Hysterical personality disorder: symptoms and treatment


  • Manifestations of disorder
  • Possible causes of development
  • Methods of treating disorder

  • Hysterical personality disorder is found quite often. Many doctors believe that women are more inclined to it. The behavior of people with such a disorder is very characteristic, but at the same time it does not always cause harm and inconvenience to others.

    Manifestations of disorder

    Hysterical personality disorder: symptoms and treatmentPeople with hysterical personality disorder are extremely emotional and constantly achieve attention. As a rule, they are described as «Emotionally charged». Unlimited, rapidly changing mood can quite complicate them life, they are all the time «on the stage»: Even describing everyday events, they resort to theatrical gestures and coupling speech. These people are constantly changing, trying to attract the attention of others and impress them; It seems that they have no feeling that they actually represent. Their speech is rather poor with essential details, and they often follow the last shout of fashion, trying to call others.

    Approval and praise constitute the meaning of the life of these individuals; They must make the surrounding witnesses of their emotional raise and manifestations of their mood. They are not able to postpone the long time to get pleasure. Vain, egocentric and persistent, they are overcome rapidly react to any minor event that falls on their search for attention. Some commit suicide, mainly to manipulate others.

    They are incapable of systematic, stubborn labor, when choosing a kind of classes, they prefer amateur activity and pass to tasks requiring perseverance, solid knowledge and solid training. Most of all, they like idle life with an external, displacement pomp, a variety of entertainment, frequent change of impressions. They willingly and selflessly perform rituals of festivals and banquets, in all seek to follow fashion, visit the success of performances, «Booming» Popular artists discuss the sensational books and t. NS.

    For the most part, they are trusting, easily attached to people, quickly fall in love, the calling of numerous, more often, short novels, accompanied by initially the rapid manifestations of feelings. However, being non-permanent in their hobbies, they also cool down.

    Possible causes of development

    Most theorists believe that, being children, people with this disorder have come across unhealthy relationships in which the cold and domineering parents made them feel unloved and caused fear of being rejected. To protect yourself from the hidden fear of losses, these individuals began to dramatize the situation, inventing crises that would encourage others to take care of them.

    According to another theory, when people are becoming more and more egocentric and emotional, they have little opportunities to acquire knowledge about the events occurring in the world. Since they have no detailed memories of what they never studied, they have to rely on intuition or other people. Some scientists also believe that persons with this disorder adhere to the overall installation that they are not able to take care of themselves, and therefore they are constantly seeking to find other people who will satisfy their requests.

    The third group of scientists nominates the hypothesis that their hysterical personality disorder can be rooted in the norms and expectations of the Company. Modern society often encourages people to attract attention to themselves to attach the features of the theatricality of their appearance and seek admiration from the surrounding. Many psychologists prove that such values ​​can also be a prerequisite for the occurrence of hysterical and narcissistic disorders.

    Methods of treating disorder

    People with this disorder, in contrast to people with most other personality disorders, are often treated for help. However, work with them can be very difficult, since such customers can enroll their requirements, whims and receptions of seduction in the process of treatment. Another problem is as follows: Persons with hysterical personality disorder can declare that they have made important discoveries or what changes have occurred with them during the treatment period, only in order to make a pleasant therapist. Psychodynic and group therapy is used.

    In any case, doctors are counting on the fact that people are aware of their excessive addiction, will find a way to get internal satisfaction and become more independent. Directly drugs help to a lesser extent, except when people develop depression.

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