High cholesterol


High cholesterol
Elevated blood cholesterol is generally
the result of physical inactivity, poor nutrition and bad habits. Him
an increased level is able to provoke a number of dangerous diseases. at
detected abnormalities should follow a healthy way
life and diet. If necessary, the physician can prescribe drugs
contributing to its normalization.

High cholesterol in the blood - is a signal of trouble
in organism. Cholesterol is a constituent part of the blood and performs a number of important
functions. But if it takes place the quantitative and qualitative departure from
standards, there is a serious danger to the body.

Blood Cholesterol

What is cholesterol

Cholesterol - a fat-like substance, which is part of
any cellular membranes. About 80% of the total amount of synthesized
liver and the remainder comes from food. Normal cholesterol levels
important for the stable functioning of many body systems.

Normal cholesterol levels

The normal serum cholesterol
Blood about 5.0 mmol / L; for people suffering from diabetes mellitus and
heart disease, is considered to be the norm value of 4.5 mmol / L. Besides
quantitative indicators, it is important to the quality of cholesterol, which is determined by
the ratio of its fractions: LDL, HDL and triglycerides. In a healthy human LDL
(Atherogenic cholesterol) should not exceed 100-130 mg / dL.

Why the need for cholesterol

In addition to participating in the formation of cell membranes, cholesterol
It performs several important functions in the body:

  • cell membrane provides strength,
    directly affect the survival of cells;
  • by activating the relevant membrane
    enzymes regulate the permeability of cell membranes to different substances;
  • It is involved in metabolic processes;
  • It is one of the main components of sex
  • included in the membranes of nerve fibers;
  • involved in the formation of vitamin D, processes
    bile and fatty acid synthesis in the liver;
  • It protects red blood cells (red blood
    cells) from the negative effects of hemolytic toxins;
  • normalizes the functioning of serotonin
    receptors responsible for the formation of a sense of fun.

Elevated cholesterol

High cholesterol
The most common reason for the increase in blood cholesterol levels - the wrong lifestyle, lack of exercise and eating large amounts of fat
calorie animal foods, resulting in a set of
overweight. The situation may be complicated by chronic stress and harmful
habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption.

The risk of increasing the level of cholesterol increases when
hereditary predisposition, if among close relatives have
CHD, hypertension and atherosclerosis. With age
increasing the risk of cholesterol increases: men on average
age, women - after menopause. The pathology is common among patients
older than 50 years.

What is the risk of high cholesterol

Elevated blood cholesterol levels can trigger
a number of abnormalities of the coronary arteries (the arteries supplying the heart).
It increases the likelihood of developing atherosclerosis, angina, coronary
heart disease, myocardial infarction and stroke. He is also
a risk factor for hypertension, occlusive diseases
and thrombophlebitis of the lower extremities.

By itself, the high cholesterol does not occur
in any way; the release of its meaning beyond the norm, the patient is usually already know
after the development of one of the complications. angina pectoris, coronary heart disease and other indirect sign
increase can be a pain in the heart, memory impairment, pain in the legs after
exercise or walking ksaltom appearance - skin Fat
yellowish. However, these symptoms are not specific, and does not always indicate
high cholesterol.

How to normalize

First of all, you need to revise your diet and
reduce its calorie content. You want to limit the number of its menu
salt, fat meat, liver, butter and other products
of animal origin, containing large amounts of fat. Refuse
It should also be on the sweet pastry, acute and smoked foods. ration
should be enriched in fiber, retarding the absorption of cholesterol from food,
which is found in vegetables, fruits, beans and cereals.

If there are bad habits - smoking and abuse
alcohol, it should be discarded, as desired to increase the physical them
activity. After 45-50 years of age should undergo regular examinations and general
monitor the level of blood cholesterol. The expediency of the use of drugs,
lowering cholesterol, determined by the physician. The most effective
considered drugs of statins, but they have a number of contraindications, so
their use can only be prescribed by a doctor.

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