Hypochondria, Symptoms and Treatment

Hypochondriacs - most sick people in the world. They suffer several serious and sometimes fatal diseases! At least, this convinced themselves hypochondriacs.

Hypochondria - mental illness. The man grasped this illness tend to believe that he has all signs of a disease. In fact, the real health problems for hypochondriacs often absent (of course, in addition to mental illness on this basis). Hypochondria is not meant to be an independent disease, and its degree of neglect is determined by the intensity of symptoms and the personal qualities of the individual.

Why do I get hypochondria

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The causes of this disorder find it difficulteven called modern doctors. Manifestations of hypochondria is so multifaceted that physiologists call the disease a reflection of the pathological changes in the brain, such as:

  • distorted the transmission of nerve impulses from internal organs to the cerebral cortex;
  • lesion of the cerebral cortex;
  • autonomic dysfunction of the nervous system.

In addition, the danger lies in that mannerlife, which is the modern man. Potential hypochondriacs - people are suspicious and passionate, easily falls under the influence of mass media. Today each of us thanks to the internet is available comprehensive information about any disease that can only be found in a medical book. Moreover, you can learn if you want, what preparations treat a particular disease, bypassing the doctor's office. Meanwhile, the avalanche of available specific information can negatively affect sensitive people are prone to auto-suggestion.

Who is at risk

hypochondriac, hypochondria, neurology, nervous system, nerves, bad thoughts, psyche

As already noted, the experts can notcalled hypochondria grade disease, but they treat this disorder as an adjunct to other violations in the psyche. That is why hypochondria treated in the walls of medical institutions in the offices of psychiatrists and psychotherapists.

In order to have a clear idea ofcondition of the patient, the doctor, first of all, the patient will appoint a full medical diagnosis. On the basis of its results can be concluded who the patient - a true hypochondriac, or the person is actually suffering from a very specific somatic disease.

During the medical examination of the patient losing biological material for clinical blood test, Urine and feces, held ultrasound procedures and ECG. It is possible that the doctor may conduct further investigation.

Treatment of mental disorders

hypochondriac, hypochondria, neurology, nervous system, nerves, bad thoughts, psyche

To combat the aggressive symptoms of hypochondriafit comprehensively using drugs and psychotherapeutic practice. Drug treatment aims to reassure the patient by dulling the “bare nerves” of his tormented consciousness. For this, the patient is prescribed a course of antidepressants. If the course of hypochondria is complicated by acute neurotic symptoms, the doctor chooses in favor of more serious drugs - antipsychotics or tranquilizers.

But to truly correct the statehypochondriac help only an experienced therapist who knows how to change the stereotypical thinking of installing such a sensitive person. In this case, psychological practice gently pushes the patient to a positive perception of the world and understanding myself in it. The doctor will help hypochondriac not only to understand that his health is not threatened, and to give up the old belief that danger awaits him everywhere. In addition, in the process of communication with the competent psychologist, the patient learns about effective ways to overcome stress and depressive situations that at times will annoy him.

An important point in the recovery processhypochondriac will support his friends and relatives, who in most cases and the result of his professional help. It was a close environment of the patient is able to monitor his condition, timely noticing periods of acute mental disorder. Native people - straw, for which grabs the man drowning in a sea of ​​negative emotions and anxieties.

How to avoid hypochondria

hypochondriac, hypochondria, neurology, nervous system, nerves, bad thoughts, psyche

From time to time a little miserable hypochondriacIt awakens in each of us, because all people tend to sometimes fall under the influence of excessive suspiciousness and doubts about his health. our site will tell you how to behave, to hypochondria does not put us on the shoulder:

  1. Do not think that you can get sicksome terrible disease. Remember the wise saying: "Man proposes and God disposes." Treat the problem philosophically, if a lot of things do not depend on us in this life, then, it means, and worry about.
  2. If the scope of your professional activityfar from medicine, do not have a close study materials about various diseases and medicines. This "innocent" hobby can play with you a malicious joke.
  3. Fully relax and be sure to get enough sleep.
  4. Indulge in daily servings of endorphins - the hormones of happiness. Generates them during exercise.

Learn to ignore the trouble andstress. Find an effective way to relax, which will help you. Swimming, yoga, coloring for adults, meeting with friends, cultivation of cacti on a window sill - there are many options to feel peaceful and happy!

If a loved one has become overly concernedown health, observe some time for him. Maybe you should invite him to see a doctor? The earlier hypochondriac fall into the hands of an experienced specialist, the easier it is to block the attacks of the disease.

Be healthy!

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