Children snoring


  • If children snore ...

  • If children snore ...

    Children, like adults, as well snore during sleep, and itinconvenience not only "students", but also to small snorers. According to statistics, about 5% of children snore during sleep (aged 1 to 7 years).

    Children snoring
    Snoring is not always dangerous. Everyone, regardless of age, sometimes snoring in his sleep. Experts distinguish between "normal" and "abnormal" snoring.

    Worry should if snoring is loud and disturbs sleep a child, he often wakes up, bad breath and nose during the day, if the snoring is accompanied by intermittent breath holding.

    The most common cause of snoring children are enlarged adenoids, rhinitis acute or chronic.

    Less common curvature of the nasal septum, and anomalies in the structure of the facial bones, soft and hard palate.

    Currently, diagnosis of the causes of snoring nasal endoscopy is used. This method is informative and practically painless.

    examination often reveals no acute pathology andoperative treatment is not required, however, if the doctor insists on operation, it is necessary to listen to his opinion, and in parallel to be examined by other experts.

    However, before you decide on radical measures should be applied a few simple ways to help in the fight against snoring:

    • maintain normal moisture in the bedroom. Dry air (especially in the autumn - winter period) causes the formation of dry "scabs" in the nose, which interfere with nasal breathing and cause snoring. It helps wet cleaning at night, humidifiers and drops in the nose "akvamaris" or "Salin".
    • choose a comfortable pillow. Too high pillow can provoke snoring, because It causes the inflection of the neck. Try to use a flat pillow height of no more than 3-6 cm., Which can sew from syntepon themselves.
    • Use vasoconstrictor nose drops. This method can be used if a child's snoring is caused by acute nasal congestion. Use these tools consistently and without the advice of a doctor should not be, because it can lead to even more disastrous consequences. A good example of vasoconstrictors is "Vibrocil" "Tizin" "Otrivin".
    All of the above methods help get rid of snoring only in the case if the child does not suffer acute pathology, and will not replace the treatment prescribed by your doctor.

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