Scientists recommend to treat back and joints with Almag. Live without pain


  • Device «Almong»

  • Device «Almong»

    Editorial «Medicard» Gets a lot of letters from your readers with requests to tell more detail about the possibilities of the device «Almag» manufactured by the Elat dashboard. We asked questions to answer the head of the Ivanov Medical Department.IN.

    - Alexey Valerevich, what diseases treats «Almong»?

    - These are diseases and damage to the musculoskeletal system and their consequences, osteochondrosis of the spine, arthritis and arthrosis, hypertensive disease of the stage I-II, bronchial asthma, pancreatitis, dyskinesia of biliary tract, ulcerative illness of the stomach and 12-rosewood, neurodermatitis, gynecological diseases, complications diabetes, chronic nonspecific lung diseases and other common diseases.

    Scientists recommend to treat back and joints with Almag. Live without pain- Spectrum of diseases are very diverse. How do they treat them «Almong»?

    - Running pulsed magnetic field of Almag, affecting fabric, causes an improvement in blood circulation, stimulates the protective forces of the body, activates the metabolism. As a result, soreness and swelling disappears, inflammation is removed. Against this background, the medication treatment is more effective, which reduces the dose until full failure.

    - For example, in atherosclerosis, Almag improves blood circulation in the legs, reduces pain, reduces chromium. With varicosera Almag, the venous walls strengthens and reduces the size of the extended veins. During thrombosis, Alga reduces blood coagulation, contributes to the partial dissolution of the thrombus, reduces pain and swelling. Almag strength is such that doctors apply it even for the treatment of trophic ulcers that are generally difficult to treat.

    - With the acquisition of Almag, the costs of drugs and other treatment are reduced or the need for such costs disappears. Often, alone Almag is treated with the whole family: husband - osteochondrosis, wife - varicose veins, mother-in-law - hypertension… And each gives the device its characteristic: «easy; convenient; indispensable; I do not need the help of outsiders; I generally sleep only with him; I do not know how I did without him before».

    - How to use the apparatus?

    - Low size, and simplicity of application techniques allow you to use Almag to appoint a doctor, both in clinical and at home. The course of treatment is 10-20 procedures 1-2 times a day for 10-20 minutes.

    Almag is designed so that it is convenient for them to carry out the patient himself (without assistance). Its four healing inducers, related to the flexible chain, it is easy to wrap around the joint, you can lie back on them. Almag has a gentle effect on the body and applies almost at any age. They can be treated even with weakened patients, older people and everything, who has other treatment is contraindicated.

    You can use almost all family members for a long time (service life of the device with intensive use of at least 5 years).

    Like all therapeutic agents, there are contraindications, therefore, before applying, consult with a specialist.

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    Almag is a kind doctor for you and your family, which is always at hand!

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