Treatment of fatty liver

Our health depends entirely on us. One only has to relax for a moment, giving their own lusts, the body immediately will signal that it is bad. The problem of excess weight, by the way, is relevant today as ever. And suffer from the hated fat can not only figure, but also more important organs of our body.

When liver cells accumulate a lotadipose tissue, there are prerequisites to the development of fatty liver. The disease is a process of accumulation of hepatocytes simple fats (triglycerides), which subsequently become fat cells.

Liver - replaceable medic our body. It gathers all the toxins that enter the body along with the alcohol, harmful food, tobacco smoke, and drugs to subsequently recycle them into triglycerides. As a result, when the fat cells become fat, liver, sooner or later starts to hurt itself and, therefore, can no longer cope with the new hazardous substances.

But the fat cells are not the last instance of the disease. When unfavorable course steatosis complicated by fibrosis, which in turn can lead to cirrhosis.

The degree of fatty liver

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Depending on the number of hepatocytes affected by the pathological process, and what percentage of fat accumulated by the liver, was isolated steatosis following steps:

  1. At the first stage of the disease in the liver is thicker at a great distance from each other appear more foci of cells with a high concentration of simple fats. These are signs of diffuse fatty liver.
  2. The second stage of fatty liver begins when the cells of pathogenic lesions increase in size, and is formed by dense connective tissue between them.
  3. In the third stage the liver is covered with very distinct grooves connective tissue with embedded fibroblasts and a large number of fat cells. Not for fibrosis mountains.

What does the development of the disease depends

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Vulnerable targets for diseases areexpectant mothers: the cause is hormonal storm in women and the consumption of large quantities of food. Steatosis pregnant often occurs acutely, and can even cause death mothers.

Disappointing diagnose perplexing woman onfor 30 to 38 weeks of pregnancy, although there are exceptions when the liver steatosis detected before the onset of 30 weeks. The most characteristic symptom of the disease during pregnancy - jaundice. Among other symptoms, tenderness or discomfort in the liver, vomiting and nausea, weakness and depression, constant heartburn. Expectant mother should promptly draw attention to the problem, to get adequate medical treatment.

Procedures for determining the disease

To confirm the disease using:

  • a liver biopsy. Samples of liver tissue will find the fat cells, so there is every reason to believe that the patient steatosis;
  • ultrasound of the liver. If hepatotoxicity is present, the body will be increased;
  • computed tomography and magnetic resonance therapy, to detect diseased liver tissue.

Treatment of fatty liver

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Issues related to the hepatosis and similar diseases, is engaged in gastroenterology, it reminds our site.

Drug therapy is preceded by a thoroughanalysis of the patient's lifestyle. To the disease can be corrected with medication, a person needs to review all their habits and radically change some of them. The main task - to start to play sports, to "tighten" the body and raise the tone, make sure that the calories consumed more than ingested. The ideal would be the start of the recovery, weekly weight loss of 0.5 kg.

Gepatoza Drug therapy involves the fight against the disease by improving the liver as a whole and its cells in particular. Assign mainly:

  • Valium, Essentiale forte, Essliver and other medications that contain beneficial for the liver essential phospholipids;
  • Taurine or Methionine (sulfaminokisloty);
  • Kars, Liv - 52, products based on artichoke (gepatoprotektory);
  • Tocopherol, Retinol (antioxidants);
  • drugs, which is composed of selenium;
  • vitamins group B.

During treatment, you need to follow a dietmaximum limited amount of fatty foods that help the body to use up excess fat, causing damage to the liver. When fat gepatoze shows low-fat dairy products, vegetable soups and borscht without meat, boiled or steamed vegetables, dairy soups, eggs, oats, rice and buckwheat porridge. At the same time the patient FH strictly forbidden to eat fatty broth, grilled meat and fish, onions and garlic fresh, beans, canned food, mushrooms and radishes.

Especially effective diet at the stage of the disease, when the liver cells have not yet been transformed into fat depots. At this time, there is still a chance to withdraw from their triglycerides.

Traditional medicine also contributed to the treatment of liver. Experts believe that some drugs do not handle without the use of traditional methods with the disease.

So, what can be gleaned from the treasure trove of folk wisdom? Liver cells will tell you "thank you" if every day you will:

  • eat for 1 hour. L. pine nuts;
  • add drinks leaf peppermint or lemon balm;
  • 2 - 3 times a day to chew a sprig of fresh dill or parsley (this advice is relevant for the prevention of disease);
  • every morning on an empty stomach to drink 0.5 Art. Fresh carrot juice;
  • to give preference to green, not black tea;
  • drink infusions of rose hips or corn stigmas. To this end, 50 g of raw material is necessary to add 0.5 liters of boiling water and infuse for 10 - 12 hours. Take 1 cup of drink 2 - 4 times a day;
  • there on a small handful of dried fruits every day.

Prevention of disease

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To never hear a bad diagnosis, follow a few simple guidelines:

  1. Each day give 20 - 30 minutes of physicalexercise, which is better than any drug infusion and speed up metabolism and help the liver deal with toxins. Just keep in mind that the lessons from case to case no results will not bring. Exercise should be regular!
  2. There is a simple wholesome food, without subjecting it to excessive heat treatment.
  3. Avoid alcoholic beverages or keep their use to a reasonable minimum.
  4. Drink tablets only with the permission and under the supervision of a physician.

Prediction treatment of fatty liver is encouraging: if you take care of your health in time, then after 2 - 3 weeks will be the first positive results are visible. Fortunately, steatosis - reversible disease.

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