rosacea Treatment

We all love to watch the stars and the stars,dream and make a wish. But stars are not always as attractive and desirable. There are spider veins (also called "wine stains", and scientifically - rosacea). That is they who bring them to owners and owners of many bitter minutes.

We all love to watch the stars and the stars,dream and make a wish. But stars are not always as attractive and desirable. There are spider veins (also called "wine stains", and scientifically - rosacea). That is they who bring them to owners and owners of many bitter minutes. Where does this "star" problem and how to solve it - will tell our website.

What the "beast" is?

rosacea Treatment
You have come to the mirror and saw a red light,bluish-red strings on the chin, cheeks, or worse, a scattering of spider veins, veins on the wings of the nose, or even on your feet? We sympathize with you - it is rosacea crept quietly to you. This vascular disease of the skin - just a manifestation of a terrible disease telangiectasia (local excessive expansion of capillaries and small blood vessels). In our case, of course, it is not fatal, but in the meantime is very unpleasant.

The appearance of spider veins occuras follows: the individual wall of the capillaries are stretched, while increasing by 3-5 times, portions are formed with impaired circulation and blood stagnation. How to distinguish rosacea from similar problems? If you press down with your finger on the affected area of ​​skin, the redness disappears when pressing stops - capillary tread through the skin again. In the future, skin redness becomes a constant companion, blood vessels become more fragile.

Couperose - the enemy of both women and men. The latter, however, is not so painfully react to the problem. Most owners of a threat he is thin and light-sensitive skin. Darkie live much easier. Not the last role play and sex hormones.


rosacea Treatment
Why is it that one it is, but others were more fortunate? May be several reasons:

And that reason prevails. If rosacea is, your parents, doctors give a 90% probability that you are exposed to it.

Ultra-violet rays.
They cause vascular fragility, and metabolic processes slow down.

Temperature drops.
They have a very negative effect on sensitive skin. Prolonged exposure to the sun, the wind and the cold also affect not the best way.

Chronic diseases of the internal organs, weakened immunity.
Patients with stomach and liver can cause many diseases, including such insidious like rosacea.

Emotional experiences are accompanied by increasing pressure, resulting in disrupted blood vessels, they cease to work as usual, and the capillary walls are destroyed.

Yes, rosacea - is no exception, who can not tolerate the habit!

Various alcoholic drinks, especially spirits and red wine, have a vasodilator effect.

Spicy and hot food, coffee, bitter and hot chocolate.
These products have a strong stimulating effect on the circulation.

Some cosmetics.
If the skin is dry and sensitive, do not use alcohol-based and dries means "rough" scrubs, chemical peels, and so on. N.

Although one of the reasons, but there is in your life. And that means that you are exposed to "attack" Stars. Best friend in this case - prevention.


rosacea Treatment
Please try your hand at a difficult struggle.

  1. Take care of your skin! No soap, no funds dries. Only mild cleansing gels, tonics and creams. Use of cosmetic products containing in its composition of green tea, chestnut, juniper, rutin, ginkgo biloba, grape seed oil, and so on. F. Never go out in the sun and in the cold without sunscreen and moisturizers.
  2. Do not wash with hot water, only warm or cool, and even better - a contrast shower.
  3. Gymnastics for the person still has not been canceled! It not only prevents stagnation of blood in the capillaries, and a double chin, wrinkles and other pending "adversity".
  4. Take your vitamins E, F, K, C, but in what proportions - this to the doctor. Vitamins in large quantities do not treat, and ... that's right - maimed. You can have a drink vitamin complexesThere vitamins dose does not exceed the permissible!
  5. And vegetables, fruits, citrus, green tea and the infusion of rose hips help your body get enough vitamins, which help your body fight against many ailments.

But if the problem still appeared - you need to get rid of it.

rosacea Treatment

rosacea Treatment
Do not self-medicate, go to the dermatologist. Today, cosmetology has a variety of treatments, all just depends on the severity of the disease. In this case, the Council:

This method is obsolete, but so far ituse some cosmetic. Our site does not recommend using it. And all because of the fact that the on-site hair cauterization electrode are unsightly scars. Since the current hurt healthy tissue during treatment of problem areas.

Ozone therapy.
Treatment with which distressed capillariesdestroyed by oxygen-ozone mixture, it is freezing effect. Inject the mixture thin needle. Some burst flasks disappear. The main advantage of the procedure - leaving no scars.

Laser therapy.
This method is good if rosacea has gone too far. When the disease has not spread to the centers, we do not advise you to use it. Laser therapy is accompanied by scars, bruises and burns.

Shoe leather.
In no case do not spend cleansing facial for yourself! This procedure requires the intervention of rosacea cosmetologist. No chemical or mechanical peelings, only gentle cleaning. Chance of enzyme (enzyme) peeling, which affects the skin is very soft, but at the same therapeutic drugs penetrate deeply into the pores. But after cleaning the inflammation it is removed hardware irrigation pairs of anti-inflammatory plant extracts.

At present, the most effective and deservingattention method. It is based on high-intensity pulses of light. Photorejuvenation fine saves from rosacea, age spots, enlarged pores, acne, fine lines, and more.

The method will help both in the initial stage of disease, and good effect on the running problem.

Coverage area - not only the face but also the neck area,as well as the legs, which are also susceptible to couperose. As for the consequences, in addition to redness of the skin on the face and bruises on the legs you were not in danger. And those troubles will disappear soon.

To consolidate the obtained effect, our websiteurges not to stop! Sosudoukreplyayuschie drink of drugs and vitamins, spend a few courses of mesotherapy. Treat with care for their skin - and it is "answer" your health and beauty!

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