Brain concussion


  • Manifestations of brain concussion
  • Brain concussion diagnostics
  • Treatment of concussion brain
  • Forecast when concussing the brain

  • The concussion of the brain in the frequency of occurrence occupies the first place in the structure of cranmato-brain injury.

    concussion of the brain in the population are like road traffic
    Accidents and household, production and sports injury;
    Criminal circumstances play a significant role.

    Manifestations of brain concussion

    After concussion, there may be one-time vomiting, some
    Breeding, cheating or slowing the pulse, but these indicators
    Soon normalize. Blood pressure quickly returns to
    The limits of the norm, however, in some cases, it may more resist to increase; This
    due not only to the most injury, but also accompanying it
    Stress factors. Body temperature when concussing the brain remains

    According to the restoration of consciousness, the complaints are typical
    Headache, dizziness, weakness, noise in the ears, tides blood to
    face, sweating, feeling of discomfort and sleep disorder. Pains are marked
    when moving the eye, the discrepancy of the eyeballs while trying to read.

    Brain concussion
    concussion cerebral general condition of victims usually fast
    Improves in the first, less often - second week after concussion

    It should, however, take into account that headaches
    And other subjective symptoms by shaking can hold on and
    significantly longer for different reasons.

    Picture of concussion
    The brain is largely determined by age factors. In children
    breast and early age concussion of the brain often flows without
    Disorders of consciousness . At the time of injury - a sharp pallor of the skin
    (first of all persons), rapid heartbeat, then lethargy, drowsiness.
    There are burdens when feeding, vomiting, anxiety is noted,
    Sleep disorders. All manifestations pass in 2-3 days.

    Children of the younger (preschool) age brain concussion can flow
    Without loss of consciousness. General condition improves for 2-3 days.

    the elderly and old people are primary loss of consciousness by concussion
    brain is observed much less frequently than in young and middle age.
    However, severe disorientation in place and
    of time.

    Headaches are often a pulsating character,
    Localizing in the occipital region; they last from 3 to 7 days, differing
    Significant intensity in persons suffering from hypertension.
    Parts dizziness.

    Brain concussion diagnostics

    The diagnosis of brain shake is especially important to take into account the circumstances
    Injuries and witness information. Two roles can play
    Tracks injury on the head and factors such as alcoholic intoxication,
    Psychological state of the victim and t.NS.

    concussion brain can indirectly promote various
    Functional research (electroencephalography, ophthalmoscopy,
    Ultrasonic intracranial doppler and other.). Most
    informative is toolate research (preferably with
    using electric power meters, audiometry, electronistagmography).

    When concussing fractures there are no bones of the skull. Pressure I
    The composition of the cerebrospinal fluid without deviations. M-echo is not shifted.
    Computer tomography in patients with a shake does not detect
    traumatic abnormalities in the state of the brain substance (gray density
    and white substance remains within the normal range - respectively, 33-45 and
    29-36 H) and liquor-containing intracranial spaces. Data
    magnetic resonance tomography when concussing the brain also do not detect
    any lesion.

    Treatment of concussion brain

    Help the victim with a concussion, if he quickly came to
    consciousness (which usually takes place when concussing the brain) is
    giving him a comfortable horizontal position with a slightly raised

    If the brain concussion continues to be
    unconscious, preferable so-called
    Saving position - on the right side, head trapped, face
    turned to the ground, the left hand and leg bent at right angles in
    Locks and knee joints (it is predefined to eliminate fractures
    limbs and spine). This position, providing free
    Passage of air into light and latchless leakage of fluid from
    mouth outward, prevents breaking disruption due to the spare,
    Flooding in the respiratory tract of saliva, blood, vomit. If on the head
    There are bleeding wounds, impose a dressing.

    victims of brain concussion, even if it is from the very beginning
    It seems easy, subject to transportation to the duty hospital,
    where the primary diagnosis is specified.

    Brain concussion
    Victims with concussion
    the brain is set to bed per 1-3 days, which then, with
    accounting for the features of the course of the disease, gradually expand on
    2-5 days, and then, in the absence of complications, it is possible
    Extract from the hospital for outpatient treatment (duration up to 2

    Medical treatment when concussing the brain
    directed mainly on the normalization of the functional state
    brain, headache removal, dizziness, anxiety,
    insomnia and other complaints. Usually the spectrum of appointed during admission
    drugs include painkillers, soothing and sleeping pills,
    mainly in the form of tablets, and if necessary in injections.
    Among painkillers (Analgin, Pentalgin, Baratgin, Sedalgin, Maksigan
    and etc.) Pick the most efficient drug in this patient.
    In a similar way come with dizziness, choosing something one
    from available medicines (Belloid, Bellaspon, Platifillin with
    Papaverin, Tanakan, Microer and T.NS.). As soothing
    Using Valerian, mother-in-law, Corvalol, Valokordin, and also
    Tranquilizers (Elnyium, Sibazaz, Penazepam, Noshepam, Rudotel, etc.).
    To eliminate insomnia for the night, phenobarbital or relators are prescribed.

    Conducting coursework and metabolic therapy for more
    Quick and complete restoration of brain function disorders.
    Preferably combination of vascular (Cavinton, stamp, Sermion,
    Theronicic and other.) and nootropic (nootropyl, encephol, aminolone, peyonalon
    and etc.) Preparators. As options for possible combinations can be
    The daily three-time reception of Cavinton 1 tab. (5 mg) and
    Nootropyl 2 caps. (0.8) or Starbonon 1 tab. (25 mg) and
    Encephabole 1 tab. (0,1) for 1-2 months.

    overcoming frequent asthenic phenomena after concussion
    Appoint: Pantogam 0.5 3 times a day, kogitum 20 ml 1 time in
    Day, vasographed 2 ml 2 times a day, polyvitamins -Polimineers of the Yunicip-T type, center, Vitrum and T.NS. 1 tab. 1 per day. From
    Toning preparations use ginseng root, extract
    Eleutherococcus, Fruits of lemongrass, Saparal, Pantokrin.

    In persons
    elderly and senile age who have undergone brain concussion, strengthen
    Anticerotic therapy. Also pay attention to the treatment of various
    concomitant diseases.

    To prevent possible
    Deviations in the safe congestion of the brain concussion
    Requires a dispensary observation throughout the year at the neurologist
    Places of residence.

    Forecast when concussing the brain

    adequate compliance with the regime and the absence of aggressive injury
    circumstances ends with the recovery of victims with full
    Restoration of ability to work. A number of patients under the alignment of acute
    The brain concussion period is noted weakening the concentration,
    memory, depression, irritability, anxiety, dizziness, head
    pain, insomnia, fatigue, increased sensitivity to sounds and
    Light. After 3-12 months after the brain concussion, these signs disappear
    Or substantially smoothed. However, 3% of patients after concussion
    Brain arises reasonable disability of victims.

    Failure to comply with the recommended treatment regimen and behavior. It may
    lead to the elongation of the recovery period and the occurrence of various
    Consequences: Asthenic Syndrome, Vegeth Vascular Dystonia,
    insomnia and other violations. When abusing alcohol possible
    Development of epileptic seizures.

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