Treatment of broncho-pulmonary diseases


  • Lazolvan

  • Respiratory diseases are often accompanied by long inflammation in respiratory organs and symptoms such as a prolonged cough, poorly outgoing sputum, shortness of breath, and sometimes breathing disruption seriously worsen the quality of life. Moreover, the destructive disease can lead to the development of severe complications.

    The main reason why the disease «It does not pass», is bad cleaning of the respiratory tract from sputum. Viscous thick wet, which is accompanied by broncho-pulmonary diseases, blocks the mobility of the cilia on the surface of the mucous. As a result, a large amount of sputum accumulates in the respiratory tract, to fuse, which is difficult, and often and painfully. Therefore, the main treatment strategy should be aimed at changing the biochemical composition of sputum and removing it from the respiratory tract. This is how the Mukolitic Lazolvan acts. The effectiveness of the preparation is based on several mechanisms of action.


    Treatment of broncho-pulmonary diseasesThe active ingredient of the Lazolyvan - Ambroxol hydrochloride - splits the connection between the mukopolisaccharides of sputum, stimulates the serous cells of the mucous gland, increases the content of the mucous membrane and activates the hydrolyzing enzymes. As a result, the biochemical characteristics of pathological mucus change, it becomes less viscous, diluted. Liquid sputum cleanes much easier.

    Also under the action of the Lazolyvan is stimulated by the production of a surfactant - a protective substance that supports the Alveola in «Expansioned» condition. In this state, the alveoli can fully function and implement effective gas exchange. At the same time, the drug activates the movement of the epithelium cilia, which speeds up the transport of mucus. Due to this, there is a quick and «Physiological» Removal of sputtering from respiratory tract. Speaking about the Mukolithic effect of the Lazolyvan, it should be noted that it is the only drug in its group of medicines, which activates the bronchial camshot epithelium.

    But Lazolyvan is not only an effective flour, it also has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties. Lazolyvan removes inflammatory processes in the tissues of respiratory organs, inhibiting chemotaxis neutrophils, interleukin-1 and histamine products. Increased immunoglobulin production (IGA, IGG) contributes to the activation of local immunity in lungs and bronchi.

    The essential advantage of the Lazolyvan is and its fruitful «cooperation» With antibiotics. Lazolyvan accelerates the process of passive diffusion of antibiotics through the hemato-alveolar barrier and increases the bioavailability of antibiotics in the pulmonary fabric. During clinical trials it was reliably established that with the joint appointment of the Lazolyvan and antibiotics, the time of recovery is reduced.

    It is important that Lazolyvan, being an original drug, well studied and has a number of advantages compared to generics: biological security, fewer adverse reactions, primarily allergic. In a number of work devoted to the research of the Lazolyvan, it was noted that when it was applied, the likelihood of complications from the gastrointestinal tract is much smaller than when using ambroxol-generics. Therefore, the Lazolvan is allowed to use and under ulcer, and some other serious diseases.

    Using therapy with broncho-pulmonary diseases of the Lazolyvan allows the patient to reduce the time of recovery, pass a shorter course of antibacterial therapy, as well as avoid potential risks of the development of side effects.

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