Folk medicine against the smell rot from mouth


The role of smells in our life is difficult to overestimate. Many sympathies and antipathy arise under the influence of the smell, although often we do not even think about it. The smell of the mouth can spoil a person's life: he will not be hired to work, they will not want to continue to get acquainted, colleagues when conversation will try to turn away or move away away...

Folk remedies against smell from mouth

Folk medicine against smell of mouthThe most affordable from home remedies against bad smell - raw apples. Eat them more often. Well refresh mouth rinse with fresh dill. Garlic or onion spirit will disappear, if these odorous vegetables get the root of parsley or celery. Eliminates the smell rot from mouth freshly sauced tight tea, including after wine, garlic and bow. In case of diseases of the oral mucosa in folk medicine, rinsing with influences and decoctions of medicinal herbs.

They, along with anti-inflammatory action, have a good deodorizing effect. Use chamomile, sage, forest strawberry leaves, calendula, trousers, mint for these purposes. Typically, the grass (separately or in a mixture of several types) is brewed at the calculation of the tablespoon on a glass of boiling water, insist, press. Half of the warm infusion is enough for one rinse. It is better to do it after eating and after you are toothpick, and then a toothbrush with pasta or powder removed all the remains of food.

At least after breakfast and dinner repeat these procedures regularly. If at the lunchtime at work it is impossible to do so thoroughly and teeth, make sure at least fresh tea and give them mouth. For washing almonds so that purulent plugs do not delay them, very effective in the infusion of bitter wormwood. One teaspoon of crushed dry wormwood makes two glasses of boiling water, insist 15-20 minutes, strain. Wechit the throat several times a day.

The same goals are the decoction of oak bark. It has a powerful anti-shirt action. Gastrointestinal diseases are often accompanied by excessive gas formation in the intestine - meteorism. It even more enhances the unpleasant odor, the smell of rotting from mouth, . «Pacify» The same herbs will help the fermentation processes. Only they need to take inside as the wind turbines. Relief of the specific smell of mouth peroxide also known people's way.

Known by this property dill, parsley, cumin, anise, peppermint, Melissa, sage. You need to take 3/4 glasses of warm infusion, for example, mint, rinse several times the mouth, and drink residues. If the bad smell is associated with digestion, the activated carbon intake (carboral) is useful - 1 tablet 3 times a day after meals.

Hygiene primarily

Well, of course, the breathing directly depends on how neatly and carefully you are doing ordinary hygienic procedures.

Alas, not for everyone else has become a rule: for a few minutes in all directions, an elastic brush with pasta in the morning and in the evening brushing your teeth, and after each meal rinse the mouth with warm water. Choose toothpastes that contain fluorine, calcium (it will strengthen the dental enamel), extracts of medicinal herbs, relieving the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity and eliminate all unpleasant odors.

Elixirs with deodorizing substances especially well refresh mouth during the day. 10-20 drops on half a cup of warm water - and for a couple of hours you are provided with fresh breath. If after eaten by the hut sandwich or candy you do not have the opportunity to rinse your mouth, have chewing gum in stock.

However, if with all your efforts and the use of traditional medicine, the unpleasant smell of rot, rotting from the mouth continues to disturb you, and even more so if there is a smell of bile from the mouth do not postpone your visit to the gastroenterologist.

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