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  • What is a runny nose
  • Treatment of the common cold
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  • What are the folk remedies for the common cold

  • Runny nose, seemingly such a simple disease, and how much
    it gives us trouble ... My head hurts, do not do anything
    it would be desirable, and in the nose - a revolution. And such trouble could
    fall on us at any time of the year. Runny nose - a viral disease,
    become infected or not, it depends on your immune system. A strong immune system
    able to overcome the infection and the common cold is not. And a person with
    immunocompromised not enough "margin of safety" and the long 7 days
    nose turn into a "fire hose".

    What is a runny nose

    Rhinitis - a local cold, in which the mucous membranes of the nose
    inflamed, edema. Sharply increased mucus production, mucus
    It covers the nasal passages, and we begin to breathe through the mouth. In the same time,
    the increased volume of mucus helps cleanse the body
    of toxins. Therefore, a runny nose is also a positive side:
    blowing his nose, we clear the sinuses from accumulating there

    And whether it is necessary to treat a runny nose? It seems to be no need to spend money on
    treatment of the common cold - he will be held a week later. But this is not always the case.
    If the immune system is weakened, runny nose may become chronic and
    then from it will be almost impossible to get rid of. Also, when
    rhinitis inflammation can spread to the maxillary sinuses (sinusitis)
    in the frontal sinuses or middle ear. And this is a much more serious

    Treatment of the common cold

    Treatment of the common cold
    just to cure a runny nose when he has only just begun. Yet even there
    snot, just a headache, forehead and nose, "cool." In this case
    adult already knows that such signs - signs
    impending cold.

    What to do? We go to the drugstore and buy the antiviral drug. best
    popular antiviral medications - Arbidol (more expensive) and Anaferon
    (Cheaper). If you take Anaferon strictly according to instructions (1 tablet
    every half hour for 2 hours), rhinitis symptoms disappear almost
    completely on the same day. But you can not stop taking the drug, the virus
    He is still alive and may well resurface. Antiviral agent need
    decide within a week, and in the cold season such drugs
    you can drink for a long time, from one month to three. Advantage
    Anaferon and similar drugs are not only that they inhibit
    the development of the virus, but also stimulate the body's own defenses.

    The development of the virus during a cold well inhibit volatile,
    contained in onions and garlic. It is not necessary to eat tons
    onion, simply cut the onion in half and properly
    breathe on it. In the nose and throat burning sensation appears, it is quite
    normal reaction. Of course, do not forget to screw up her eyes during
    this procedure. Children with a cold can make a "necklace" of cloves
    garlic. You can spread out around the room cut onion. And then your
    onion inhalation will last much longer. The same can be done in
    As a precaution a cold and other cold diseases.
    The only "But!" - To use a bow is not always possible, because it
    many peculiar smell unpleasant.

    Aerosols from the common cold

    means in the form of aerosols often vasoconstrictor
    action. After applying the aerosol vessels are narrowed, and the swelling subsides
    the nose is cleaned of accumulated mucus. For several hours the man
    It is able to breathe normally. It is tempting
    use the drug again ...

    It is not recommended to get involved in aerosols from the common cold, as
    it has a lot of negative consequences. If you long to enjoy such
    aerosols, may lose the sense of smell, sense of taste may change.
    Nasal mucosa can begin to dry continuously, and this new
    problems, a new treatment ... So spray - it's an emergency vehicle
    from the common cold and can be used only when absolutely intolerable
    feel. But no more than once or twice a week.

    What are the folk remedies for the common cold

    aerosol droplets can be bought from a cold based on natural oils.
    At a cold well help a drop containing a fir or eucalyptus
    butter. These oils have a bactericidal effect, decreasing allocation
    mucus makes breathing easier. As one option rhinitis treatment
    You can make inhalation with pine oil. The easiest way - a bowl
    with boiling water, to which is added 3-5 drops of oil. lay
    towel and breathe in the steam.

    During a cold and need to warm up the nose, it is well relieves swelling.
    This can take a small bag (unless the bag may be
    use pure childish nosovichkom), ignited a major insult to
    dry frying pan. Bag of salt we put on the nose and Gray. If not
    want to mess around with a bag, you can warm up a nose boiled egg.

    Treatment of the common cold
    It is equally important during a cold be warm and
    supercool. I'm sure many people know that the appearance of a cold
    useful hover legs. In addition, it is possible to take a bath with warm
    sea ​​salt, to sleep in socks, in which fill dry mustard.

    Among other folk remedies for the common cold - the heating of the chest with the help of
    potatoes. Here's how: cook one large potato in a uniform,
    cut lengthwise, put on chest several layers of newspaper, then hot
    potato and wrapped top with something warm. As
    Potatoes are gradually cools, remove the sheets of paper. Warming will
    long, at least 20 minutes.

    To support the body's immune forces in the struggle with a cold just
    need vitamin C. As you know, it is very much in citrus
    (Lemon, orange). Therefore, it is strongly recommended to drink
    tea with lemon (and as much as possible), Vitaminki charge. Not
    forget about the ascorbic acid in the form of drops, this is also a good
    familiar from childhood version.

    It is sad, but the cause of the common cold can become not only
    hypothermia. Runny nose can be a manifestation of an allergy to any
    product, pollen or animal dander. Allergic rhinitis
    It can last all year or occur periodically, during the flowering
    plant allergen, for example. In such cases, identified allergen and
    prescribe treatment can only allergist.

    To the disease has not taken a chronic form or worse - has not given
    complications, treat runny it is necessary, in whatever form it is not
    manifested. And most importantly, do not get sick, trying to shield themselves from any
    the causes of the common cold.

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