Treatment of fungus on his feet

Today it is a fairly common disease. It is difficult to treat and can be constantly renewed.

There are several varieties of this disease. Nail fungus is characterized by various manifestations and forms of the parasite.

nail fungus, healthy nails, nails, onikomikoz


  1. There is thickening of the nail.
  2. Nails become brittle, increased fragility.
  3. Changing the shape of the nail plate.
  4. The lack of healthy nail shine, it simply fades.
  5. nail color changes color to darker.

Onycholysis - this detachment of the infected nailfrom the nail bed. It is also a sign of disease may be a pain in the fingertips and the faint scent of the infected nail. Most often suffer stop nails, especially 1 and 5 fingers.

The disease, if untreated, can last indefinitely. At the first signs of the emergence of the fungus should consult a doctor immediately.


Nail fungus often causes the microorganismsdermatophytes. Infection most often occurs on the nails of the toes. A lot of people wear closed shoes, which contributes to excellent conditions for the life of the fungus (warm, dark and humid). And circulation toe behind the fingers, the immune system is more difficult to recognize and kill infected.

Risks of onikomioza:

  1. Sweating.
  2. The intense heat load on and at high humidity.
  3. Psoriasis.
  4. Tight shoes. It prevents airflow.
  5. In the pool, the gym, walking barefoot in public places.
  6. The foot of the athlete.
  7. When damaged by nails and feet.
  8. at diabetes the risk increases dramatically.


The disease is quite unpleasant and oftenIt is causing pain and sometimes permanent damage to the nail. This condition can lead to more serious consequences. Complications can occur mainly in people with lowered immunity. Therefore, they should, as soon as possible to see a doctor and start early treatment. In healthy people, nail fungus does not cause serious complications. Although the change of nail color, and its appearance is enough to certainly begin treatment.


nail fungus, healthy nails, nails, onikomikoz

Assign treatment for nail fungus can only dermatologist.

For oral administration, the most effectiveTerbinafine is a means and Itrakolazol. They quickly help to grow back healthy nails, to replace tissue infected to healthy. The course lasts from 6 to 12 weeks. But sometimes longer. Result treatment will be noticeable only when grow a new healthy nail. It can last up to 4 months or more. The disease can appear again.

Such antimicrobials are also minuses. They may cause side effects. People who suffer from liver disease and heart failure are contra-indicated.

Other facilities:

  1. Antifungal nail. Used for mild to moderate infections. It is applied to the nail and the skin around it only once a day. After a week of varnish layers is removed with alcohol and varnish is applied again in the same way. This method helps to get rid of the fungus for years.
  2. Ointments not too much help to get rid of the fungus completely. In general, they are aimed at relieving symptoms. Most ointments combine with oral medication.
  3. Removal of the nail They can do as a last resort. If the infection causes severe pain. Remote fingernail grows throughout the year.
  4. Vinegar. The effectiveness of this method of treatment hasnot fully proven. For the treatment for 20 minutes is recommended to keep the foot in a mixture of 1 part of 2 parts vinegar and water. The legs then carefully dried.

Treating nail fungus folk remedies:

  1. Strong coffee treats not only infection but also relieves pain.
  2. Kombucha is widely famous in the fight against thisdisease. It infected nail apply a small piece of Kombucha. This is best done at night, strapped to the nail fungus using a bandage or plaster.
  3. Take the oil of celandine, it can be easilybuy at the pharmacy, soak them a little piece of cotton and strapped to the patient nail. Attach the patch and put on wool socks on top. After 20 minutes, remove the bandage. The fungus takes place a month after daily treatment.
  4. Grass spurge pour three liters of boiling water. 2:00 insist, wrapped in a warm blanket. In the resulting infusion soak feet for about 30 minutes. Baths repeat every 2 days.
  5. Peppermint rub with a tablespoon of salt. The resulting mixture for 1 hour to bind the affected areas.
  6. In order pharmacy 35% salicylic ointment. Spread the legs and put on each plastic pacts, and on top of socks. Walk until the evening. In the evening, the procedure should be repeated for the night. Treatment continue weekly until the skin turns white and starts peeling patches.
  7. Good help bath of baking soda and salt. In cool water, place a tablespoon of baking soda and salt. After the procedure, wash your feet with clean water.
  8. Sour cream - another means to fight nail fungus. Spread her legs at night, put on top of bags and socks. In the morning rinse under running water.
  9. Propolis is known for its excellent healing properties. Steam out legs in the bath with potassium permanganate. Mix the propolis and alcohol 1: 1 and bind to the steaming nail.
  10. Normal iodine is stored in each family medicine cabinet, can perfectly cope with nail fungus. Every day, apply a drop of iodine to the affected nails.


nail fungus, healthy nails, nails, onikomikoz

To ensure your nails are always delighted you with its beautiful view, do not exfoliate, not infected with this nasty disease like a fungus, our site encourages follow several rules:

  1. Do not wear too tight shoes. It should be comfortable, breathable and does not rub blisters.
  2. Avoid stress, exposure to cold, do not overwork, take vitamins. After all, low immunity directly lead to infection.
  3. Do not constantly wash their hands and feet with disinfectant. After all, you do worse, washing their own micro-organisms from the skin, which fight infection.

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