Prevention of kidney disease

Kidneys - the most powerful filter. They deal with all the toxins, germs, infections that enter the body. If the liver breaks down all harmful substances, the kidneys are then filtered out of the blood and output. Everyone knows that the slightest disorder necessarily prescribe urine - for it is very easy to determine the condition of the whole organism.

Of course, in the human body, in principle, nounimportant organs. However, the value of the kidney is worth a special mention. Kidneys - is, above all, a powerful filter. They deal with all the toxins, germs, infections that enter the body. If the liver breaks down all harmful substances, the kidneys are then filtered out of the blood and output. Everyone knows that the slightest disorder necessarily prescribe urine - for it is very easy to determine the condition of the whole organism.

kidney Operation

Kidneys repeatedly during the day itself is pumped through our whole blood (per minute - about 1 liter), selecting it from decay products, toxins and wastes, and not completely killed the killed microbes, together with blood plasma This solution is sent on the ureters tothe bladder, where they are displayed to all in a known manner. Once in the ureter, toxins, infection and decomposition products can not get back into the kidney - the road closes the valve, which should be opened only in one direction.

During the day, the kidneys pass more than two hundred liters of blood, and from dirty and intoxicated it becomes a clean and ready for re-washing of every cell of our body.

In order to resist microbes, outputinfections and toxins, the kidneys need to have a huge reserve of strength and power. Not by chance that person has two kidneys, if something happens to one, the other is completely ready to assume the entire burden.

Kidneys do not like to neglect health treatment. How often we do not pay attention to the light drafts on uncured and carious teeth, portable light on his feet cold, and allow yourself to sit in the cold? And it was the kidneys at this time struggling with all infection by filtering the products of the activity of different pathogenic microorganisms.

It is not surprising that sometimes they can not cope, andthen followed by caries or a slight cold may appear weak nagging pain, a feeling of stagnation in it in the morning after waking up, low (low-grade), the temperature at the end of a hard day. Soon, everything comes back to normal, people over the weekend slept and rested, drank some fashion to aspirin, he was again alert and jumps like a grasshopper, but does not know what moved someone else into his kidneys. And this bacillus is not simply waiting for the right moment to attack again, but also impairs kidney function. She and multiplies itself, and helps to penetrate the kidney ascending infection from the excretory tract, disrupt the ureter valves that are covered are now not as tight as they should.

Kidney disease begins quietly and so gently that treat them often begin after the entry into the chronic phase. It is not surprising that a variety of disease kidneys are found in children and in adults, althoughWomen still more often than men. This is due to the structure of the body: the ways in which the kidneys can get an infection, shorter and wider.

In this article, our website will tell you howlonger maintain the strength and health of this remarkable natural filter, without which man can not live? What do not like and what our kidneys are afraid, and that, on the contrary, it is useful and enjoyable for them?

What is bad for the kidneys?

Prevention of kidney disease
malnutrition - And this is a very broad concept. Thus, the kidneys do not like excess protein and alcohol, sugar and salt, stale and unhealthy food. Let's talk more.

Kidneys do not like meat - especially if you eat ittoo much. The protein does not accumulate in the body, such as, for example, and, unfortunately, fats. Therefore, the entire excess protein and its degradation products must be removed - of course through the kidneys, thus increasing the load on them. If the kidney can not cope with the whole load, then they may form urate stones.

It is because of the above-described harmful and kidneysthese fashionable protein diet right now that are completely out of balance and can cause disorders of protein metabolism. Each kidney is placed in a special capsule fat - it's warm, soft and safe. The fatty layer protects the kidneys from shock and cold, keeps them in a natural position. That is why the kidneys harmful dramatic weight loss.

Diets that body fat is burned out, byessentially bare buds, depriving them of protection. As a result, the kidneys receive a double blow: on the one hand, they should filter blood with impaired balance, deduce the decay products of excess protein, and on the other - to work with in an extremely unfavorable conditions, almost naked in the cold.

Kidneys do not like alcohol abuse, includingand weak alcoholic drinks like beer and all sorts of cocktails. The body should not only expand the alcohol into components and display it (and this occurs via the kidneys). In addition, alcohol dehydrates the body. A kidney first passes triple the amount of liquid - the body gives all the available moisture in order to bring more alcohol, and then it comes a lack of blood thickens, and filter it becomes much harder. A filter who? That's right, the kidneys!

Abuse is too sweet or toosalty food violates the body's fluid and electrolyte balance. At the same time note that a complete rejection of salt (as well as its abuse) leads to kidney failure. Man salt should be consumed in reasonable quantities. These reasonable amount about three times smaller than our usual daily dose. We forget that there is salt in many foods, even sweets. Nedosalivayte food - you'll quickly get used to and will have a better feel its taste. Of course, if your taste buds are not yet completely amazed alcoholic beverages and too hot and spicy food.

Crowded bladder and constipation. If a person drinks a normal amountliquid, it should feel the need to empty the bladder 4-6 times per day. If you do it less often, you should consider whether you drink enough. We should not tolerate to the last: with a crowded part of the fluid bladder is again bombarded by the ureters into the kidneys, and it is unnatural and harmful to them.

As for constipation, they accompaniedpoisoning of the body decay products. This is indicated by and heavy breathing, and fatigue, and poor skin condition. Instead outputted pollutants continue to be absorbed in the intestine and circulated in the blood, and again passed through the kidneys. If the kidneys, if necessary, can run over each other, the filter also poisons formed in the intestine, they are not under force.

Cold, tired and insufficiently treated disease. our site has already spoken about the dangershypothermia - it can quietly cause chronic kidney damage. By the way, too, it has a hard time, especially if the body lacks moisture when the heat is too strong and too heavy sweating kidneys: in this case violated the water-salt balance, thick blood is filtered with difficulty and generally poorly washes the internal organs.

Fatigue and exhaustion, disproportionatephysical and mental stress significantly weaken the body's resistance and immunity. As a result, different small and large infection, once in the body, such as through the respiratory system, meets resistance and calm with the blood reaches the kidneys. If, however, at the same time she discovers that the kidneys have long been bored without a "colleague" of the case, together they can make a lot of great things for himself but is extremely dangerous for the affairs of the body.

Well uncured diseases, including a banal caries, are simply a regular supplier to the blood of poisons, toxins and germs. Filter them again falls kidneys.

And what is useful?

What can help the kidneys? How can prolong their health and increase strength? In fact, to carry out all tips are not only useful, but also pleasant. our site with pleasure recommends.

Sport, dance and movement. Kidney love movement. When sedentary work with us in the waist fat is deposited, the flexibility of the spine is broken, blood stasis occurs. At the same time, any tilts from side to side, twist, hip movement, characteristic of dancing, accelerate blood flow, improve mood, making breathing more deeply, and life - fun. Note that the hard physical labor, when the body does not have time to recover, does not apply to useful factors.

Tasty wholesome food is useful for kidney
Tasty wholesome food. What comes here? This fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs - parsley, dill, celery. By Pochkin favorite products include rosehips, strawberries and strawberry extracts, cucumber and pumpkin. Kidney love sea fish and sweet pepper, vitamin A, apples, cabbage, and of course, watermelons and melons, as well as all the bit diuretic. It turns out that watermelon juice initially watered our bodies, fills it with moisture, thins the blood, and then drives away through the kidneys in concentrated solutions of hazardous substances with which our filters to quickly and easily straighten.

In order to help the kidneys, especially if they are not completely healthy, limit the consumption of fermented milk curd and cheese, meat and chocolate with a high content of calcium and vitamin C products

drinking plenty of fluids. Well, here, of course, need to know the rules - althoughFew exceeds the norm, and it is a half to two liters of fluid per day (depending on body size, of course). At this rate and that includes the liquid contained in the food. The abundance of water makes your body inhospitable to bacteria. Just imagine, how they washed powerful stream of water, without having to gain a foothold anywhere.

Coffee and black tea as athe liquid is not very suitable, but a variety of herbal extracts, green tea, fruit, high-quality drinking water (!) - all this is very helpful to our kidneys. It is very useful to them cranberry juice is considered to be due to the particular acid, which makes short work with a variety of bacteria. But with mineral water have to be careful: mineral water - is still, first and foremost, physiotherapy treatment method, and drink it is necessary for medical reasons, and not in normal thirst.

Speaking of lust: if you experience the feeling of thirst, so your body has just screams, yells, screams that he lacked moisture. Do not allow this, drink a little, but often. Here, the same principle as with the emptying of the bladder: hate.

Paradoxically, the lack of fluid inthe body can sometimes witness and swelling: the moisture is not enough, and our body begins to accumulate and save. In turn, the economical use of non-physiological fluid leads to the fact that the blood and become more concentrated urine. The fact that the blood is thick it is difficult to filter, already mentioned, well, concentrated urine may lead to the deposition of the stones in the bladder.

Dry heat. Kidneys love dry heat in conjunction withabundant drink. Sauna - best friend kidneys. Part of harmful substances, which would normally filtered by the kidney, and then excreted, and as a result the load on the kidneys is reduced. But even in the heat dilates blood vessels, and kidneys begin richly supplied with blood.

specific postures. Favorite kidney posture - Bozeman (onfours, leaning on the knees and elbows). If you do so will be at least five minutes a day, the kidneys will tell you thank you. In this position, the kidney rest evenly supplied with blood and oxygen sag freely extra cords. When kidney back pain this posture instinctively want to take, but this fact does not mean that we should wait for back pain to make the kidneys nice.

Alternative medicine

Prevention of kidney disease
sweet. For quite a long time for the treatment of certain diseases and maintain the body's defenses person uses essential oils. Geranium lowers blood pressurePine and eucalyptus successfully fight off colds, basil shoots toothache... Well, buy at the pharmacy oil of bergamot and patchouli for the kidneys.

Gentle massage of the lower back with a 6-8 drops of patchouli oil helps the kidneys to deal with inflammation, and sitz baths with bergamot (3-5 drops of oil) will soothe the spasms and pain in cystitis.

kitchen herbs. For kidney healing, reduce inflammation in themYou can also use spices - juniper berries. Two or three berries can be crushed into a powder and take 15 minutes before eating. Medicinal exposure and has an alcohol tincture of juniper berries - juniper vodka or gin. As Hippocrates said all there is a cure, and everything is a poison - it is in the dose. Drug dose of gin without tonic does not exceed 15-20 grams.

Tibetan sages believe juniper synchronouskidney on the information structure, it is as if he reaches out to them and help them to work. At the same time, if it is absolutely climb into the jungle of Ayurveda, you can use juniper berries with tropic substances that enhance its action in a certain direction.

For example, crushed juniper berries,made with sugar syrup or molasses, help the kidneys perform their hematopoietic and blood-purifying function, and if mixed with juniper seeds of parsley and honey, it will help to dissolve kidney stones.

At the same time, depending on the season and changethe proportion of staff in summer it should be more "cool" and contain more additional substances than the juniper and winter on the contrary, there can be added and pepper to make the medicine more "warm".

The use of these spices and mixtures - it fascinating, but this method should be used with caution.

Exercises. Very useful for kidney stretching back -the well-known simple exercise. Sit on the floor, pull the leg forward, knees bend, arms are drawn to the toes, the back is not a hump, and the person trying to touch the knees. Hold this position for at least 5 seconds, 5 seconds, relax and repeat the exercise again. Gradually bring the time to 10 minutes.

It is impossible at once - get a week or two. Absolutely not - try to turn on only for the right hand and foot, and then - just to the left.

This exercise is called differently: sitting forward bends - in the usual physical training, "long back" - in Wushu Pashimotanasana - yoga. However, as it is any name, it is sufficient to use not only the kidneys, but also the spleen, liver and stomach.

Emotions. According to Taoist tradition, with eachBody involve certain emotions - positive and negative. So, the kidneys become inhabitants, on the one hand, the fear, and the other - the tenderness and trust. Fear is a negative emotion, that inhibits the activity of the kidneys and destroys them. There is also a feedback: people with diseased kidneys more than others tend to experience a variety of fears.

Tenderness and trust is, on the contrary, helps the kidneyswork, and this relationship also works both ways: the health of the human kidney, the easier it is to experience these emotions, but on the other hand, if deliberately cultivate trust and tenderness, recovery will come faster for kidney disease.

Taoists offer to blow himself from fears,representing the color blue - the color of the kidneys and uttering a sound, as if you are blowing out a candle or a blow to the burned finger. Imagine how this sound out extra crude and cool energy.

The importance of a good job of the kidneys is still celebratedThe ancient Greeks, who said that a person is healthy only if his kidneys are healthy. According to the traditions of Oriental Medicine, the kidneys are responsible for fertilization and pregnancy, reproductive rights, its vitality and sexual energy. With the direct participation of the kidneys are formed in the body and circulate fluids (saliva, sweat, mucus, cerebrospinal fluid, plasma, and so on. D.). In case of insufficient kidney function oriental medicine the deterioration of vision and hearing, and healthy kidneys are the source of an active intellectual and creative activity.

What do you and wish!

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