Treatment of hymorite during pregnancy

In the period of tooling the child from infectious diseases, no one is insured. Often women are in position complain about the incessant runny nose, allocations from the nasal sinuses, accompanied by strong headaches. At first glance, a light cold flows into a serious illness - sinusitis.

Those who at least once in life happened to treat hymorit, know how unpleasant and painful. During the illness, a person is constantly being tormented not only from Rudeness, but also from strong Head pain. It seems that the sinuses of the nose is about to burst. This happens due to the fact that many thick mucus accumulates accumulates - these are purulent. They accumulate in the nasal strokes and the inflammatory process increases. It turns out a closed circle. A person seems to be inside everything hurts, as from a strong injury. If you lower your head down, then pain in the forehead, eye and nose is only enhanced. This is the main sign of the Schimorite. An ordinary person suffer such a test is very difficult, and if the sinusitis developed in a pregnant woman, then it will have to be patient and start fighting the ailment.

What is hymoritis and why he appears

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If you are diagnosed «hymorit» - This means that in the apparent, gaimor or maxillary sinus of the nose (from one or two sides), a strong inflammatory process is developing, accompanied by a pus accumulation.

Schimorite most often happens one-sided, that is - inflammation attacks only one of the sinuses of the nose. Happens and bilateral when both sinuses are inflamed. In addition, the disease can be chronic and sharp. In the first case, the disease flows into a chronic form in the absence of treatment or non-compliance with the schedule of assignments. It can be said that the disease does not retreat for several months (up to six months). The acute form of the disease, as a rule, arises for the first time, the disease occurs hard.

The reasons for the development of unpleasant symptoms may be different. The first is to enter into infections that attack the upper respiratory tract. In addition, pathological processes occurring in the nasopharynx can also provoke the development of a hymorite.

Since frequent causes of hymorite are infections (viruses, staphylococcus, streptococcus, fungi and t. D.), then for a pregnant woman such a state can be very dangerous. Another majority of the development of a hymorite may be infectious disease (ARVI Or Banal ORZ).

It is neither sad, but in the list of reasons that promote the development of a hymorite, the 3rd place occupy the untrepreneted teeth in time. If there are sick teeth in the oral cavity, as well as carious, inflamed almonds, then these factors also directly affect the development and course of the disease.

Rightly, the sinusitis can develop due to the twisted nasal partition, if a person suffers from allergic reactions, with a decrease in immunity, hypothermia, in the nose of foreign objects and Conjunctivitis.

What are the symptoms of this disease?

Pregnancy, sickness of ear throat nose, sinusitis, sinusitis during pregnancy, runny nose, nose

First of all, for the treatment of hymorite during pregnancy, it is necessary to facilitate nasal breathing and remove swelling. To do this, even during pregnancy is allowed to use drugs with a vasoconductive action. Without appointing a doctor to buy drops on a pharmacy. If it is not possible to come to consult, then it is necessary to prepare a solution for washing the nasal cavity. It can be a herbic decoction with the addition of antiseptic drugs («Miramistin») or saline.

If without Antibiotics do not do, then it is very important to find a golden middle. For example, in 1 trimester of pregnancy, the reception of antibiotics is prohibited (in order to avoid anomalies for the development of the internal bodies of the baby), so the only path of treatment is puncture.

Puncture is a puncture of the neck of the sinus (nose), with the aim of removing and outflow in a pus from a gaimore sinus. Be sure after pumping in pus, an antiseptic is introduced into the cavity. Already after the first procedure, the patient will become easier, the temperature gradually decreases, headaches are also gradually passing.

If the disease has not begun to progress and there is a chance to avoid taking antibiotics and puncture, during pregnancy is allowed to take medicinal plant preparations. It helps to cope with the inflammatory process «Sinupret». The composition includes plants extracts that help to remove inflammation and strengthen local immunity.

Take medicine you need three times a day for 2 tablets, immediately drinking water. Course treatment - from 1 to 2 weeks. The drug is safe for pregnant women, but it is necessary to take it on the appointment of a doctor.

Washing the hymorovy sinuses or «cuckoo» well helps to remove inflammation and wash the pussy. The procedure is absolutely painless and even a little funny. Lying on the couch to a woman in the nose is introduced a tip, according to which an antiseptic solution of the nasal cavity comes from the reservoir. At this moment you need to talk «ku», To poured the liquid into one nostril, sucking through the adjacent special device. There is a lot of fluid with mucus and pus.

To create a negative pressure and prevent liquid (antiseptics) ingest (throat, lungs), you must constantly vote «ku» without stop until the medicine and sinuses will not be washed. To fully cure a sinusitis, you will need to undergo a course of 10-15 procedures (1 or 2 times a day).

People's methods for the treatment of hymorite

Pregnancy, sickness of ear throat nose, sinusitis, sinusitis during pregnancy, runny nose, nose

When the diagnosis has not yet been confirmed or there is no possibility to proceed with treatment, start the struggle with the alaugh of folk remedies:

  1. If you often sick with colds and have already treated a sinusitis, it is necessary to start treatment at once when. Here is a simple, but effective method: take 1 st. L. crushed richness and pour 100 g of warm olive oil. The mixture must be left in a warm place for 21 days. Every day you need to take a medicine. When it goes 3 weeks, the grass is squeezing well, and the medicine obtained is injected into the nose (3 drops on the first day, then 1 drop 4 times a day). Course of treatment Maximum week to exclude the addiction of the body.
  2. Spacemus of propolis on alcohol: 1 h. L., Floral honey - half of the teaspoon and 75 g of fresh carrot juice. All components mix, honey should be liquid. Soak cotton disks with medicine and insert into nasal moves. Keep 15 minutes.
  3. 3 st. L. onion juice need to fill 50 g of warm water (only boiled!), add half a teaspoon of liquid honey. Mix the components, leave for 30 minutes, then filter and bury 2-3 drops to 5 times a day;
  4. Fresh beet juice also helps in fighting hymorite. It is necessary to squeeze the juice from fresh beets, make a tampon from cotton, soak it with beet juice and insert into each nostril. The duration of the procedure is 10 minutes;
  5. After any procedure, it is necessary to clean my nose from mucus and pus. You can rinse your nose with yourself warm herbal infusion (mother-and-stepmother, cleanliness, calendula, chamomile, a series). Take 10 g of raw materials (any to choose from) and 1 glass of boiling water;
  6. And here's another simple way to get rid of sinusitis: you need to take a bay leaf (in crushed form 30 g), pour vegetative oil (1 cup), mix and put in a closet or other dark place for 14 days. Every day the bank needs to open and mix the contents. After 2 weeks the medicine needs to be strain, bury in every nostril three times a day. After 7 days, we change the tactics of treatment: drip drops based on vegetable oil and pile kidneys (1 part of the kidneys, 10 parts of the oil, insist for 3 weeks). Such homemade drops will help to remove the swelling and inflammation.

Regardless of the severity of the disease, it is necessary to increase the resistance of the body: more walk in the fresh air, pour, take a branch of rosehip and avoid places of large cluster of people. And if you have gotten a tooth, it is better not to postpone the visit to the dentist for later (after childbirth), but to cure it immediately to stop the spread of infection. Kid need a healthy mom. Good luck to you!

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