How to deal with diaper rash in the newborn

While still pregnant, I have repeatedly heard frommore experienced friends and relatives about such unpleasant features of children's skin as diaper rash. Newborn skin is very dry, thin and delicate, and internal fat layer appears much later, so any interference leads to microtraumas and infection.

While still pregnant, I have repeatedly heard frommore experienced friends and relatives about such unpleasant features of children's skin as diaper rash. Newborn skin is very dry, thin and delicate, and internal fat layer appears much later, so any interference leads to microtraumas and infection. Urine and feces child further irritate hypersensitive infant skin. The blood vessels are located very close to the surface, and overheating baby's body (for example, if the air temperature in the room above 20-22 degrees), the moisture begins to evaporate rapidly.

What is diaper rash?

Diaper rash in the newborn, treatment and prevention
So, what is it - diaper rash? Inflammation of the skin area exposed to abrasion, moisture and overheating is intertrigo. Most often it occurs in the folds (a plump kids are more prone to diaper rash compared with skinny) - inguinal, axillary, cervical, behind the ears, on the arms and legs ( "perevyazochki," as my grandmother said).

By ignorance or inexperience, we often refer to as "intertrigo" any rash in the newborn. However, the reasons for them can be very different, we consider only the basic and most common.

Red allergic spot around the anus as a consequence of food irritation caused dysbiosis, Introduction of new foods, frequent and liquid( "Explosive") chairs. That is, in addition to the chemical, and physical factor is present. Keep a food diary for herself and the child in the case of supplementary feeding or feeding. My baby all started with redness, instantly covered with ulcers even start peeling off the skin. I was in a quiet panic, while precinct pediatrissa not indicated on the link frequency and stool quality and condition of the anus. After adjusting the chair, I was convinced of the truth of her words - cracks and sores healed eyes.

Contact dermatitis - Flat red rash that appearson areas of skin in contact with the diaper or clothing. It can be triggered by detergent, rinse bad at washing, excessive friction of clothing, synthetic fibers in the composition. Today's kids are very prone to reactions to detergents containing surfactants. Therefore, choosing the detergents, look as part of the phrase "surfactant less than 5%", "does not contain phosphates."

seborrheic eczema It manifests itself in the form of a large red spot in the lower abdomen or groin, the skin on this place swollen and rough. In this case, you need to appeal to a pediatric dermatologist.

Causes of diaper rash

Diaper rash in the newborn, treatment and prevention
Once ass newborn startswaddle, putting a diaper, that is, to deprive her of fresh air and sunlight, leaving a one-on-one with the feces, the microorganisms begin to penetrate into the damaged skin and reproduce safely. For the first time I was faced with intertrigo maskinyh 3 months. On the street just stood wildest heat, and the temperature of the house jumped up to 30 degrees. And although, as an exemplary mother, I try to minimize the use of disposable diapers, and most of the day, we walked around naked in the apartment, a few days in the groin appeared bright red patches of irritated skin.

My condition is difficult to convey in words, I myselfHe scolded the latest words - well, I'm the mother of this, because of diaper rash (in my opinion) can only be a slovenly mothers-razgildyaek that leave children suffer accidents in wet diapers! Thanks to your favorite forum, calmed the troubled conscience, returned to the belief that I am still a good mother. It turns out that even the most careful and scrupulous in matters of hygiene Mummy is immune to such incidents. But in addition to the features of children's skin, the occurrence of diaper rash is influenced by other factors.

For the prevention of diaper rash:

  1. As often as possible to change diapers / diaper: minimum skin contact and moisture will reduce the risks.
  2. Alternate diapers (cloth, gauze, disposable) - thus, you will find the main stimulus.
  3. Always tempted to change after babynappy / diaper: how to show my personal experience, the usual cool water without soap is the best way. Wet wipes are permitted only in exceptional cases: the trip, the guests, there is no water at home. Change brand napkins, look for suitable skin is your baby. Use soap sparingly. Your baby is not a piglet, with which every day you need to wash off the dirt. Soap destroys valuable and fragile plenochku fat on the skin, protects it from external stimuli. Bathing with soap and water once a week, or even once every 10 days is enough to maintain cleanliness. For daily treatments can be used decoctions of herbs or a weak solution of sea salt.
  4. After bathing, ass and all the folds do not wipe(Microtraumas remember?), And the wet, dry it with a soft cloth / diaper. I for this purpose an old torn duvet cover, a subtle and delicate to the touch. Towels too hard in my opinion. One of my friends kid reacted reddening even cautious attachment, so it folds dried cool air dryer jet at a distance.
  5. fresh air heals in frontdiaper rash the initial stages. How can often leave a child "golopopit", and if this is not possible, wearing a diaper, tighten it loosely to allow air to circulate freely. Some mothers even cut a special hole for ventilation. But these methods are good for the house, on the street more difficult. But I did so - in the stroller was making a disposable diaper, a cotton cloth on top and put the child in a T-shirt, and walked. Of course, this is easier to do during sleep, and only in a stroller, a sling is not suitable for these purposes. So we had to alternate means of transport: for example, in the morning took a carriage, and in the evening out in a sling, and vice versa.

Medicines to combat diaper rash

Diaper rash in the newborn, treatment and prevention
Unfortunately, only minor irritationCan be cleaned with proper hygiene and fresh air. If all of the above tips do not help, immediately connect protective ointments and creams. The zinc oxide contained in them restores the existing damage to the epidermis and does not allow diaper rash to capture new areas. Therefore, after each washing and drying of the folds, apply a generous layer of cream. At first I used Desitin. Honestly, I got used to its specific smell (the composition of this ointment contains fat from cod liver) for a long time, my husband spat and cursed, since it was not easy to wash Desitin off his hands. But the ointment miraculously protected the baby’s skin even during a long sleep, when it is impossible to change the diaper. A little later we tried Bepanten, we also really liked this cream (it was cream, not ointment).

As far as I know, some pediatricians and nursesin hospitals are advised to use baby powder (talc, starch). We tried this method. Yes, the powder dries the skin, but then small particles gather in lumps mercilessly chaffing chafing existing lesions, so strongly do not recommend to use these readers MipSovetov old "good" method. Baby oil (vegetable, mineral, what you will) cover the skin-tight plenochkoj, do not miss a moisture and air. Nothing good, too, is not it, though our mothers and grandmothers rubbed their children exclusively warm vegetable oil. But we are more advanced mom, is not it?

Folk remedies

Diaper rash in the newborn, treatment and prevention
You can use a decoction of herbs, havingdried and antibacterial effects. 100 grams of oak bark brew 1 liter of boiling water, boil for 15 minutes, push a couple of hours. Top up to a volume of 3 liters. The resulting broth is used for baths and caving. Brew cup of chamomile tea and is also used as trays. You can also grind flax seed, brewed with boiling water and make warm compresses on the areas of diaper rash. Yarrow, bay leaf, sage, eucalyptus and many other herbs when used regularly, can help you cope with the inflammation.

Hand on heart, I say: personally I was not always a possibility for the preparation of infusions, baths and lotions. And I remembered about it just before the start of water treatments. Select even 10 minutes was impossible for steaming the leaves, flowers, a second child did not want to be alone, and assistants, we did not. Therefore, in the course we were all methods: the drugs, and the grandmother, and the forces of nature.

With intertrigo we managed in one summer. Let not fast, but forever. Most of us did not attend it. All purchased boxes of herbs started tubes of creams, I inherited his girlfriend for her daughter. With me was my only experience in dealing with diaper rash, which gives me great pleasure to share with you, dear readers of our site.

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