What is really expensive!


What is really expensive!Initially
The clinic was called «Professor's dental clinic», And they are
obligated to its founders. The origins of the creation of the clinic stood a leading dentist
Russia, professor, laureate of the State Prize Valery Konstantinovich
Leontiev and the main dentist of Israel, Professor Izik Hen. In 2011 to
The name of the clinic added a consipient «First».

14 years of work in «First Professorian Dental Clinic» appeared their own
Traditions: it's warm
Friendly relationships inside the team, and the ability to appreciate each patient, and an integrated approach — Each doctor has
narrow specialization, but, independently
from the direction of their activities, thinks and acts on a step forward,
making up a forecast that helps prevent the development of pathologies. In July
2012 B «First Professorian Dental Clinic» Appeared new
Chief doctor — Svyatoslav Pavlovich Sysolatin.

What is really expensive!

The result is daily
Labor staff clinic — more than 14,000 grateful patients, most of
which came on the recommendation. Visit «First professorship...» the whole family — not uncommon, culture of treatment is transmitted as
Good tradition — from generation to generation. 85% of the primary appeals to the clinic — by recommendation.

Use of modern methods
and proven technologies guarantees high quality treatment: eight years ago
«First Professor's Dental Clinic» One of the first in Russia introduced
In his practice, a microscope with which channel treatment is carried out,
implantation and many other manipulations, as well as in the clinic apply
Binocular magnificent loupes, with the help of professional hygiene
oral cavity, whitening lamp zoom, laser installation, alignment system
teeth «Invizyline», Linguing braces «Incognita».

The word doctors

What is really expensive!

rapidly develops, and all the doctors of the clinic are developing with it,
Improve your knowledge and skills, successfully engaged in teaching
activities, interact with foreign dentistry leaders, act
at international conferences and forums, such as an international symposium «Quintessence», Eastern European Implantology Conference, I International Symposium Nobel Biocare, VIII Congress
Dentists CIS.

Dentistry for doctors
Clinic — not just a profession, but a favorite thing in which nowhere without
patience, attention, humanity and professionalism.

Total joy and satisfaction that makes me work, — speaks
Christina Stryapin's therapist. — Work keeps in a tone, never happens
Routine and boring. Each patient — special, every clinical case is not
Looks like the previous one. Experience, error analysis, new knowledge — All this allows
Today it is better to work than yesterday, and tomorrow — better than today».

«You ask me — What does it mean for me
clinic? — Commented on the therapist Mikhail Sorkin. — I confess that for me it
no longer just work, rather part of life. This is a complete dedication and
Satisfaction from what everything turns out, happy smiles of patients, a circle
Responsive, always ready to come to the rescue colleagues, the atmosphere of friendliness and
mutual understanding».

What is really expensive!

«I love my profession very much, our team, — Supports
Colleagues Dental hygienist Marina Smirnova. — There is everything in the clinic for
Qualitative work: good atmosphere, a coordinated team required
equipment. And what satisfaction gives the patient's smile, because
Professional hygiene and a clear execution by the patient's recommendations for
Individual care for the oral cavity, often not only retain snow-white
and healthy teeth, but also avoids surgery.
Believe people's health — it costs a lot».

by the way...

  • In 2005, by the decision of the socio-expert
    Council reviews «The best in Russia» and «Best in Moscow» «Professors
    dental clinic» was
    awarded a diploma «For active participation in the formation of civilized
    consumer market of Russia».
  • Most popular procedures in «First
    Professors»: Professional oral hygiene, teeth implantation,
    Channel treatment under a microscope.
  • The age of the smallest patient — 1 year.

Only facts!

IN «First professorship
Dental clinic
» Professional oral hygiene is held with
using binocular lups that increase the working surface at 3.5

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