nasopharyngitis Treatment

When a person is immunocompromised, any triflemight upset his health - infection never sleeps! For example, diplococci, pneumococci, staphylococci, pneumococci, and often cause inflammation of the throat and nose. This disease is called nasopharyngitis.

At the heart of the upper respiratory disease is severe irritation of the mucous nasal cavity. Often the disease develops when wet feet or dress for the weather, therefore in the home it is considered normal common cold. However, this is not quite true: as a nasopharyngitis may occur and allergy to dust indoors, pollen, drugs or pet hair. This form of the disease are more prone to children rather than adults.

From what appears nasopharyngitis

inflammation, throat, ENT, nasopharyngitis, rhinitis, nose

Causes of nasopharyngitis quite diverse. Among them:

  1. Severe hypothermia.
  2. result allergies.
  3. Disturbances in the neuroendocrine regulation of vascular tone.
  4. Abnormal structure of the nasal septum.
  5. The active growth of the adenoids.
  6. The presence in the nasopharyngeal mucosa of streptococci, pneumococci, and rhinovirus.
  7. Various nasal injury.
  8. Hypovitaminosis.
  9. Weakened immune system overall.
  10. The negative impact of the environment.
  11. Smoking.

Symptomatic disease picture

inflammation, throat, ENT, nasopharyngitis, rhinitis, nose

Targeted therapy of the disease there, so it is used to eliminate symptomatic treatment methods.

high temperature You can shoot down, taking antipyretics. It should drink plenty of water, stewed fruit, fruit drinks, herbal teas. When the body temperature is elevated, doctors recommend to take it easy and rest more. From the position of difficulty breathing through the nose out using vasoconstrictors: drop Galazolin, Farmazolin, Otrivin for a time restore normal breathing. But do not get too carried away in this treatment, or nose may never bounce back.

Loosen the unpleasant symptoms nasopharyngitisby using antisense (antihistamine) means. In addition, it is necessary every 1-2 hours gargle different antiseptic solutions. For example, it is very effective in fighting pathogenic microflora of a nasopharynx furatsilina find a solution. Cook it very simple. Crumble 1 tablet of the drug into a fine powder with two tablespoons. Pour into a glass chopped agent and its bay 100 ml of boiling water, stir with a spoon until thoroughly until the powder will not remain in the pellet water. Now wait until the solution has cooled to a temperature of 40-45 ° C., and then rinse their throats. Avoid using too hot medicine to further not to burn the already traumatized throat. The procedure should be repeated 4-5 times a day.

If the cause of nasopharyngitis steel bacteria or viruses in the course of treatment will likely include antibiotics in the form of drops or spray. If you experience excessive dryness in the nose, you can wash it with broth chamomile flowers, solutions or akvamaris Humer.

Well established in the treatment of nasopharyngitis physiotherapy, quartz, UHF.

We can not say that the patient's diet is significantly changed during treatment. It is only necessary to try not to have a sharp and irritating the mucous products.

In allergic nasopharyngitis first thingtrying to find the allergen, as soon as it is removed, the disease will decline. It does not matter if the causative agent of allergy and remained not be installed. In this case, treatment directed to inhibition of histamine, which is produced in the body during an allergic reaction. To do this, appoint Tavegil, Suprastin, Diazolin, Fenkarol and others. In severe cases, the patient can be assigned to hormone therapy, which successfully fights allergies.

Do not forget about the powerful force of nature. Special broths from natural products can be used for rinsing the throat, nose and nasal lavage in general. Plants that have anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties, very much. For example, for the treatment can be safely used infusion or decoction of calendula flowers series of tripartite. Do not forget to coordinate all their actions with the attending physician.

Prevention nasopharyngitis

inflammation, throat, ENT, nasopharyngitis, rhinitis, nose

MirSovetov sharing with you a simple but effective preventive measures, following which you can prevent the development of infectious and allergic nasopharyngitis.

  1. Inspect your home forthings more than others accumulate dust. We are talking about piles of old magazines, books, a large number of clothes you no longer wear, feather and down pillows. Spend and get rid of all the excess.
  2. The same recommendation applies to things from the surface which is difficult to remove dust: tablecloths, carpets, blankets, rug.
  3. Sometimes a large amount of furniture in the apartmentIt creates such remote places, which is not always convenient to clean from dust accumulation. Think about whether it's time to make a permutation of the house and get rid of some old furniture?
  4. In the morning and in the evening is sure to ventilate itshousing. Most use a vacuum cleaner, set the home air conditioning and exhaust ventilation in the bathroom and toilet - in a word, do all to the air in the room was as pure and fresh.
  5. Daily start a damp rapid cleaning of the house. Believe me, when your actions reach automaticity, it will not seem burdensome to you.
  6. Keep the fur clothes in specially designed plastic covers.
  7. If in the past you have repeatedly experienced allergic nasopharyngitis, you unfortunately have to give up on the content of domestic animals and growing houseplants.

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