How to deal with the Padder in a child


  • What is Potna
  • Treatment of the Paddy

  • What is Potna

    While we did not have heat, I did not know what the passer is. But as soon as the temperature was set in the street in thirty degrees above Zero - my son immediately began to sweat, and a rash appeared on his back.

    No matter how easy it was dressed - the paste did not pass. He I have fidget, and therefore never sitters in place for longer than one minute. This is the movement and led to the fact that the Son swears and, as a result, was covered with a rash.

    However, it was worth the heat to grasp a little - as the passer disappeared by itself. So do not do from this tragedy and panic. It is important to determine the reason for the appearance of such a rash and already on the basis of this to draw conclusions and apply the appropriate measures.

    Potna - the problem of the warm season. Smooth and tender skin of the baby sweats greatly, covered with red dotted rash, which is then turning into watery bubbles with a pinch size. Pepper loves «settle» In folds: In the inguinal, in the elbow bends, behind the ears and on the neck. Kid cries from unpleasant sensations, mother - from helplessness.

    Treatment of the Paddy

    Observe the temperature regime. No need to be afraid to overcoat the kid: freezing, he will start moving to warm up. The room where the newborn is, you need to ventilate, keeping the temperature in it 18-19 degrees.

    Follow the skin. The skin of the kid should be pale pink and cool to the touch. When overheating, the skin is blushing, it becomes hot.

    How to deal with the Padder in a childAlarm symptoms. The fact that the baby regularly overheats, testify pain in the stomach: when losing fluid, intestinal juices of crumbs become dense, and the child begins to pumped. Saliva thick and ceases to perform his protective functions, so the child appears in the mouth (or enhanced) thrush. The crocha is breathing with difficulty, it is difficult for him to suck, he reluctantly takes his breasts.

    Swaddle or not? This question is solved by each mom individually, but «Summer» The kids do not need swabs: so the folding of the body will be closed, and therefore prone to irritation.

    Air baths. With any opportunity, undress the baby. The skin should be breathing! From the birth of air baths should be a duration of 3-5 minutes, at least 10 times a day. From 4 months, the kid walks naked no less than half an hour.

    Swimming, bathing! In the heat is permissible to bathe (but not wash with soap!) newborn up to 4 times a day. In the process of water procedures, let's gradually cool to 27 degrees.

    We fight with your victim. With the pass, immediately refuse tolets, constant wearing «Pampers» and hats (if the Pepper appeared behind the ears). In the bath, add sea salt, decoction of oak bark, pharmaceutical chamomile, lime color, hunter, turn or walnut leaves.

    Erase according to the rules. Sometimes the Pepper and even diallos may arise because Mom has folded the diaper ordinary, not children's powder, badly rinsed them.

    Right diapers. Check regularly to a disposable diaper area of ​​the body did not differ in color from the rest. Do not let the diaper fill «Under the string». On various disposable diapers in children are allergic: the reason for it is not as a product, but in the skin features. If within 2 days the baby on the skin does not arise irritation and redness, it means everything is in order.

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