How to quickly remove the toothpache


  • How to remove dental pain at home
  • Funds of traditional medicine
  • Non-traditional methods of getting rid of dental pain

  • How to remove dental pain at home

    So, consider the easiest option. Toothpick found you at home or
    near Civilization foci. If this happened while eating – then
    Stop taking food, clean the tooth from the residues (if in it
    stuck pieces of food, then need to get them). The next step should
    Become a taking anesthetic tablet (ibuprofen, analgin, aspirin).

    If there is no painkillers, to remove the toothbrope
    MyMedinform advises a cotton swab attached to the teeth, moistened
    Valokordin. In addition, if you are at home, it will be possible
    rinse your teeth with soda solution (you can add a little to it
    iodine).How to quickly remove the toothpache

    To remove the dental pain you can apply and freezing. If absent
    Special preparations for freezing, just attach ice cube to
    sick tooth. Temporary effect it will give.
    But if an anesthetic or pharmacy does not turn out to be near, the situation is slowly becoming complicated.

    Funds of traditional medicine

    If you are away from home, for example, we left for the weekend to the country, then the means of traditional medicine will come to the rescue.

    Make a chalf decoction and rinse your mouth. Tablespoon
    Herbs pour a glass of boiled water, and then boil 10 minutes and
    give a little cool and breed. Try to keep as long as possible
    decoction near the patient. Decoction should be warm. After
    He will cool – It should be changed. Rinse mouth need from 3 to 5 times
    half an hour.

    Root of plantain.
    To remove the toothbrick, put in the ear, with
    The sides of which is a patient tooth, the root of the plantain. Necessary
    The effect is achieved in about half an hour after use.

    Well copes with dental pain Infusion of Ochinitsa. Prepare infusion in relation to one to ten. Used rinse.

    In addition, to remove the dental traditional medicine offers to use propolis.
    Take a small piece of this substance and apply it to the patient
    teuba. Substances contained in propolis are used to treat
    many diseases will help them and in the case of teeth.

    Also for removing the toothbrope, you can use a mixture of salt, garlic and
    Luke. Prepare garlic-onion cassea, add salt to it, after
    What all this is pretty mixed. All ingredients take equal
    quantities. At the bottom of the tooth cavity, put this mixture and cover

    In folk medicine there is a method that allows to get rid of dental pain and
    only with one garlic. For this wrist, in that place,
    where they usually prove the pulse, you need to grasp garlic. And then climb
    slicing or crushed garlic to the same place – the main thing that
    garlic juice hit the skin. Garlic is pregnant to the wrist right
    hands if the sick tooth is in the left part of the mouth, and vice versa.

    Non-traditional methods of getting rid of dental pain

    In addition to household and folk remedies, there are so-called non-traditional methods of getting rid of dental pain.

    Massage hands. Take the ice cube. Massify the hand located
    On the opposite side of the sick tooth, in the area of ​​intersection
    Bones of big and index fingers. Missulate with effort
    This place is uniform circular movements. For dental pain
    It should be enough 5-7 minutes of massage. How to quickly remove the toothpache

    Massage of ear shell. Take the way the top edge of that ear, from which the tooth hurts. Ear massage should also take you up to 7 minutes, while massaging you can both the top edge and the uha.

    Emotional suffocation. Crying a good painkiller action. How it is
    call – Decide for yourself. You can cut onions, for example. Scientists in their
    studies found out that crying reduces the pressure in the sweets, a little
    dull pain.

    Distraction from pain. Opposite emotions will also benefit in pain
    sensations in the teeth. Look a good comedy, read the jokes –
    The main thing is prey to laugh. This will switch the receptors with laughter pain.

    Do some things to deal with your head. There is
    anything interesting for you? It's time to do this. Distract
    All 100, so you can wait for the discovery
    Dental Cabinet either pharmacy (although the first is better).
    And you can just press. Many scientists talk about the great effectiveness of this method for removing the toothbrope. True, it will face a little slower than a pill painkillers, but if there are no pills…

    Here, probably, all the tips on this problem I wanted to add
    in this article. I sincerely hoped that the dental pain of you is not
    will scatter in the most inappropriate moments. Take care of your
    health and it will not let you down!

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