Treatment of polyposis gallbladder

Polyposis of the gallbladder - one of thosediseases, which are often found only in the office of ultrasound. Agree, this is a complete surprise for a man who considered himself completely healthy. Why is this happening and what to expect from the illness, we shall understand the article.

The insidious polyposis gallbladder doubtit is not necessary: ​​after the formation of polyps in people for a long time about anything does not know because any incident no symptoms.

How are polyps

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The term "polyp" refers to an abnormal growth ofmucosal any organ of the human body. So, polyps of the gallbladder, in fact, represent the processes of its mucous tissue, stood in the inner lumen of the body. Nature benign polyp.

These rounded education focus onthe neck of the gallbladder or on its broad base. In principle, the polyp can grow in any part of the body. When the localization of polyps in the cavity of the gallbladder becomes plural, say polyposis.

The most common disease diagnosed in women after 35 years - 80% of the total number of cases.

What may indicate disease

Clear clinical picture polyposis, as it has beenIt noted absent, and this despite the fact that the disease occurs most often on the basis of inflammation in the tissues of the gallbladder. However, non-specific symptoms of disease is still present. For example, if the development was preceded polyposis chronic cholecystitis and biliary dyskinesia, patients are often concerned about pain in the upper abdomen on the right. Pain that increases after eating only differs sharp, cutting or pulling character.

The appearance of unpleasant discomfort due to the factthat a polyp, who grew up in the cavity duct or near his mouth, closes the path for a discharge of bile and contributes to its stagnation. If often appear oily and hard to digest food the sick person in the menu, as the proliferation of polyps he systematically begins to suffer from nausea. distention, Acid regurgitation, bitterness in the mouth, weight loss with normal diet and appetite, constipation. Among the symptoms can also be isolated yellowing of the sclera of eyeballs and skin.

Causes and symptoms of polyps in polyposismuch like another common disease of the gallbladder - cholecystitis. At the slightest suspicion of polyposis physician should as soon as possible to find out the real situation: more than 45% of benign polyps eventually develop into malignant tumors.

The reasons for the formation of polyps in the gallbladder

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In the absence of clear clinicalpolyposis, treatment for the patient, complaining of pain in the right upper quadrant, can be imposed only after the detailed diagnostic studies. Primarily these include:

  • US. In the cavity of the gall bladder procedure art will round polyps, which are in close contact with the walls of the body. Unlike the stones do not move in cholelithiasis such education, if the patient changes the position of the body;
  • endoscopic endosonography. The procedure allows to study the structure of the polyp and the place where it appeared;
  • Magnetic resonance cholangiography. Research of this kind gives professionals the opportunity to explore the cavity of the gallbladder and its ducts for other anomalous formations;
  • CT scan. In a study of this kind can not only reveal the volume growths in the gall bladder and liver, but also suggest whether their benign nature of the change to malignant.

pathology Treatment

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So, we have found that polyps would be veryharmless growths, if not for their feature to transform into a dangerous tumor to human health. This means that it is imperative to treat the disease, and the sooner the better.

polyposis treatment of gallbladder exclusivelyoperative. When a cavity in the body of a small (1 cm) round polyp on a stalk, the doctor will likely take a wait: for the new growth will be closely monitored for 2 years, carrying out a survey every six months. If a polyp wide leg, there is a risk of its transition to the stage of malignant growth, so you need to examine it about 1 time in 3 months. These actions, in principle, can be called a conservative treatment of the disease.

If possible, the best one to be surveyedexpert on the same machine. If the build-up in the gall bladder size from 4 mm begins to grow, surgery is the only solution. Large polyps (10 mm), with clearly defined vascular pedicle, it is necessary to operate immediately - too large risk of developing cancer.

If any polyps on the basis of the inflammatoryreaction, it makes sense to hold anti-inflammatory therapy, which resulted in the build-up times are reduced and even disappear. However, to know how to behave in an uncontrolled accumulation of cells, no one can, therefore, experts still tend to polyposis surgical treatment. Patient operate endoscopic manner, provided that no inflammation.

MirSovetov warns that while waitingtoddler on the basis of the hormonal surge of growth of polyps is activated. That is why from the build-up it is necessary to get rid of before conception, at the stage of planning of pregnancy.

The indications for immediate surgery can be as follows:

  • actively increase polyps (more than 2 mm per month), especially if multiple growths;
  • the presence of polyps larger than 1 cm;
  • polyps cause pain suffered by the patient;
  • the formation of polyps accompanied by cholelithiasis;
  • the presence of cancer heredity.

Features surgery and timingthe meeting shall be appointed solely by the attending physician, who previously studied and evaluated the characteristics of tumors in the gall bladder and the patient's general condition.

How to prevent the development of dangerous formations in the gallbladder

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Specific methods of prevention of occurrencebuild-up in the cavity of the gallbladder does not exist. However, if they were already there, it makes sense to stick to proper diet, and there are high-quality and balanced diet. Equally important is the presence in the diet of fresh vegetables and fruits. In no case can not forget about the moderate physical activity, which can be considered a catalyst for many metabolic processes in the body.

The presence of even small polyps in the gallbladder -serious reason for regular ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity. The only way to reduce the risk of a dangerous cancer.

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