Treatment of athlete's groin

Athlete - a disease caused by fungiand affects, as a rule, large skin folds. The manifestations of this disease can be found in the axillary regions, between fingers and toes, on the feet and under the nails, as well as in the groin. It is about jock itch and we discuss in this article.

What is this disease

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Second name jock itch - eczemaHebra. Its agents are several species of parasitic fungi that survive well in the environment. The most favorable conditions for the existence of these microorganisms - high humidity and heat. It is for this reason that the disease often occurs against a background of excessive sweating.

Among other causes of eczema Hebra are the following:

  • overweight;
  • injury skin;
  • lack of personal hygiene;
  • malfunction of the endocrine system;
  • lowered immunity.

Athlete can manifest itself not only in the groin,but also under the buttocks and armpits. Women sometimes are affected under the breast. Less common manifestations of the disease under the nails of the feet, the hands and between the fingers. Note that the stronger sex is more prone to eczema, rather than weak. Typically, the disease occurs in adults, children it does not suffer.

A healthy person can become infected with fungicontact with a carrier of the disease. The flakes of dead skin of the infected get on household items, where parasites can then move to a new body. A very common event is the athlete's infection after visiting a bath or basin.

Symptoms of the disease

fungal disease, fungus, jock itch, genitals, eczema hebra

Put the correct diagnosis can only be a doctor,so at the slightest suspicion of a fungal disease consult a specialist. On the basis of the patient survey, as well as visual inspection of affected areas of the skin doctor can make a preliminary diagnosis. To confirm or refute the suspected dead epidermis particles will examine under the microscope is necessary, as well as conduct research into the bacteriological laboratory.

Based on the diagnosisdermatologist and mycologist assigns the patient needed drugs. Treating Inguinal athlete should be comprehensive and include the use of anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine medications.

Among the most popular antifungal ointment "Clotrimazole" "mikoseptin" "Lamisil" "Cyclopirox" "oxiconazole" and some other preparations.

If the disease is very rapid andsymptoms accompanied by acute, physicians prescribe combined means, and which contain steroids not only have antifungal, and anti-inflammatory effect. These ointments are "miconazole" and "Diflukortolon". These drugs are used on a daily basis as long as with the affected areas will not leave inflammation. After that, continue therapy with antifungal ointments. It should be noted that the deadline for the treatment of athlete's groin rather long, it is about 1-1.5 months. During this time, do not stop treatment even if the visible manifestations of the disease disappear.

Traditional recipes for the treatment of eczema

fungal disease, fungus, jock itch, genitals, eczema hebra

Traditional medicine should not be the onlytreatment for the disease, but on par with prescription medicines can also use some non-traditional methods. Let us consider them in more detail:

  1. oil solution can be used for lubrication spots, which is prepared as follows:
    • Measure out 1 ch. l. linseed oil and add 1-2 drops of oil fir, fig, geranium, clove and eucalyptus;
    • spray on the spot, moving them from the edges to the middle.
  2. To speed recovery, try to cook a special brew:
    • take the following number of dry raw materials: 40 g of St. John's wort, chamomile 30 g, 30 g of cranberry leaves, 10 g of flowers violet, 20 g of yarrow, and the same amount of eucalyptus;
    • Mix herbs, measure out 2 tsp, pour them into a suitable container and pour two cups of boiling water;
    • Cover the container and saucer and leave for half an hour;
    • strain the tool and take it three times a day for half a cup, the treatment period is 20 days.
  3. The affected areas of the skin can be cleaned with a herbal infusion. Make it as follows:
    • Take 50 g of yarrow, oak bark, and a string of flax seed;
    • Mix the ingredients, measure 50 grams, put the herbs in a liter thermos and fill it with boiling water;
    • Leave for a day;
    • to obtain funds soak a gauze or a cotton swab and wipe the redness;
    • when the liquid on the skin dry, treat the affected areas with zinc ointment.
  4. Take a quantity of seeds of radish,Put them in a mortar and mash thoroughly. Pour a few grams of water, to convert the mixture into a liquid slurry. The resulting vehicle put on the field of red spots.
  5. Narva fresh leaves of clematis, their finelychop, measure 1 tbsp. l. and put in a small saucepan. Pour leaves 500 g of boiling water and allow the agents of the present hour. You can then wipe infusion of affected skin.
  6. ethnoscience celandine believes the best way to combatskin diseases. In the treatment of jock itch, this plant also found its application. Fresh celandine should be very well grind, turning it into an almost homogeneous mass. This slurry is spread on a piece of folded in several layers of gauze and applied to the area of ​​fungal attack on the half hour.

Even if you trust the traditional medicine,MipSovetov strongly recommends not to self-medicate. When the manifestation of the first signs of disease consult a doctor who will prescribe medication. Traditional recipes are best used in conjunction with conventional medicine.

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