Phimosis in boys

Any baby disease scares his parents - whether it is a banal cold or something more serious.

For example, mothers of boys are sounding the alarm and startpanic if you suddenly noticed that the structure of the intimate parts of the body - the penis, a few "non-standard". Most likely, we are talking about a phimosis - a pathological narrowing or compression of the opening of the foreskin, which is why it is impossible to expose in the penis head.

Phimosis - two opposing views

illness boys genitals, phimosis

Many experts say that for phimosisnewborn boys is not a problem - it is, they say, in general is not a disease. The fact that the formation of genital organs begins in utero, but does not end before delivery - on the contrary, it extends and continues after birth. Over time, phimosis will take place - just need to gently, gently while bathing or after stretching the foreskin. Of course, you need to perform these manipulations mother.

But there are some doctors who believe that phimosisIt is extremely dangerous, as it can lead to a violation of urination, which will adversely affect the body of a boy and become the cause of diseases of the urinary tract, and sometimes hydronephrosis or atony. In addition, there is a perception that phimosis can occur due to some genetic problems. So who is right?

Types of phimosis

It should be noted that the disease is now divided into two types - the physiological and pathological phimosis phimosis. Last is divided experts for two subspecies - and hypertrophic scar.

Physiological phimosis - a disease thatIt characterized by a congenital narrowing of the foreskin that does not allow to freely bring in children under the age of three years, the head of the foreskin. This type does not require any treatment if it does not cause the baby discomfort and problems in everyday life. Somewhere to three years most often formed adhesions between the foreskin and penis disappear. If this process is disrupted, the boys develop a pathological phimosis.

As mentioned above, the shape of the pathologicThere are two subtypes of the disease. In hypertrophic phimosis with growing up, the child develops an excessive amount of skin on the foreskin, which is growing like a "proboscis". But with evident cicatricial phimosis connective tissue seal near the opening of the foreskin.

When the pathological manifestations of the disease urine can enter the preputial sac, making it swell. In addition, it is phimosis is often the cause of enuresis.

The degree of phimosis

illness boys genitals, phimosis

Each case is unique and diseasedifferent, so the standard scheme in absentia you will not offer any specialist. Up to six years did not treat phimosis, if it is not a problem kid. But in six to seven years on doctor consultations may see the first manifestation of disease.

Mothers of boys may be offereda kind of gymnastics - stretching the foreskin manually. This action must be performed daily for at least ten minutes. With regard to drugs, they are not prescribed. In very rare cases, the doctor may recommend corticosteroid ointments, which can increase the elasticity of the skin of the foreskin.

If a baby has been difficultyurination due to phimosis, then doctors can mechanically expose the penis - using bellied probe. After this procedure, the head is smeared with Vaseline and return to place. To facilitate the state appointed to take a warm bath with the addition of potassium permanganate.

The dangers of phimosis

How dangerous phimosis in boys? Firstly, inflammatory processes can begin under the skin, which will bring discomfort mass. Secondly, the foreskin may adhere to the head, which is why a natural outcrop becomes unreal. Thirdly, it can develop bedwetting. Fourth, - this problem affects rarely - more big boy can feel not like the other guys, that can lead to the complexes, isolation and psychological problems.

Prevention of disease

illness boys genitals, phimosis

  1. Do not yourself "at home"open the head of the penis, if you do not consult a doctor! Remember that if the bare head of the penis and do not return to the place of the foreskin, it can develop paraphimosis - infringement head ring of the foreskin, which is abnormally narrowed. Out of this situation one - immediate treatment in hospital as may otherwise gangrene head.
  2. Daily to wash the boy, it is desirable, under therunning water. Tempted so that stool does not hit the foreskin - from front to back. Avoid frequent use of soap because it dries and tightens the skin, in addition, can cause irritation.
  3. Change diapers as often as every six hours. When air temperatures over thirty degrees it is better to give up on them. If you change the diaper arrange a 10-minute air baths.
  4. If you have something embarrassing, do not hesitate to contact the competent specialists - a urologist or a surgeon. Better they dispel your doubts, than you miss the beginning of some kind of pathology.

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