Treatment of prostatitis

Prostatitis - a fairly common disease,disturbing men aged 25 years and over. According to statistics, about half of the male population in middle age have chronic prostatitis. In this article, our site would like to familiarize you with the question, telling about the possible causes and the course of treatment of prostatitis.

Treatment of prostatitis
Prostatitis - a fairly common disease,disturbing men aged 25 years and over. According to statistics, about half of the male population in middle age have chronic prostatitis. What is the reason? The reason is, first of all, for fear of only one word - "prostatitis". Even noticing the symptoms, the man often delaying a visit to the doctor. Thereby, complicating his illness, turning it into a chronic form, which is much more difficult to fight. So what is the prostatitis from a scientific point of view?

Prostatitis - is inflammation, whichIt takes place in the prostate. It refers to acute inflammation, which in a short time becomes chronic. Inflammation of the prostate tissue may change its structure violated function of cells and tissues that can lead to more serious consequences already. That is why it is so important at the time to notice the symptoms (such as painful or frequent urination, lower abdominal pain) and seek medical advice.

In this article, our site would like to familiarize you with the question, telling about the possible causes and the course of treatment of prostatitis.

Causes of prostatitis

Treatment of prostatitis

  1. In 30% of men the cause of prostatitisinfections are sexually transmitted. These include primarily: chlamydia, herpes viruses, fungi such as Candida, cytomegalovirus, mikoplazmidy, E. coli, gonococci and Trichomonas.
  2. Among the most frequent causes ofprostatitis - getting an infection of the urethra, through the lymphatic system or the blood vessels, owing to the development of inflammatory diseases of the internal organs.
  3. The reason may also be a purulent formation in the body after an illness: flu, sore throat, skin boils.
  4. Stagnation of blood in the prostate may alsocause skin inflammation. This occurs as a result of prolonged abstinence, or - a sedentary lifestyle, which is currently the most pressing cause of prostatitis.
  5. Inflammation can also occur as a result of long and persistent hypothermia, and also, not least, are the cause of stress.

Treatment of prostatitis

Prostatitis Treatment includes a range of activities - consecutive and accompanying each other
Prostatitis Treatment involves a complexactivities - consecutive and accompanying each other. Qualitatively, correctly and properly chosen method will get rid of prostatitis, and, most importantly, without causing damage to the male body functions.

The causes of prostatitis, as a rule,few, and therefore its treatment should be complex. The main treatment consists of two factors, first of all, the elimination of infection, infectious forms of the disease, and improving blood supply to the prostate gland.

1 stage of treatment: passing inspection, to ascertaincauses of prostatitis, as well as find out how the process is running prostate inflammation. This step is the most important because it allows you to accurately select the medicines you need antibiotics, and exposure methods.

Stage 2 Treatment: receiving antibacterial agents that will eliminate the root cause of the inflammatory process. The most common antibiotics used: erythromycin, rulid, abaktal, tsiprofloksalin.

It is the most important selection of analgesics andantispasmodics, which have an impact on the health of the patient, it helps to reduce stress and not pleasant sensations. As these drugs are used anesthetics candles microclysters of infusions of herbs: chamomile, lemon balm.

One of the components is a welcome treat fitosborov: fennel seeds, valerian, motherwort, marigold and many others, antispasmodic and sedative herbs.

3 stage of treatment: physiotherapy methods - electrophoresis,magnetophoresis inductothermy, pulse currents, laser therapy. Zoom in place of the procedure to allow the affected organ following exposure techniques: transurethral, ​​endouretalnoe, transrectal and projection - these methods are important as physical therapy may take useless without them.

Stage 4 Treatment: Local treatment of prostatitis through massageprostate. It improves blood circulation, thereby increasing muscle tone and allowing the antibiotics to penetrate. Thus, treatment of prostatitis is simply impossible without it - increasing cell penetrating ability to penetrate antibiotics eliminated the cause of the disease itself.

Massage of the prostate is the most painful and humiliating procedure, but it is necessary, first of all. Perform massage should be in full bladder within minutes, 1 day. Produced strokes and pressure on prostateAnd the patient should not experience severe pain.

5 stage treatment: immunokoregiruyuschaya and restorative therapy that allows the body to recover and to prevent further manifestations of the disease. At this stage, the minerals used, polyvitamins, Substances that enhance the immune system. You also need a soothing technique, and, if necessary, easy hypnotics.

As can be seen, the treatment of prostatitis is a difficult, lengthyand unpleasant process. But if it happened to you, it can and should be overcome. Our website recommends not to postpone the visit to the doctor, without falling into a depression, and even more not kompleksuya about it - it can happen to every man. The main thing is that it is curable!

Folk remedies treatment of prostatitis

Folk remedies treatment of prostatitis
Let's start with the fact that the treatment of prostatitis folk remedies often do not yield to the methods of modern medicine, and can improve the patient's condition within a few days of application.

The ancient healers treated the majority of mendiseases pumpkin seeds. It is a valuable product for all men who will not only treat, but also prevent the occurrence of prostatitis. This is because the pumpkin seeds contain a huge amount of zinc, which is essential for the male body and is necessary since birth. You only have to eat about 30 pips per day before meals to make up for the daily proportion of zinc, so necessary a male body.

One of the folk remedies treatment of prostatitisIt is asparagus. It contains vitamin A, moreover, is rich in potassium, calcium and phosphorus. It must be easy to eat, to include in dishes and salads.

Time-tested folk remedy in the treatment ofprostatitis believe and propolis. Its ancient times used to treat prostatitis, relieving symptoms of the disease. It has strong anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effect and does not replace the complex therapy.

As shown, it required for prevention of prostatitisvery little. You must include in your diet parsley, oranges, cabbage, and in general most of the cabbage, because they have excellent anti-inflammatory properties, strawberries, and more products from wheat flour. Important in the prevention of prostatitis is to eliminate as much risk as possible: a diet, do not drink alcohol, especially important not to supercool and maintain constant sexual life, as it prevents the sperm stagnation and improves blood flow to the prostate gland, as a result, the risk of inflammation is significantly reduced .

As you can see, there is always a way out - to avoiddiseases, basic precautions are necessary. Even the inclusion in the diet of the above products by 50% will reduce the occurrence of prostatitis. If this happened to you, do not despair, prostatitis treated, and thanks to modern methods of treatment are stored all the functions of the male body.

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