Hemotorax: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


  • Causes and symptoms of hemotorax
  • How treatment is hemotorax

  • Causes and symptoms of hemotorax

    The cause of hemotorax can be damaged
    vessels of light, mediastinal, chest and diaphragm with
    Violation of the intake of visceral, parietal and mediastinal pleura
    traumatic and other (tumor, congenital anomaly) character. IN
    Particularly possible hemotions after operational interventions on
    Breastfish organs.

    Blood is poured into pleural
    cavity through damaged parietal or visceral her sheet from
    neighboring organs and tissues, squeezing a lightweight and sweeping mediastinum in
    opposite side. In this case, the hemorrhagic shock is combined with

    Hemotorax: Causes, Symptoms and TreatmentPleurally empty
    Blood cavity usually remains a long fluid (banal hemotorax),
    But after surgery on the background of the coagulant
    therapy is possible to increase blood coagulation, resulting in
    There is a so-called rolled hemotorax. Finally, hemotorax
    Often combined with pneumothorax - open (penetrating injuries
    chest) and closed (damage to the pulmonary fabric with admission
    air in the pleural cavity). In these cases, we are talking about

    Hemotorax manifests itself pain in
    damaged half of the chest, combined with signs of acute
    anemia (skin patch and mucous membranes, cold sticky sweat,
    Dizziness, noise in the ears, flashing in the eyes, a weak frequent pulse,
    Reduced blood pressure, hemoglobin, color
    Indicator, gematocrit values, quantity of red blood cells). At
    Percussions (diagnostic clutch) on the side of the lesion marked the dullness, more pronounced
    In the lower departments of the pleural cavity, some border offset
    mediastrine in the opposite side. Auscultatively registered
    Weakening or lack of vesicular breathing. With hemotorex,
    caused by damage to the chest wall with a fracture of ribs,
    Palparato felt swelling of soft tissues (hematoma), deformation,
    Pathological mobility and crepitration of fumps of ribs. Hemotorax or
    Hemopneumothorax due to the rupture of pulmonary parenchyma can
    Accompanied also hemochkump.

    In diagnostic puncture in
    pleural cavity determine liquid blood, and when combined with
    Pneumothorax - air. X-ray hemotorax is characterized
    the dimming of the corresponding half of the chest with more or less
    pronounced displacement of the shadow of the mediastinum in a healthy side, and when
    Combined with pneumothorax over horizontal liquid level visible
    Gas bubble.

    Based on anamnestic information,
    Clinical and radiographic and laboratory data, puncture
    Pleural cavity.

    How treatment is hemotorax

    The treatment plan of the hemotorax is built on the basis of the intensity of bleeding and severity
    Signs of traumatic and hemorrhagic shock. Open penetrating
    chest damage with light, diaphragm, profuse
    Bleeding require emergency surgery on the background
    complex anti-shock therapy comprising besides therapeutic
    Analgesia (anesthesia) Fight against acute anemia and hypoxy (replenishment
    blood loss, oxygenotherapy). The operation pursues the following objectives:
    stopping bleeding, restoring the favors of damaged organs and
    fabrics, removal of the washing blood and, if necessary, overlay
    closed drainage for the fastest light resulsion in
    Postoperative period, Sanation of pleural cavity by antiseptics.

    With moderately pronounced hemotorax without a tendency to continue
    bleeding apply the punkey method to remove the
    blood and washing of the pleural cavity (Furacillin solution 1: 5000, 0.1
    % solution of Furagin) to prevent the amusement of pleura. In suspected
    on the tumor as a source of bleeding, the point is sent to
    Cytological research.

    Curved hemotorax should be tried
    eliminate conservatively by introducing into the pleural cavity
    proteolytic enzymes (hemopcin, chemotripcin) in isotonic
    Sodium chloride solution. With the unsuccessfulness of these events and
    Significant sizes of curved hemotorax may occur
    Indications for wide thoracotomy and removal of blood clots.

    Depends on the severity of damage to the chest and its organs,
    Intensity of blood loss and timeliness of surgical care.

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