Acute appendicitis


  • Symptoms of appendicitis
  • What to do?
  • Treatment of appendicitis
  • Postoperative period

  • Symptoms of appendicitis

    Acute appendicitis
    The most important symptom of appendicitis is suddenly
    arising stupid pain without clear localization in the upper half of the abdomen
    or navel area. After some time (on average, from 1 to 12 hours)
    The pain goes on the right side of the abdomen, at the bottom (iliac
    region). The fact that the pain passed on the right side says that
    Inflammation captured all the layers of the wall of a heart-shaped process. A place
    pain not everyone is equally. It depends on the location of the process. Pain
    can be localized in the right iliac region, in the right hypochondrium,
    on the side surface of the abdomen or in the lumbar region, or above the pubic.

    characteristic of appendicitis symptom – nausea. Especially bright
    manifests itself at the very beginning of the disease, sometimes reaches vomiting. Chair
    usually not broken, but in rare cases there is a liquid.

    Another characteristic symptom – wet language,
    Potted White Rock. The patient is difficult to move or sneeze, coughing
    – With any sharp movement, pain is enhanced. As a rule, pain
    enhanced with the position of the patient on the left side. Body temperature
    Usually increased (subfebrile).

    What to do?

    If such symptoms occur - you need to immediately
    call a doctor. Since only the doctor can determine what
    The cause occurs such changes in the body. To
    Put an accurate diagnosis – Acute appendicitis in service doctors
    There is a lot of ways. In particular, tacking (palpation) by
    Various methods – At appendicitis, they are pronounced. But, nevertheless
    less, this disease can be confused with others, for example, with
    pyelitis, renal columan, ectopic pregnancy, sharp
    cholecystitis and other. And only the doctor will be able to determine whether appendicitis is on

    In no case before the doctor's arrival does not take
    Package preparations (analgesics). It's just echoing the main
    The symptoms and the doctor will be difficult to diagnose, therefore,
    Help can be incorrect (but this happens rarely). But
    Female outcomes (death) with appendicitis are often connected with the reception

    Treatment of appendicitis

    Only operational. In any case are carried out
    Surgical operation, even if there is a reasonable suspicion on
    appendicitis. Operation is carried out under anesthesia.

    Postoperative period

    After surgery, the patient is in the hospital under the supervision of doctors. The diet is as follows:

    • 2 hours after surgery to clean the lips, the oral cavity with swab moistened with boiled or mineral water.
    • 4-6 hours rinse with a decoction of sage or chamomile.
    • After 24 hours (according to the testimony of the doctor) you can drink mineral water without
      Gas or decoction of rosehip without sugar. No more than 1 liter in the knock.
    • 36-48 hours also mineral water without gas, sweets without
      Sugar from dried fruits, fastenless savory tea, low fat kefir.
    • On the third day, the eggs are allowed, the steam omelet, chicken
      Broth, liquid porridge, sweets, natural juices, White bread crumbs,
      Creamy oil, kefir.

    Further diet of the patient will tell the doctor. At
    acute appendicitis forecast usually favorable. The main thing is in time
    seek help to a doctor.

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