Lishe - Autumn Disease!


  • Causes of the disease
  • Symptoms Lisha
  • Varieties linguring
  • Treatment

  • Causes of the disease

    • genetic predisposition;
    • infectious etiology of the disease;
    • stressful situations;
    • weakened immunity;
    • In children, the disease occurs on the basis of gold and kudoso­Chia
    • Allergic reaction to any food or drugs;
    • Supercooling of the body and T.D.

    The disease is most often susceptible to people aged
    30 to 70 years. The reasons are also like methods of leakage.
    The disease can be prLishe - Autumn Disease!rush as one day and not pass during
    For several years.

    Symptoms Lisha

    The disease is characterized by the appearance of the body
    (less often on the limbs) small pink-yellowish spots with a diameter to 1.5-2
    cm having oval or rounded outlines. In most cases
    Multiple rash precedes the appearance of one spots,
    released large size - the so-called maternal plaque.

    Rashes rise above the surrounding skin, in the periphery have
    Bright pink roller, the central part is slightly spilled, covered with thin
    scales resembling minting cigarette paper; on a surface
    Some of them can be detected small-grained peeling. Available
    Small itch. After a certain time (each individual)
    The rashes disappear without a trace.

    In about 20% of cases, the disease does not differ
    pronounced symptoms and does not require treatment. However, most often
    The patient torments the permanent intensive itch.

    Varieties linguring

    • Red flat lichen
      (skin disease striking more often people aged 30-60 years,
      mostly women, and characterized by the appearance of small
      Lihenoid papules, ongoing);
    • ringworm (chronic disease characterized by the lesion of the skin-hair cover in the form of baldness);
    • Pink Lisha (The disease is characterized by the appearance of a patient's pink peeling stain with a round shape);
    • shingles (acute viral disease, manifested by pain and skin rashes);
    • Few-shaped lichen
      (disease character­The appearance of pinkish brown spots with
      lightly seven-shaped peel without inflammatory phenomena and sensations on
      Neck, chest, back, shoulders).


    in some cases, the disease passes independently. But run
    The disease is extremely recommended, as well as resort to
    Oplain! Treatment deprived should be carried out under the control of the experienced
    specialist doctor after all necessary diagnostic

    In view of the extreme heterogeneity of species of the disease – Treatment for each patient should be drawn up by a doctor individually:

    • antihistamines are prescribed to remove the itch;
    • with degraded pathogenic mushrooms, antimicotic drugs are shown;
    • depriving neurogenic etiologies are treated with sedatives, antidepressants;
    • Sying deck requires treatment with antiviral drugs.
    • in
      Heavy cases of the disease may need to receive corticosteroidal
      preparations also help reduce the duration of exacerbation.

    Also together with physiotherapeutic treatment
    It is necessary to conduct local, which plays a significant role.
    It is necessary to use ointment, antiseptic, keratolytic,
    Fungicidal means.

    With many clinical forms, depriving physiotherapeutic procedures are shown:

    • UV irradiation;
    • UHF;
    • ultrasound;
    • Treatment of currents.

    Patients are allowed to take baths, recommended
    abandon the time of the disease from alcohol, smoked, salted,
    Canned food, strong tea, coffee and chocolate. It is necessary strictly
    Observe sleep and rest mode, try to avoid stressful situations,
    strengthening its immunity!

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