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  • How much should the child weigh?
  • Hardness obesity in children and adolescents
  • How to prevent obesity in a child?

  • Causes of obesity in children and adolescentsIgnore the obesity of the child — it means to root his health and life. Growing, children suffering from obesity, become adult fatters with hypertension, atherosclerosis, angina and diabetes mellitus, driving a bunch of medical problems. Knowing about it, we continue to kill the health of children by fast food and sweets, die by their thick cheeks, handles and legs in the halves, not understanding that the problem of excess weight is not just knocked on the door, but already settled in our house.

    According to statistics, every third 5-7-year-old child in Russia has an overweight and the reason for this not so much genetic predisposition, but the improper nutrition and low physical activity. To protect the child from obesity, you need to fight with obesity already at its first symptoms. To begin with, it is necessary to decide how much the baby must weigh.

    How much should the child weigh?

    The new problem of modernity - the children suffering from obesityIndeed, before hitting the bell, it is important to understand whether a child has excess weight, and whether he suffers with obesity. In children and adolescents, the body weight is constantly changing and therefore generally accepted for adult formulas are unacceptable. At the same time, an externally child may seem unnecessarily fasten, in fact its weight within the normal range. To get accurate information, it is better to contact the pediatrician, but at home can be used by a special formula.

    Normal weight of children from year to 7 years = number of years x 2 + 8

    For example, in 2 years, the approximate weight of the boy with an increase in 88.5 cm should be 13-14 kg, and girls with growth 96 cm 15-16 kg.

    Every extra kilogram, not to mention the high degree of obesity in children, contributes to the emergence of exchange disorders. Against the background of excess weight, the formation of the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular system is disturbed, neuro-endocrine shifts occur. And this is all in addition to the fact that a fat child, often exposed to humiliation in a children's environment, is experiencing a tremendous stress capable of imposing an imprint on his psyche and further life.

    Hardness obesity in children and adolescents

    Noticing an extra fold on the body of a child, you should not hurry with a diet. Completeness is not yet illness, not enough to allow the child to overeat so that the weight came to normal. Obesity — This is already a disease and in this case the tactic will be different, therapy will depend on the degree of metabolic disorders.

    In determining the degree of obesity, doctors are oriented on the average normal body weight, depending on the age and growth of the kid.

    • Children up to 2 years have a middle mass of 12-13 kg.
    • Children of 3 years — 13.8-15.7 kg.
    • Children of 4 years — 15.5-16 kg.
    • Children 5 years — 16-19 kg.
    • Children 6 years — 19-22 kg.

    I The degree of obesity is diagnosed when the body weight exceeds normal by 15-25%,
    II degree — by 25-55%,
    III degree — by 50-100%,
    IV degree — more than 100%.

    The main way to reduce weight in the child is dietherapy. With the first degree of obesity, it implies healthy nutrition, exclusion of overeating and clear food intake mode. Children suffering from obesity of the second degree need to limit the calorie content of the diet due to animal fats and simple carbohydrates. In obesity of III-IV degree therapy should be comprehensive and more often in hospital.

    How to prevent obesity in a child?

    Correction of various degrees of obesity in children by parentsPrevention of obesity should begin with the birth of a kid. Introducing porridge as the first dust, fonding the potato mashed potatoes, allowing the child, there is a sweet one in the first year of life, we are deprived of his health with your own hands. Carbohydrates, which are present in maternal milk or its substitute, is quite enough to cover the needs of the body in the Sahara, until the moment when it is usually recommended to introduce first lures. The subsequent expansion of the diet of the baby at the expense of fruits, vegetables allows the growing body in the future to function normally.

    Children 1-3 years of sweets are allowed, but it is much more useful to replace them with honey, providing a beneficial effect on the body as a whole.

    Do not buy a child food «fast food», Sweet carbonated drinks — they are harmful to health. Of course, it is difficult to categorically deny the baby in the purchase of chips, but a personal example of a healthy nutrition, convincing conversations will make their job. Finally, you can agree on «The bottom of harmful food» In exchange for obedience at the table for a month, but you should not go with a child on occasion, because his health and well-being.

    So that the child does not gain excess weight, it is important to stimulate its physical activity, such as classes in the sports section or pool. Considering with him, physical education independently, in no case do not blame him in the clumsiness, trying to motivate him to achieve the result. In addition to psychological injury, this will not bring other fruits. The child is important support and a personal example, this is exactly what parents can give.

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