Treatment of scars and scar


  • Treatment of scars and scar
  • Cryotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Surgical excision
  • Details about treatment
  • Laser grinding
  • Peeling fruit acids

  • Treatment of scars and scar

    Treatment of scars and scarScientists still can not clearly say that it is an initiating factor for the development of keloid scars.

    Surgical intervention, tattoos, and vaccination, and bites of animals or insects, and burns, and piercing, and even spontaneous development without prior injury (in very rare cases, but have a place).

    None of doctors can explain why hypertrophic scars appear in some cases, and in others - keloid. Another difference of keloid scars from other - they will feel feel.

    Many patients with keloid scars complain about ticking itching (other scars, as a rule, do not deliver physical discomfort).

    As for the treatment of scars and scars, everything is more complicated here than with other scars. Now allocate several directions.


    With this technique, liquid nitrogen and thermo-element are used to achieve a temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius. Cryotherapy contributes to the formation of keloid scars, but absolutely not suitable for the treatment of dark-skinned patients due to the risk of pigmentation.

    Radiation therapy

    It is known that about 15 radiation therapy efficiency studies have been held in the world for the treatment of keloids. The main effect of such treatment is the prevention of further relapses, but irradiation is not very useful for the whole body.

    Surgical excision

    Surgical excision at which the lesion area reduces. It is possible to remove the entire mass of the scar and replace the keloid a thinner, cosmetic acceptable scar. In essence, this is a replacement of one scar to another. But! It is worth remembering that the surgical excision is not solved by the problem of treatment of the scar. After some time, the scar will appear again, but more rude and large.

    Details about treatment

    In no case do not engage in self-medication. If you are injured, it is worth anointing a scar of ointment like «Contracturex» or «Miderma» and urgently go to the doctor. «Folk art» in matters of treatment is unacceptable. Example, a woman who decided to independently get rid of papillom on the neck. Bought in a pharmacy chilli and became used to use it. But what is cleanliness at great concentration? It acts as alkali. The woman received burns, and with them and scars in five kopecks. And just wanted to remove papillomas. So, that today is offered today medicine for the correction of scars?

    Laser grinding

    Laser grinding, laser layer over a layer evaporates rubric cloth. Grinding is carried out by waste control of the depth of processing, quickly, almost bloodlessly. Laser grinding is always combined with other methods of scar correction. Doctors say that for two weeks after laser grinding of patients can be disturbed by small swelling and moderate pain. Patients are advised to take inside drugs for the prevention of infection, reducing edema and pain, skin supply improvement. After healing area of ​​grinding, the treatment will be complemented by other methods of scar correction.

    Peeling fruit acids

    This is a gentle skin rejuvenation procedure, giving a pronounced effect. During the peeling there is an exfoliation of damage skin cells, stimulation of the regeneration processes of its deep layer. Fruit acids gently penetrate into the skin, not traumating it, and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Due to this, skin elasticity increases, relief is equalized, hyperpigmentation decreases, pores are narrowed. High concentrations of anti-acids allow scar tissue. In addition, surface peeling - excellent prevention of aging.

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