia is a blood cancer that develops in the bone marrow in the tissues producing blood cells. Bone marrow is a jelly-like substance that is inside the bone.

    How leukemia is diagnosed?

    The diagnosis of leukemia requires a deployed blood test and an analysis of bone marrow cells, because early symptoms can resemble many other diseases.

    What is dense tumors?

    Tumor does not always mean cancer. Some tumors (accumulation of non-normally growing cells) may be benign (not cancer). When talking about malignant tumors, the term dense tumor is used for separation between localized tissue and leukemia masses. Leukemia in reality is a type of tumor.

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