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There is in the word "cold" is something of memoriesChildhood: a woolen scarf on her throat, tea with raspberry jam, paracetamol tablet under the tongue ... And the attitude appropriate to chill, not serious. Nothing wrong with a cold, in fact, there is - apart from possible complications if left untreated or treated improperly.

Treatment of colds how to cure the common cold
There is in the word "cold" is something of childhood memories: woolen scarf on her throat, tea with raspberry jam, tablet paracetamol under the tongue ... And the attitude corresponding to chill,not serious: in fact, not the flu, not angina, not pneumonia - so a little stuffy nose, tickle in the throat, a little chilly. Nothing wrong with a cold, in fact, there is - apart from possible complications if left untreated or treated improperly.

What is a cold?

Colds popularly called acute respiratorydisease (ARD). It promotes rapid disease body hypothermia, is doubly dangerous when the body is weakened and tired. Simple as possible, pre-sweating, jump on the draft, for good reason - after a workout is better to change into dry, even if the street summer, and go very close. About the pool and say nothing: after all water treatments, wait half an hour before you meet in the street.

Direct perpetrator of the common cold -bacteria, the time quietly living in the nose, throat and bronchi of each of us. Healthy person, these bacteria are not dangerous, but it is worth weaken immunity, they begin to multiply, causing pharyngitis, tonsillitis, and other unpleasant things.

How to protect yourself from the cold?

If you want to protect themselves from the cold, do not neglect the morning exercises, run, swim
"Tempered, if you want to be healthy!"- This line from a popular song once should be the motto for anyone who wants to forget about the cold. Our website recommends going barefoot often less wrap up, do not neglect the morning exercises, run, swim, and just try to walk more. Start small, gradually accustom your body without consequences in the form of a common cold or cough and tolerate winter cold, and unreliable spring warmth and chilly autumn slush.

It is especially easy to catch a cold in spring and autumn, as well asat the end of winter, when particularly sharp drop of daytime and nighttime temperatures. So do not be lazy at this time to support your body. To strengthen the immune system eat properly, take multivitamins and special drugs that strengthen the immune system, for example, Immunal, tincture of Echinacea, golden root. Effective as mummy, propolis, broth oats, aloe juice and honey.

How to treat a cold?

With a cold does not bring down the temperature immediately - allow the body to fight disease
The most important rule - do not interfere with your body! Believe me, he knows how to deal with ARI.

Of course, fever, cough, runny nose, loss of appetite - is still fun, but it is using them, our body fights against disease.

So cold, you DO NOT have to:

  • Shoot down the temperature (if it does not rise above 38-38,5);
  • Take vasoconstrictor drops against the common cold;
  • Drink drugs that suppress the cough.

Why do I need to do so, and not otherwise?

When the body temperature of our bodyIt produces interferon - a special protein, which is equally good against bacteria and against viruses. The higher the temperature - the higher interferon. Brought down the temperature, she could barely climb - interferon was evolved enough. You will hurt much longer until the immune system can not find other ways to confront infection.

Do not overdo it. If the mark on the thermometer rose to 38, or if you yourself feel really bad and 37.5 - Reduce the temperature.

How to lower your body temperature?

The temperature will fall as soon as the good propoteesh and excessive drinking contribute to this
Drink more. Everyone knows: the temperature drops as soon as a good propoteesh, and drinking plenty of fluids helps perspiration. As a beverage suitable decoctions of herbs, a variety of fruit drinks and fruit drinks, and the most ordinary water - the main thing that they were neither cold nor too hot. The closer the temperature of the drink to body temperature, the better - it will work faster.

The best effect has sudorific decoction of raspberry. It is also good honey, especially linden. Dissolve a tablespoon of honey in a cup of tea or milk and go to bed, covered up warmly - waking up in the morning, you do not think about colds. Just before you apply diaphoretic, make sure that the body was something sweat: drink the same compote or fruit drink. By the way, an excellent anti-inflammatory and antipyretic activity has cranberry juice.

The temperature also decreases when you warm the inhaledair, so keep your room cool and fresh. Dress warmly and open the window slightly - believe me, you will almost immediately feel relief.

If the fever does not subside, take a tablet of paracetamol, but remember that the effect will be lower if you are drinking enough fluids or if the room is too warm.

Runny nose with a cold

Vasoconstrictive drops should not be used for colds, it is only necessary to moisturize the nasal passages
Runny nose, another way to deal with the bodycolds. Symptom usually viral diseases, so that the common cold and it may not be. Runny nose prevents infection to penetrate further - in the throat, lungs, and mucus itself contains specific antiviral agents.

They say, treatment of rhinitis It runs for a week, rather than cure - for seven days. Because, once you manage to catch a cold, now it is important not to allow the mucus to dry up. To moisten the nasal passages are perfect all sorts of physiological solution (drops akvamaris, Saleen, and others), and will fit the usual boiled water with a little salt. Other treatment options for common cold - sea buckthorn and wild rose, menthol oil or pinosol. From folk remedies - onion juice diluted with boiled water in a ratio of 1: 4.

All! Vasoconstrictive drops (Nazivin, Sanorin, Nazol) do not need to apply. In the end, they only made matters worse. Runny nose will pass by itself.

With a cold the mucus accumulates, not only in the nose, and lungs. This mucus is removed (then it is called sputum) by coughing.

Cough and cold

You can just take a breath, covered with a blanket, over a saucepan of brewed chamomile, mint or thyme
As with the common cold, to prevent dryingsputum. If not prescribed by a doctor, in any case do not take antitussives (eg, bronholitin). When dry cough at the beginning of the disease are effective mucolytics, increasing the amount of phlegm and thinning it (pektusin, licorice syrup, etc.). And when the cough becomes wet - expectorant drugs (mukaltin, bromhexine, ambrobene). Do not forget to drink more warm liquid.

For the treatment of cough and can help peoplefacilities. Mix grated black radish with honey and leave it for a few hours - as a result you get a healthful beverage, copes well with a dry cough. You can drink sweetened with onion juice (2-3 tablespoons per day), or a mixture of fresh carrot juice with warm milk (1: 1). Exotic recipe from Brazil: wipe through a couple of bananas, stir with a glass of warm water or milk, add a spoonful of honey - by the way, and a great dessert!

To get rid of cough during a cold,You can rub the breast bear grease or lard, and wrap up warmly. Good as usual and iodide or mesh bag with hot oats and salt, put on his chest.

Inhalation - another proven tool,enhancing expectoration, thereby improving the condition of the common cold. You can use special inhaler or simply breathe, covered with a blanket, over a saucepan of brewed chamomile, mint or thyme. It is useful and easy to drink the infusion of mother-and-stepmother and chamomile.

Treat colds, without delay and without deceivingits seeming harmlessness. Colds, which began as a result of the weakening of immunity, is not conducive to the strengthening of the body. Remember, on the background of the common cold to pick up the flu virus piece of cake.

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