Types of face aging and effective ways to combat skin fading


Types of face aging and effective ways to combat skin fadingYou probably noticed that the woman is equally pretty in the youth of youth in different ways: one person is covered with small wrinkles, but it retains a clear contour, and in the other, as if the dough, floats down, but remains smooth. It turns out, aging face — The process is individual and depends on the type of skin, the thickness of the subcutaneous fatty fiber and the severity of the muscular layer.

Cosmetologists distinguish 4 types of face aging:

  • «tired»,
  • Small dusty,
  • deformation,
  • muscular.

Let's figure out what features are inherent in these basic types of aging, and which anti-land — Procedures will be effective in each case.

«Tired» Type of aging face

Changes inherent in this type of facial fading are also called initial signs of aging. In the morning, after sleeping face looks resting and fresh, smooth and taut. In the evening, the skin of the skin decreases, signs of fatigue, circles and bags under the eyes appear, the upper eyelids hang, the nose-cutting groove is deepened, the corners of the lips are lowered and the nasolabial folds become fixed. The face acquires the tired look, but his oval remains clear.

Such aging are subject to women with an oval or diamond-shaped face, a normal or thin physique. The skin of a normal type in youth with age becomes dry and sensitive, acquires a grayish tint and requires reinforced care.

What to do? Since tissue wadering is accompanied by a decrease in muscle tone, lymphotock impairment and bleeding deterioration, to slow the aging of the skin of the face will help cosmetology procedures aimed at improving microcirculation and lymphenage. Toning cream, masks, serums, tonic, classic handmade massage, darsonvalization, microcracks and other hardware procedures, useful injections of hyaluronic acid vitamin cocktails.

«Small dusty» Type of aging

Aging of the skin of the face: how to extend the youth?This type of fading of the skin of the face is peculiar to women with dry thin skin, underdeveloped subcutaneous fatty tissue and muscle. In such women, you will not see chubby cheeks and seductive lips, as a rule, it is a clawed face with small features, a pronounced chin, a clearly defined nose, thin lips and meager facial expressions, which are found among Europeans. Usually at the age of 20 years, the ladies look older than their peers, but with age won in appearance.

Small-degrady type of aging face peculiar «Drying» Skin, reducing its turgora and the appearance of fine mesh small wrinkles-web. The main witnesses of Old Time — goose paws in the corners of the eyes, horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, thin battered nasolabious wrinkles, vertical wrinkles over the upper lip with a clear oval of the face and the lack of a second chin.

With a small-mastering type of aging to the forefront, dehydration of the skin, weakening its collagen frame and reduce the tone of the muscles. Such skin must be protected from wind, frost and ultraviolet, intensively moisturize, nourish and tone. From the intensive cosmetology procedures, the most suitable injections of botulinum and vitamin cocktails will be the most suitable, as well as manual massage and hardware procedures, activating blood circulation and metabolic processes.

«Deformation» Type of aging face

For such a type, the faces of obese women, holders of round people with large features, full lips and cheeks. The skin has a pronounced subcutaneous fat layer, which, losing the durable collagen frame with age, floats down. Heavy high eyelids hang, cheeks are lowered and outlined deep nasolabial furrows. The corners of the lips are drawn so-called «Wrinkles of comedians». The contours of the face become fuzzy, shape and second chin appear. This type of aging is characteristic of women of Slavic appearance.

Since in the deformation type of aging fabric fabrics are lowered, a radical method of eliminating defects will be lifting. First, fairly facebilding, massage, toning and modeling procedures, later have to resort to the injections of botulinum toxin and philleram, further to the means of plastic surgery.

«Muscular» Type of aging

This type of aging facial is more commonly found among representatives of the Asian race, residents of China, Japan and the Far East. For such persons, a powerful muscular layer is characterized, a pronounced bright facial expression, already in his youth, mimic wrinkles are written on them. The skin is elastic, does not shifted with age and does not go down, the person does not age for a long time, but then, literally for the year or two, the muscles weaken, blame, wrinkles become deep and rude. Face «Whitewher», The features are exacerbated, on the forehead, in the interburs, in the corners of the eyes and lips, in the area of ​​the nasolabial triangle appear deep races, but there are no small wrinkles, there are no files.

From cosmetology procedures, those that are aimed at strengthening collagen — Elastin Skin Frame, Stimulation and Maintenance of Person Muscle Ton. To combat wrinkles, botulinums and fillers are used, and in pronounced changes, the face surgical suspender is resorted to.

No matter how sad think about aging, you need to know about it. After all, timely procedures are able to slow down the processes of fading, keep youth and beauty for many years.

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