How to treat fistula in the gums

Fistula in the gums - a kind of defensive reaction when near the site of localization of the inflammatory focus in the tissue opening is formed through which displayed out pus.

When inflammation develops on top of the nativetooth outputting channel usually occurs in the projection of the tooth root. Official medicine defines this phenomenon as the gingival fistula. This advanced forms of periodontal disease is difficult to treat, so drastic measures need to be taken immediately after the formation of a fistula.

The reasons for the formation of a fistula

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Fistula is nothing but the result of the defeat of softoral tissues or bone tissue abscess. In the niche, formed as a result of inflammation, accumulated purulent blood mixture, which subsequently will trickle through the channel in the gums.

Factors that provoke the appearance of a fistula, a few:

  1. Improper or inadequate caries treatment or pulpitis.
  2. Inflamed cyst.
  3. Launched granulating periodontitis.
  4. Difficult growth or eruption of wisdom teeth.
  5. Poorly tooth filling.
  6. Perforation (hole) of the tooth root.
  7. Hard occurring infectious diseases.
  8. Chronic fatigue and decreased general immunity.
  9. Sudden changes in body temperature due to overheating or overcooling.

If left untreated, tooth decay is complicated topulpitis (inflammation of the nervous tissue of the tooth). As a result of this pathology occurs dying nerve, and the infection spreads further, occupying the top of the tooth root. This is where the hearth is localized purulent inflammation, called periodontitis.

The appearance of cysts, usually not associated withpain and discomfort, and the man is easier to close your eyes on, than fix her problem. However, with the weakening of the body's defenses or an exacerbation of chronic disease continues to accumulate pus, corroding healthy cells and bone tissue soft. Eventually purulent infiltration breaks out through the fistula.

Symptomatic disease picture

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The hole in the gum - is not a disease, but itinvestigation. Therefore, treat, especially the aching tooth, which served as the impetus for the spread of the inflammatory process deeper into the soft tissue and the formation of a fistula.

The challenge for the dentist - scrupulously cleanall channels of the affected tooth to remove the purulent mass and fat carious origin. Purified from all kinds of sources of infection tooth disinfected with a special solution before sealing.

The patient is much worse if the fistulaarose on the basis of a poorly sealed tooth: for treatment, the dental canals are subject to cleaning from the filling material. In order not to provoke even more inflammation, anti-inflammatory drugs are put into the cleaned channels for a long time. When the doctor makes sure that there is no trace of the infection, the tooth is resealed.

If there is a sealed tooth crownor pin, removing the sealing mass is so complicated that it is possible only by means of a surgical operation, during which the tip of the tooth root is removed.

Get rid of the fistula finally helprehabilitation course. The damaged portion of the gum is irradiated with ultrasound, or treated with a laser. In some cases, a fistula sear diathermic current. Inflammation suppress antibacterial drugs, and the mouth several times a day rinse the wound-healing solutions and make the salt bath.

If the need exists, the patientfurther prescribe allergy medications (Tavegil or Suprastin). Your doctor may tell a patient to acquire special toothpastes and gels, which will eliminate the use of re-infection.

If complications are avoided, and inflammationIt went on, for example, in the periosteum, eliminating fistula by operating exclusively. Surgical intervention can be prevented, if we turn to the doctor immediately after the appearance of symptoms of anxiety.

Pathology Treatment folk ways

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MirSovetov hastens to note that centuries of experience Traditional medicine can not cure the fistula or a tooth that has caused damage to the gums, but the recipes of our grandmothers will help speed up the healing process.

  1. You will need equal parts of marigold flowers,yarrow and clover, inflorescence tansy, dandelion roots and garden sorrel. Stir medicinal raw materials and its twist the grinder. To the resulting mixture add a little fragrant ihtiolovaya oil and calendula oil - take them so as to obtain a not too liquid herbal weight. Carefully stir the mixture and apply it on the affected gums. Effectively suppresses inflammation.
  2. When such a problem is the time to rememberdaisy. Pour 1 tbsp. l. flowers plants 400 ml of boiling water and leave to infuse for 2 hours, then strain. The resulting extract rinse the area of ​​education fistula 5-6 times a day. At the request of a daisy successfully replace calendula. Also for an infusion plant can be used simultaneously in a proportion of 1 to 1.
  3. Chop the onion to a state of pulp andMix it with frayed to powder tablets mummy (8-10 pcs.), then add to the mix 1 tbsp. l. olive oil and mix thoroughly all. Put the "medicine" on a folded in several layers of sterile gauze and apply to the affected area for 5-7 minutes. The procedure is repeated several a day.
  4. Let's remember the healing power of plantswhich are often grown in our grandmothers on the windowsill. You will need 3 leaves of agave and kalanchoe. Twist them in a meat grinder and mix. Wrap the "medicine" in several layers of gauze and apply for 10 minutes to inflamed gums. The procedure should be repeated 3 times a day.

There is a popular belief that a fistula can becured with vodka compresses. We hasten to warn you, though, that the remedy is quite effective in the treatment of otitis media or cough, it is absolutely not suitable for the elimination of such problems as the fistula. In contrast, the cash wrap incorrectly can cause burns and will only exacerbate the inflammation.

Preventing the formation of fistulas

inflammation, gums, fistula, dentistry

We think that methods of treating fistula have not caused you a sense of delight, therefore, rightly believing that it is necessary by all means try to keep their teeth healthy as long as possible.

The appearance of a fistula, or not wish to indicateyour neglect of their own health. The hole in the gum - the final stage of the disease, which was preceded by caries, pulpitis and periodontitis, and the people all the time idle. Remember that problems with teeth, need to be addressed as soon as they arise. In addition, it may be noted, and these preventive measures:

  • twice a day, carefully brush your teeth at least 5 minutes;
  • even if you do not bother, 1 half-yearly dentist;
  • in whatever was give up smoking;
  • eat healthy and nutritious food;
  • at the slightest discomfort associated with the gums or teeth, as soon as possible, refer to a specialist.

Prediction treatment of fistula is very favorable ifin a timely manner to solve the problem. However, in conscious disregard of the pathological process, there is a risk of losing a tooth, although in this case, you can expect a full recovery.

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