Operation: «Clean feet»


  • Where to wait for the strike
  • Strengthen the rear
  • We carry out a massive attack
  • The fungus is difficult to cure
  • Who in the risk area
  • And if you surrender fungus

  • Operation: & laquo; Clean legs & raquo;Generally distinguish 3 types of fungal diseases.

    Keratomicosis. They are affected only surface layers of skin, more often on the body. This is the so-called multicolored deprived — Rash slightly peeling small spots of brownish color. On the tanned skin they look more brighter.

    Dermatomicosis. The most common group of mycoses. Fungus, penetrating the horny layer of the skin or nail plate, with pleasure feeding there with keratin substance and very quickly multiplies. As a result (depending on the place «Implementation» fungus) someone starts to peel skin on the soles, cracks between the fingers and itching appears. Others poured mocking bubbles on the skin. Third nails thicken and begin to crumble.

    Candidiasis. Might hit the mucous membranes, as well as the skin of the palms, soles, nails (the nail plate becomes a bug, booet, it is easily peeling from the nail bed). By the way, in the development of such a familiar to many women of the thrush (vaginal candidiasis), the same fungi of the genus Candida, settled on the mucous.

    Where to wait for the strike

    According to Dermatomiologist Yuri Tarasova, the main allies fungus — humidity and large cluster of the people. Fungus suits «ambush» in:

    • Beach shower cabins,
    • Wet coastal sand,
    • Sanatorium basins,
    • locker rooms fitness clubs.

    The risk of picking up fungus directly in water below. Not so dangerous in terms of infection and hot dry beach sand and pebbles. On a sun-hot platforms, fungus dies.

    Still fungi — «Lasers» may penetrate through poorly processed manicure tools. Better to refrain from pedicure manicures in random resort salons.

    Strengthen the rear

    Of course, the risk to infect fungus on «Dick» Beach, where «Cuffs» vacationers without medical and highly higher. But in a decent sanatorium it is impossible to feel in complete safety. For example, one of my buddy brought a fungus from a prestigious resort in the south of France. So we will make prevention.

    The fungus penetrates the skin for 3 — 5:00. Therefore, coming from the beach, in your room, be sure to wash the legs with warm water with soap. It is advisable to buy in a pharmacy any non-lawn antifungal cream and lubricate them legs after each hike to the beach or in the pool. Do not wear someone else's shoes and «Public» Trelliers for fitting shoes.

    We carry out a massive attack

    If, returning from vacation, you have found the symptoms of fungal infection, the action plan should be such.

    Go to the dermatologist: fungi do not treat folk remedies. Lemon juice and baths with a decoction of the Hypericum or Plantain only you can only hire itching and smooth out some external manifestations — The fungus itself will remain in the body.

    A piece of nail and scales of the skin will take a study that will help to establish what kind of fungus you have become infected and the fungus is it at all. The fact is that from all diseases associated with the change of nail and skin stop, the fungus is to blame only in half cases.

    The doctor must appoint antifungal agents for external (ointment, cream, gel) and internal use. The most effective are funds that destroy the durable cell membranes of fungi.

    The fungus is difficult to cure

    The dispute fungus is a very dense chitinal shell: it can not «Discover» Our defense cells. Because our body cannot independently resist the fungus, having developed antibodies against him.

    Who in the risk area

    Most vulnerable to infection:

    • People with reduced immunity,
    • who recently had to drink antibiotics,
    • suffering from endocrine disorders,
    • Pregnant,
    • Women taking hormonal contraceptives.

    And if you surrender fungus

    Doctors are incomprehensible why people are trying to hide the fact that the fungal fell ill, «disguise» Personal nails: Women from the soul lubricate varnish, men lie: they say, it's me nail polished. 80% of people only then go to a dermatologist when itching becomes inadpety!

    What will happen if you start to be treated late? You will certainly infect all households. You will not be allowed in any decent sanatorium. Sick nails remove surgically. It hurts and heals long. The striking the fungus sat down in the body, the more the dispute was, the longer you will be treated with antifungal drugs — up to 6 months. In addition, fungus gradually affects the nervous and blood system and can give serious complications on the heart and brain.

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