adenoma Treatment of prostatic

Adenoma - a tumor? Yes, benign, it is the same as uterine fibroids, or, for example, the nodes in the thyroid gland - a pleasant, of course, a little, but nothing terrible. Does the man on the sexual function? Yes. Influences as hormonal changes and the general state of the urinary system. But this influence is two-way, as will be discussed below.

The men - part of humanity, dividedroughly into two groups: those who do not like to be treated, does not recognize the prevention, healthy eating, etc. and those who are kind to their health, afraid of any manifestation of true or imaginary diseases. But there is one area in which irregularities are equally frightening and alarming both groups of the male population - this refers to the genitourinary system, various rumors and "legend" about which interest does not even recognize the other rumors of the stronger sex.

The prostate gland refers to the system, although not directly participate in the production and excretion of urine. It is an organ that produces some hormones and hormone-like substances, the increase in sizewhich interfere with the function of urination. Most often, the body hit the two diseases (note immediately the difference between them) - inflammation of the prostate gland, called prostatitis, which has a different nature and their own, individual treatments and adenoma, ie benign tumors or hyperplasia of the prostate, which is manifested in the increase in its size and structure of the violation. From a purely anatomical point of view, it grows, growing, only small glands around the urethra (the urethra), but the whole process is called BPH, and we will make a start on this.

Adenoma - it's scary?

our site will answer the questions that typically arise in such cases.

Adenoma - a tumor? Yes, benign, it is the same as hysteromyomaOr, for example, the nodes in the thyroid gland - a pleasant, of course, a little, but nothing terrible.

Does the man on the sexual function? Yes. Influences as hormonal changes and the general state of the urinary system. But this influence is two-way, as will be discussed below.

It can develop into cancer? Yes maybe. For this it is necessary to monitor, for which there are specific tests. Iron therefore is that its blood supply is very autonomously, and is carried out of only one artery, and indeed it is isolated from other structures. This and its pros and its cons. Lows that motionless life, frequent vibration (position "behind the wheel"), alcohol, hypothermia and other factors rapidly lead to stagnation of blood in the body and all its unpleasant consequences. Although rather, these factors have yet to prostatitis. In the future, it is possible and the appearance of adenomas, but the direct connection between the disease is not one to another does not pass. Plus it lies in the fact that, having arisen here, even a malignant tumor usually does not go nowhere else and technically can be easily removed without a trace.

How to protect yourself?

On the basis of anatomy, we can immediately start talking aboutprevention of adenoma - sedentary life (especially resists stagnation of blood in the pelvis biking or its imitation on sports mat), walking, swimming. It all depends on the age of the man. It is no secret that the prostate adenoma is considered a disease of older, though, like many others, "younger" and often occurs after 40 years.

Now the relationship with sexual function - as a wholeunderstand better means of combating the stagnation of blood in this area than a regular sex life, can not be. Therefore adenoma - not only a reason to abandon the vicinity, but on the contrary - the longer the activity of men, the less likely to be ill or slower it will progress. Grandmothers, grandfathers denying his joy, if they are willing and able to give and receive it, unconsciously perhaps, provoke a nasty disease have grandfathers.

Symptoms of adenomas

In what are its symptoms? A benign tumor, either by itself does not hurt, do not itch and does not speak of his presence, yet not affect any functions. In this case, the excretion of urine. Moreover, the value of the degree of adenoma and its clinical manifestations are not consistent with each other, the thing is, in which direction the tumor grows. Closes the lumen of the urethra, the bladder hangs - person experiences frequent urination, especially at night.

Adenoma of the prostate (prostate)

Later, emptying the bladder has to make an effort, endeavor - escalates hemorrhoids and you may receive an inguinal hernia. It may be acute urinary retention - if it is run a catheter in the hospital. In the future, the weakening of the muscles of the bladder can lead to urinary incontinence, episodic or continuous already. Incomplete emptying of the bladder develops so-called ascending infection, affecting the kidneysThat leads to renal failure. Of course, it is a complex, advanced cases, the disease often many years nothing but frequent nighttime trips to the bathroom, not shown. However, this does not justify inaction - in the first discomfort, as well as all men over 40 should periodically do ultrasound of the prostate gland. Those who have increased iron, we must also donate blood PSA - a special marker of malignant transformation process.

adenoma Treatment

How to treat an adenoma? In the early stages, in the absence of clinical manifestations of bright conducted conservative treatment. Sometimes, if detected a tendency to rapid growth, surgery can be offered even in the first few months. Delay is not worth it, because a radically get rid of the tumor can only be operative, but the intervention of a rather long and bloody, so it is better to transfer a relatively young man, than later, when he will get a "bouquet" of co-morbidities of heart attacks and other unpleasant things, the operation will making it dangerous and offer supportive measures - the catheter and bag to collect urine.

Operations there are several kinds. Those patients who are considered "intact" (the ability to move a long and technically difficult cavernous intervention), the operation is carried out simultaneously. Since the removal of the tumor is made through the bladder, the presence of inflammation in it (and it happens often) serves as a pretext to postpone the operation and conduct a course of antibiotic treatment. Sometimes surgery is performed in two steps, first forming the excretion of urine to the abdominal wall, and then sutured the resulting fistula. Last time, it is rarely done, in a very weak and very elderly patients. It happens that the first phase of the operation completes, the patient until the end of life is forced to use the urinal.

Resectoscope (resectoscope) that is used for cutting prostate tissue during transurethral resection

Most patients who have had heart attacks, strokes andsimply burdened with a mass of so-called co-morbidities do TOUR (TUR) - minimally invasive surgery without opening the abdominal cavity through the urethra. In this case, the increased iron is removed "blindly", examine it as if major surgery is not possible. Intervention is not radical, rarely iron is removed completely, which defines its further growth and the need for medical treatment, as well as periodic bougienage - instrumental extension of the urethra to improve the flow of urine.

And finally, there are already quite "desperate measure"applied to quite an old, inadequate mental or other similar patients with acute urinary retention - not to keep permanent catheter in the bladder (it is the site of infection), impose a suprapubic fistula - a way to remove the urine to the outside, well beyond the same urinal.

The prostate before and after transurethral resection

Surgical Treatments for adenomasindividual patient - a case urologist surgeon, our site also tells that gives conservative treatment. Absolutely all the drugs used in this case - derivatives of plants, that is, in fact, supplements, and are drawing either from cactus pear or of a dwarf palm, combined with a variety of needs of the male body in trace elements such as zinc. The structure includes some uroseptiki - against inflammation in the bladder and pelvis of the kidneys, as these events often accompany adenoma. What is the meaning of such treatment - adenoma can not disappear, but its growth may be suspended, it can sometimes be even more reduced tumor size. For life of such a course is not enough, but as the alternative to surgery or help after her (after all, even a few remaining cells can give rise again!), Treatment may be useful. Better, of course, if the drugs specifically prescribed by a doctor, even though there is absolutely effective, have yet to pick up something that helps you. And not always succeed the first time.

The cost of medicines

Our website would like to say this: the number of different substances, if help or even "for lifestyle" adenoma completely, very large, and offers not only in every pharmacy, but also on television and ... wherever is offered. I will not say that all of this - entirely fake and "scam", perhaps there is no harm in the products offered, and maybe there are benefits, but that's just a few things to remember, in spite of the most active and hype. Firstly, Pharmacy - not an area where value for money is always working for us. Yes, there is a very expensive drug - protivoonkologicheskie, for example. If they are, moreover, are not produced in Russia, and are high-tech product. But it can not extract from cactus cost 30 or 20 thousand. And in 5000, too. But ask for much! Can not a normal company sell drugs at once "on course." And if you do not fit? And if you suffer from allergies? Therefore, if you refuse the sale of a single package, if the price of "off scale" - I would advise not to get involved with such companies. The cost of the most "highly technical" package may not exceed 800-1000 rubles, and is often much lower. And let's not forget, this treatment, with interruptions, you will need many years - about what the millions will be discussed?

To summarize

Treatment of prostate adenoma (prostate)

  1. Adenoma of the prostate - a very common disease (up to 80% of the male population after 70 years of their suffering) and is a benign increase in prostate in size.
  2. In normal use as a preventativethe principles of a healthy lifestyle - sufficient physical activity, maintaining a healthy weight, reducing alcohol consumption and the extension of the active male longevity.
  3. The first signs of adenoma - frequent urination - may appear far from being in the first year diseaseTherefore all men over 40 have this subject periodically surveyed.
  4. Conservative treatment is a complementary method that can stop the growth of adenomas, it is necessary to carry out his life, and to the choice of drugs is reasonable for him to approach.
  5. Radically rid of adenoma can onlyoperation. To be afraid of it, and it is not necessary to delay it, but sometimes simply for her doctors do not undertake, in this case, the conservative treatment is the main focus.

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