Living with "The Tsar's disease"


    Living with "The Tsar's disease"Hemophiliac... On the one hand a person suffers from incurable disease, and on the other, - whether the disease is incurable, and there is generally a disease? It seems to me that the haemophiliac patients considered serious. Take me for example. I'm almost 24 years old and I do not feel sick. Someone suffering from allergies, someone is predisposed to acute respiratory infections. I possess from birth healthy body (if not impossible) to its individual feature: when hit by a stressful situation I'm having bleeding on the principle "where the thin, there and tear."

    From early childhood, I have heard from all sides thatI can not be one or the other, either the fifth or the tenth, and then God forbid, something happens. I understand the fear of parents for their children's lives, but it can not restrict the child, you can not put a patient die and feeble for life. After all, this is then very difficult to get rid of. The child must be dreaming, enjoy and live, but life is movement, movement and again movement. We have to learn to fight, to be then not a passive observer, but to be the creator of your destiny!

    I, I feel lucky. I was not yet 16 years old when I heard that one of our fellow-hemophiliacs in the United States is engaged in bodybuilding. And I also started practicing. Of course, my studies could not be called in bodybuilding in the conventional sense, but I really built yourself. Root had a very light gantelek (500 grams), and the most simple exercises. So, gradually, year after year, I have taught my body to move, and taught to operate, understand and feel. And for eight years, I continue to do, and are constantly working on myself. Of course, not all always smooth, there are failures and mistakes.

    I did not either, "bullies" or athlete. I'm just a tough guy in good physical shape, who understands that we are not a terror movement and physical activity, and the fear of them. I want to say how much you believe in yourself, so you feel.

    So every day I start with a cold shower. And be sure to find during the day only 30 minutes to do my complex, and it is the most simple exercises: pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, abdominal exercises and work with expanders. You may ask, "What gives?". I answer: "Yes, sometimes lazy, often painful, but when I do, I feel that I live, I feel confident in their abilities. I have become less complex, and I realized that I could very much ".. And so, I'm worth the 30 minutes a day spent on the exercise.

    Of course, this does not solve all the problems: neither personal nor the material, does not eliminate the lack of antihemophilic preparatoy (I have hemophilia B, and our plasma helps me a little). But nevertheless I live, dream and believe in himself and in his star.

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