Treatment of chronic tonsillitis

Many people, especially in childhood,subject to constant inflammation of the airways. Often come to feel unpleasant symptoms, malaise, visit a doctor and take sick leave. And the doctor is constantly puts the same diagnosis.

Chronic tonsillitis - diseasewidespread, so our website will tell more about it - about the symptoms, causes, treatments, special attention will be paid to preventive measures. It is noted that tonsillitis visits those who are immune to the problem.

General information about the disease

Chronic tonsillitis is characterized bylong-term, repeated within a short time inflammation of the palatine and pharyngeal tonsils. In Latin, the tonsils and called tonsillae. Tonsils - is acting elements of our immune system, they perform a protective function, trying to neutralize trapped pathological agents on human mucous membranes - all sorts of bacteria, viruses and other foreign stimuli. From our lymphoid tonsil tissue consist (called More glands) and are placed on either side of the entrance to the throat. With their inflammation is an increase in these areas in size, swelling, redness, feeling of pain, squeezing the throat, raising body temperature, purulent discharge. There are other symptoms depend on the classification of the disease. All of the above is more pronounced for acute tonsillitis, sometimes it is called angina. According to clinical features divided into the following form: follicular, catarrhal, lacunar, herpes, fibrinous, abscess, necrotizing and mixed. But chronic tonsillitis can be simple or toxic-allergic. A simple form is shown only local (local) symptoms. But when toxic-allergic form is much worse and more overall, more likely to join complications of the joints, the heart, kidney, thyroid gland. Most often, the development of chronic tonsillitis occurs after repeated inflammation of the mucous throat - sore throatAs well as diphtheria, measles, scarlet fever. In chronic tonsillitis states: growth of connective tissue, granulation, pustules, ulceration in the thickness of the tonsils. Congestive redness, enlarged tonsils on the palate, plaque, film, cork them, ulceration and other changes even the naked eye can be seen. And to confirm the diagnosis the doctor can only. Experienced and attentive doctor appoints a special study of the contents of the lacunae, the so-called bakposev. Make it to identify the culprit of the disease, that is the causative agent of infection. Appointed as a blood test to look for problems in the immune system. Causes of tonsillitis may be viruses, bacteria, fungi, hypothermia, mechanical damage, environmental factors, fatigue, heredity, lack of vitamins, poor immunity.

Chronic tonsillitis has recurrent, prolonged, or Compensated character.

Basic principles of treatment

Operative or conservative treat chronictonsillitis - doctors' opinions currently differ. During my childhood, all ENT doctors in repeated several times a year exacerbations necessarily prescribed to their patients tonsillectomies - a surgical intervention in which the removed tonsils changed. But now I accumulated a lot of information about how the operation is fraught with complications. In addition, doctors realized that lymphoid tonsil tissue - a kind of immune system of the body, so you should make every effort to keep these formations. When symptoms appear tonsillitis sure to contact your doctor. After all, if tonsillitis treated properly, it can become chronic, which is fraught with the development of various complications, such as heart disease, rheumatic fever, glomerulonephritis and other renal pathologies. Qualified otolaryngologists do not rush to surgery, they are trying to identify the causative agent, to eliminate the cause of the pathology. If necessary, the doctor prescribes an intensive course of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, tonic and immunostimulant drugs. There is in the arsenal of medical and physiotherapy. And all this is complemented by traditional medicines.

At the first sign of inflammation every 2hours orally dispersible spoonful of honey, he has powerful antimicrobial properties, have proven scientifically. The sooner will be taken to improve the health measures, the greater the chance to avoid aggravation. Assist also immediately started regular rinsing solution furatsilina, hydrogen peroxide, tincture of herbs (sage, eucalyptus, calendula, yarrow. If you do not want to brew herbs, use ready pharmacy tincture of herbs or propolis tincture. The procedure rinses do every two hours, the warm solution.

sore throat, illness, throat, tonsils, tonsillitis, chronic tonsillitis

Doctors in hospitals today as the firstmethod effective in chronic or acute tonsillitis, it is recommended to wash the hardware. With the help of a special sprayer sanitize, cleaned from gaps settled on them infectious agents, their metabolic products, films, pus. As the drug can be used Miramistin, Chlorhexidine, Octenisept, Geksoral. After irrigation, washing, cleansing tonsils they carried ultrasound, lazeroterapevticheskoe and vibroacoustic effects. It is useful to use sprays that have a local antimicrobial, analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity, such as Bioparox, Ingalipt, Proposol (containing extracts of propolis), Tantum Verde.

sore throat, illness, throat, tonsils, tonsillitis, chronic tonsillitis

sore throat, illness, throat, tonsils, tonsillitis, chronic tonsillitis

Good results are obtained by the use ofTonzilotren homeopathic agent that reduces amygdala enhances their lymphoid tissue and immune system function. Sometimes doctors prescribe Imudon whose action is also aimed at mobilizing their own body's defenses. This drug also resolves in the mouth, guided by the scheme available in the instructions.

Recommended use of drops and lozenges that are a part of antibacterial components, such as Valium, Grammidin Neo Lizobakt and other analogues.

It is appropriate to handle the palatine tonsils Lugol solution.

Do not forget about tea with lime, raspberry branches,root ginger, mint leaves and currant. You can beat any berries: viburnum, cranberry, sea buckthorn, add the sugar, all the resulting mass pour hot water, let it brew and drink a glass of about 5 times throughout the day.

Improve the condition of the respiratory tract inhalation of essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree, myrtle, sage, rosemary.

sore throat, illness, throat, tonsils, tonsillitis, chronic tonsillitis

our website warns that the treatment is necessarycarried out under the supervision of a physician to avoid complications and side effects of drugs, because some patients may have increased sensitivity and allergy to bee products and medicinal plants.

In more severe cases of infection, whenGaps (deep holes) resemble the form of pockets, otolaryngology thermocoagulation resorting to the method, the so-called "weld" badly damaged walls of the gaps, and their functions are preserved. Selection of antibiotic to kill pathogens carries also a doctor. Only in extreme cases, doctors decide the question of removal of tonsils.

Important preventive measures

  1. The first rule - hygiene must be maintainedthe purity of the mouth, nose, arms, rooms in which is prone to tonsillitis people. Watch out for the health of their gums, teeth, dentist regularly to avoid bacteria growth in carious teeth.
  2. The air is desirable to humidify the house to helpmucous membranes function well. Often include oil burner with essential oils, rich in volatile production, clean the air of germs. Suit grapefruit oil, orange, geranium, myrtle, sage, rosemary, eucalyptus, bergamot.
  3. For the prevention of rhinitis to infection is not spread further in the tonsils, make rinsing the nose, Maris Aqua is suitable or Akvirin Reno (as a spray).
  4. Eat well, including in your dailydiet vegetables, fruits, berries, fresh juices. Depending on the season it may be apples, grapefruits, lemons, cranberries, cranberries, cranberry, raspberry, buckthorn, persimmon, feijoa, beets, onions, parsley, carrots.
  5. Do not forget about the procedures for hardening, walks in the fresh air and exercise. Even a small douche or dousing with cold water have a beneficial effect on the immune system.
  6. In periods of mass respiratory tract infectionstimely spend immunostimuljatorov course, such as tincture of echinacea, Immunal, Siberian Ginseng Extract, Rhodiola rosea, Pantocrinum. For the same purpose using pollen or royal jelly bees. You can buy a pharmacy equipment - Aflubin, IRS-19, Arbidol, homeopathic remedy Oscillococcinum or Antigrippin.
  7. If, however, someone picked up the infection from home, take simple precautions to avoid becoming infected.

Symptoms of tonsillitis is very unpleasant diseasefraught with complications, so try to do everything possible so that your immune system has become stronger. Then the insidious bacteria and viruses will bypass your side. Take care of your health!

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