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  • What is synechia?
  • Sinekhia in girls: causes not only on the surface
  • Than terrible synechia?
  • Sinekhia in girls: the symptoms that mother should notice
  • Treatment of synechs in girls: operation — only in extreme cases

  • The diseases of the genital organs in small girls are not so rare. Anomalies of the development of genitals, vulvovaginitis and synechia of small sex — Frequent problems of childhood, forcing parents to contact the gynecologist.

    What is synechia?

    Signs of synechs in girls and symptomsSinechia or the battle of small sexual lips occur in 10% of girls, found aged 1-2 years. However, it can be argued that the disease is distributed much wider. In most cases, it proceeds asymptomaticly, at the age of sexual maturity, the parents of girls do not appeal to the doctor.

    Small sex lips — These are two thin skin folds on the right and to the left of the entrance to the vagina, covered with large sexual lips. Outside, small sex lips are covered with the finest gentle skin, which in girls is inflated at the slightest irritation. Wet Wednesday, Increased temperature and closed input state in the vagina predisposes to the development of infection and maintains its existence.

    Just as inflammation in the abdominal cavity causes adhesions formation, the infection in the field of vulva leads to the fighting of small sex.

    Sinekhia in girls: causes not only on the surface

    It is believed that the formation of synechs in girls contributes Low estrogen levels. Perhaps some role is played by heredity and course of pregnancy, girls whose mothers had a battle of sexual lips, prosthetia and intrauterine infection during pregnancy, are susceptible to greater risk.

    The main causes of the synechs are:

    • Violation of the rules intimate Hygienes Girls leading to the development of vulvit;
    • A rare change of diapers and diapers, leading to irritation of genital urine organs and vaginal discharge;
    • the use of close synthetic underwear;
    • atopic dermatitis (diathesis) accompanied by rash in the crotch and vulva;
    • Girl isolation with soap solutions, the use of creams with Spades, dyes, zinc oxide;
    • Availability concomitant diseases urinary tract and anomalies of the development of genital organs;
    • Exchange violations, for example, diabetes, as well as intestinal dysbacteriosis and Glisny Invasia.

    Than terrible synechia?

    In 80% of cases of synechs proceed asymptomatic and pass on their own, as soon as in the body of the girl, a sufficient amount of estrogen begins to form. However, the battle of the sexual lip in the area of ​​the outer opening of the urethra can cause Difficulties of urination. Urine, delaying in the resulting «Pocket», Finding into the vagina, annoying gentle fabrics Genital, supports inflammation and causes discomfort in the girl.

    Chronic vulvovaginite can put the beginning of inflammation of internal genital organs and further lead to infertility.

    Urine delay contributes to an uptaking urinary tract infection, the development of pyelonephritis.

    Sinekhia in girls: the symptoms that mother should notice

    • The girl shows anxiety when urine, refuses to sit on the pot.
    • The girl is being worried, urine jet is aimed up.
    • Pathological discharge from the vagina appear.
    • It is marked redness of the skin in the area of ​​groin and outdoor genital organs.
    • Visually noticeable the presence of a combat between the sexual lips.

    Sinekhia look like thin grayish-white films connecting two small sex lips. Not necessarily to be a doctor to see the deviation from the norm, provided, of course, that mom knows how the genitals of the child should look like.

    To identify the causes of the synefy need Analyzes Vagina smears, general blood and urine tests, feces analysis on dysbacteriosis and worm eggs, scraping with the rear passage area on enterobiosis, blood test for sugar. Appeal to the doctor necessarily!

    Treatment of synechs in girls: operation — only in extreme cases

    The main method of treatment of synechs in girls is conservative therapy using a cream containing estrogenic hormones. It is the purpose of estrogen that allows you to interrupt the vicious circle and creates optimal conditions for recovery.

    Estrogen cream applied locally. It is recommended to apply it with a finger, light massaging movements, aims to the area of ​​the blows of small sex. Usually a two-week course of treatment is enough to make sponges disconnect, then during the week cream use 1 time per day, replacing it with a neutral tool for skin care without fragrances, dyes and preservatives.

    Local use of estrogen cream safely For a little girl. Pigmentation of the vulva, the growth of hairs in this area, the heat of the mammary glands is rare and pass independently, without affecting the state of the child's health.

    In the absence of effect from conservative therapy, surgical treatment is resorted to surgical treatment — mechanical separation of guns. It is not necessary to fear the operation, it is carried out under local anesthesia using gentle techniques. In the postoperative period, local therapy with ointments containing estrogens is assigned to rapidly restore fabrics.

    The success of the treatment of synechs in girls largely depends on the scrupulous and competent implementation of the doctor's recommendations regarding the use of drugs and conduct hygienic procedures. During the period of treatment with hormonal ointment, the girl must be shown to the doctor 1 time in 10 days. After treatment, the child should be observed during the year, which implies monthly visits to the doctor.

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