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The term "tremor" refers toinvoluntary endowed rhythm twitching torso and limbs, heads swinging. This condition occurs on the basis of serious neurological disorders. Tremor of the head can be seen in newborn babies, teenagers, middle-aged and elderly.

Externally, head tremor manifested shiveror conversely, sweeping vibrations, which can be directed up and down as well as right or left. Usually eloquent tremor symptoms allow the doctor in a few minutes to determine the diagnosis. Amenable to correction if it is an unpleasant disease?

The clinical picture of the disease

neurology, nervous system tremor, head tremor

Tremor of the head are classified as saline,or benign and pathological. The development of a variety of disease depends on the state of the patient and the specifics of the factors that caused it.

The physiological form.

Expressed as an involuntary shaking of the head at rest and during movement. In addition, increased tremor can cause a lot of stress.

Benign tremors considered morefavorable form than pathological. This condition is manifested by episodic attacks of short duration, devoid of progress and different long periods of remission. In some cases, people do not even feel like shaking his head. Do not overlook this and surrounding patient people.

Infant benign tremor considerednorm and persists until the age of 2 months. Prone tremors every second newborn: shiver head is clearly visible when the baby cries or is in a state of REM sleep. Status does not represent a health hazard crumbs, however, seeing his parents certainly have to report his discovery pediatrician.

Pathological form.

Trembling or shaking of the head of the pathologicalcharacter, in contrast to a benign condition, somewhat complicates the human life. Tremor does not cause pain, but it brings a lot of trouble in daily life of the victim: the patient difficult to dress, to wield a spoon, fork or knife (if tremor of limbs), it is difficult to eat and drink (with tremor of the head). Tremor of this nature is easy to see from the outside.

Why there is a tremor

neurology, nervous system tremor, head tremor

In infants complicated process improvementcentral and peripheral nervous system and continue after birth. Against this background, the tremor of the head of the baby can be triggered by any of the complications listed below:

  1. Lack of oxygen in the womb and its sharp deficit during childbirth.
  2. Injuries received during birth.
  3. Stress and nervous stress in women in the third trimester of pregnancy.
  4. High concentrations of norepinephrine in the blood of the newborn - hormone, which is produced by the adrenal glands.

If the fetus has spent a certain time entwined with cord, then you can safely assume that the child lacked oxygen. hypoxia It can also occur on the basis of placental insufficiency, infectious diseases of mother, polyhydramnios or rapid delivery.

Parents should closely monitor theira child in the early days after his birth. If the tremor of the head of the baby is not related to its excited state, is not a reaction to the famine, and, besides, is observed after the child reaches the age of three months, you need to guard and share your experiences with your doctor. Tremor of the head in this case may signal the development of the baby encephalopathy hypoxic ischemic type. The disease - death of CNS neurons due to lack of oxygen. Almost always there is head tremor in premature babies, whose central nervous system has to evolve is already outside the womb.

Treatment of the disease

neurology, nervous system tremor, head tremor

Tremor of the head can be corrected muchmore difficult than other types of tremors. This condition, unfortunately, does not pass without leaving a trace. But our site hastens to note that the trembling of the head can be almost invisible, if we solve the problem of armed methods of complex therapy. Here are the main ways of correcting this unpleasant condition:

  1. An indispensable treatment of the underlying disease, a symptom of which is a head tremor.
  2. Medication. Despite the fact that the use of medications to alleviate tremors of the head is almost does not produce tangible results, doctors do not completely abandon this point of the program. If the condition does not progress, the patient may be given sedatives to be taken during the day and at night. Progressive tremor of the head is corrected by such drugs as primidone, atenolol, propranolol, Antilepsin, metoprolol, etc. As administered by intramuscular injection vitamin pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6). For each patient, the neurologist doses calculated individually.
  3. LFK. Performing special exercises brings a positive trend in the treatment of tremor of the head, which emerged on the basis of osteochondrosis of the neck. From head shake in the newborn can be eliminated with the help of massage and therapeutic exercises. Particularly good results can be achieved by engaging with the baby in the water (in the pool or at home in the bath).
  4. Consulting a psychologist. Tremor of the head - a neurological disorder. The specialist will teach a patient with this diagnosis to relax, manage their emotions and take your disadvantage, not to dwell on it. A man with a tremor of the head is very important to overcome the uncertainty and restraint, as these traits only aggravate pathology.
  5. Positive and clear attitude on the patientspeedy recovery. In some cases, a person can independently affect the severity of head tremor. It will help him in this yoga, meditation, and various spiritual practices.
  6. Alternative Therapies. This part of the treatment involves the use of folk medicine experience. All recipes of herbal medicine, which is going to try to hurt yourself, absolutely must agree with the doctor. Only a specialist can know, will not cause harm to humans whether these or other herbs on background medication. There are a lot of plants, the healing power that can significantly improve the patient's condition, suffering from head tremor. For example, infusion, brewed on equal parts of hawthorn fruit, valerian root, and the root of motherwort, has a sedative and tonic effect at the same time. Take 2 tablespoons. l. each plant, the raw material mix and fill it with 2 cups of boiling water. During the quarter of an hour boil means, then pour it into a thermos and leave for 1.5-2 hours. The resulting drink should drink at sunset 3 per day for a month. Take a healing infusion half hour before meals. A first positive results will be seen within a week after the start of treatment.

Tremor of the head is not a sentence, but the forecasttreatment of the disease rather favorable. With timely and responsible solution to this problem the lack of virtually does not violate a person's quality of life.

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